15:59:06 <shelikhoo> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
15:59:06 <shelikhoo> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:59:06 <shelikhoo> feel free to add what you've been working on and put items on the agenda
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15:59:27 <shelikhoo> sorry I was one minute late...
15:59:35 <meskio> :D
15:59:39 <meskio> hello o/
16:00:53 <onyinyang[m]> hihi o/
16:01:07 <meskio> today is a holiday in many christian countries, I guess many people might be off today
16:02:48 <dcf1> onyinyang[m]: appreciate your notes and documentation about lox
16:03:43 <dcf1> probably we should do a reading group on https://cypherpunks.ca/~iang/pubs/lox-popets23.pdf ?
16:04:27 <onyinyang[m]> dcf1: thanks :) hopefully it's helpful but also is very much a WIP. Please let me know if it would be helpful to add more details in any particular area
16:04:42 <meskio> dcf1: good idea
16:04:57 <shelikhoo> I think we should have a reading group about lox, maybe after return form costa rica meeting?
16:05:03 <shelikhoo> we can read the paper on airplane
16:05:08 <meskio> :)
16:05:09 <shelikhoo> if have yet to do so
16:05:25 <onyinyang[m]> sgtm :)
16:05:58 <shelikhoo> That would be May 4?
16:06:04 <meskio> +1
16:06:22 <shelikhoo> no meskio is afk that that time
16:06:33 <meskio> yes, but I'll be AFK for two weeks
16:06:43 <meskio> let's schedule then and I'll do my best to join the conversation
16:07:23 <shelikhoo> okay, if we don't want to move it to may 18, then we have to do that while you are on AFK
16:07:43 <shelikhoo> It is fine for me either way, since we don't have a queue of papers
16:07:47 <meskio> up to you, for me will be easier to do it may 18
16:07:59 <meskio> but don't have to wait a month and a half for me
16:08:12 <shelikhoo> let's do it on May 18, it is a gain without any cost...
16:09:31 <meskio> :)
16:10:59 <shelikhoo> I didn't see any new topics other than https://opencollective.com/censorship-circumvention/projects/snowflake-daily-operations/updates/2023-march-update
16:11:03 <meskio> onyinyang[m]: I'll be around for the next couple of hours if you need to countinue the conversation about rdsys and bridges
16:11:26 <shelikhoo> I think an update about snowflake bridge
16:11:47 <shelikhoo> a nice write up! thanks dcf1
16:12:10 <onyinyang[m]> meskio: it might be a good idea to move some of my "needs help with" questions to a wider discussion but I wasn't sure if this meetup is a good place for that yet
16:12:51 <meskio> onyinyang[m]: as in: you are not ready for the conversation yet? or if it is appropiate to discuss it here?
16:14:41 <onyinyang[m]> meskio: maybe a bit of both? but I think mostly the latter. i.e., maybe it would be a  more appropriate group discussion after having read the paper
16:15:19 <shelikhoo> we can create ticket for them and track our thought there asyncly
16:15:43 <onyinyang[m]> that would work 👍️
16:15:44 <meskio> I think this meeting is an appropiate place, but yes, having the context of the paper might help the discussion if that discussion can wait for it
16:15:47 <shelikhoo> and only have live discussion once we have a few opinions and is considering which one is the most suitable one
16:16:04 <meskio> we can also talk about it face to face in costa rica :)
16:16:10 <shelikhoo> oh! yes!
16:16:17 <onyinyang[m]> yes, I was thinking that would be a good venue :)
16:16:21 <shelikhoo> read the paper on arrival flight!!!
16:16:44 <shelikhoo> I will have a overnight stay at UK so there is plenty of times!
16:17:22 <shelikhoo> anyway, do we have anything else we wants to discuss in this meeting?
16:18:27 <meskio> dcf1: I'm reading the blog post, the increase on bandwidwith is impresive, it looks like that bug was affecting a lot on the speed of connections
16:19:31 <dcf1> meskio: yes very much. after that, the bandwidth is now limited by cpu. I am going to test https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake/-/merge_requests/145 which may alleviate that somewhat.
16:20:12 <meskio> nice
16:20:42 <meskio> shelikhoo: that is all from my side
16:21:35 <shelikhoo> I hope orbot's rollout can allow 02 take burden away from 01
16:21:42 <shelikhoo> that's all from me
16:23:43 <shelikhoo> okay let's call that a meeting
16:23:45 <shelikhoo> #endmeeting