15:03:41 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-040-17
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15:03:55 <richard> sorry I'm late everyone
15:03:58 <richard> the pad per usual: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
15:09:11 <richard> We got in most of the S30 UX changes into Nightly for dounuts and nah, we sent them the build which should be seeing user testing today
15:09:36 <richard> gj to henry-x and dan_b and everyone else that helped with that
15:09:50 <richard> we ran into a fun build reproducibility problem late last week for 12.0.5
15:09:51 <dan_b> thanks! and to you for working a big chunk of friday on merging
15:09:57 <donuts> +1! well done & thanks for all your hard work!
15:09:59 <PieroV> 👏️👏️👏️
15:10:38 <henry-x> was tor-browser!621 part of that build?
15:11:14 <richard> the summary of that is that dmg packaging tool is normalizing the creation date based on the machine's hardware time rather than UTC
15:11:21 <richard> which is fun
15:11:32 <richard> thanks to ma1 and boklm for investigating and getting a fix ready for review
15:12:17 <richard> meanwhile boklm has been settting up one of our new signing machines which should be ready to go once digicert confirms our ticket renewal request
15:12:46 <richard> which may take some real human time since all of the contact info was out of date and pointed at the old (maybe old old) Seattle Tor Project office
15:13:09 <richard> henry-x: yes that was eventually merged
15:13:40 <richard> oh fun fact we haven't been keeping the bridges.js file in tor-browser.git up to date, so snowflake has been broken in dev builds since the bridge line format change
15:14:01 <richard> i'll open an issue for updating our process there if i havne't already
15:14:30 <richard> I *think* that's all the relevant old stuff
15:14:36 <richard> so on to the new stuff
15:14:43 <PieroV> Or maybe we could find a way to avoid duplicating
15:15:24 <richard> PieroV: yeah that whole system can be improved somehow to avoid this issue in the future
15:15:43 <richard> new stuff!
15:16:06 <richard> costa rica meeting day/general meeting topics of interest: https://pad.riseup.net/p/applications-costa-rica-keep
15:16:42 <richard> Please add anything there that you all think needs to be discussed (or ideally resolved offline in the pad's discussion section)
15:16:59 <richard> I'll sort it out into a meeting itinerary before Day 1 in costa rica
15:18:02 <richard> please do the usual +1'ing of things that you feel should be discussed
15:19:04 <PieroV> Later, or now?
15:19:09 <richard> And finally, I mailed out last week a pad with a draft of the Android Appication's Developer job (thanks to dan_b for the doing the initial draft)
15:19:19 <richard> PieroV: oh later
15:19:32 <richard> no reason that process can't be async
15:19:36 <dan_b> richard: just the one comment, prolly list kotlin first, as we don't really seem to have java code
15:19:43 <PieroV> +1
15:20:11 <richard> if you haven't already give it a read over and suggest any edits in-line
15:20:32 <richard> I'd like to get it posted sometime shortly after costa rica
15:20:40 <richard> but we'll see what reality gives us
15:22:03 <dan_b> I had a question about translations?
15:22:14 <dan_b> for a few of my ux bugs that got merged friday i had updated strings
15:22:52 <dan_b> I was gonna add them to https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/translation/ today as I believe is hte process for any new strings
15:23:02 <richard> yes, so my understanding is that updating the english strings would trigger the translation system to mark them as needing re-translation
15:23:05 <dan_b> but there was also some discussion for heavily changed strings if they should be added as new
15:23:18 <dan_b> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/merge_requests/623/diffs
15:23:25 <PieroV> dan_b: keep in mind that some strings are also used in 12.5
15:23:25 <dan_b> which henry whipped up this morning
15:23:48 <donuts> richard: are you going to create more of a mini schedule for the team day after folks +1 the pad?
15:24:00 <PieroV> (*12.0). So, if we need to keep the old strings for 12.0, you should use a new id
15:24:02 <dan_b> as they are now new ones, should I add those as well, does ther translation system not pick up newly added strings?
15:24:04 <donuts> I'm thinking about how we stay on track
15:24:04 <richard> dontus: yeah exactly, and I'll update gaba's initial meeting plan
15:24:12 <donuts> right cool
15:24:18 <donuts> can you link me to gaba's version pls?
15:24:29 <richard> yes.... I'll have to track it down
15:24:48 <donuts> sorry
15:25:14 <dan_b> so if the translation system is autoscanning out string files and marking for retranslation, why can't it add new strings?
15:25:31 <donuts> oh nvm it's on the main schedule?
15:25:37 <donuts> my bad
15:25:37 <dan_b> but either way then I'm clear to gather up all the strings and add them in a commit today?
15:25:38 <PieroV> donuts: yes it is
15:26:16 <PieroV> dan_b: so, basically the MR for translation.git is to update our files that live in toolkit/torbutton/somewhere
15:26:23 <PieroV> But only for en-US
15:26:26 <richard> perhaps in the spirit of stable being stable we should have a separate maint branch for translations
15:26:31 <richard> going forward
15:26:39 <richard> (after 12.5)
15:26:52 <PieroV> richard: I don't think it's feasible
15:27:00 <richard> donuts: ah yeah it's just in the nextcloud schdule doc
15:27:16 <PieroV> Using new strings id is a better idea. So that new translations or improvements get backported, too
15:28:27 <richard> anyway, that's all I wanted to make people aware of
15:28:38 <richard> so I'll happily hand it over to other discussion topics folks may have
15:28:45 <PieroV> (we'd need to manage the new branch ourselves, since branches are coupled with components, they need new configurations, etc etc; I think also Moz uses single repo both for ESR and RR)
15:29:04 <PieroV> I have a couple of points in the discussion section
15:29:09 <richard> go for it
15:29:34 <PieroV> 1. am I good to go for a new 13.0 branch based on the 12.5 102.10?
15:29:57 <PieroV> (in case I can wait also for the alpha to be built first, I'll have to double check my candidate MR)
15:30:27 <richard> PieroV: you would be but before you do that could you make a 12.5 alpha branch for mullvad
15:31:11 <richard> it's not exactly trivial rebase onto the 12.5 base-browser eries
15:31:33 <PieroV> Sure. Please assign the issue to me
15:31:43 <richard> ack
15:31:58 <PieroV> I can also do potential uplifts first
15:33:15 <richard> yeah the mullvd alpha can wait until the remaining tor-browser releases
15:33:22 <richard> hell can wait until may actually
15:33:30 <PieroV> (is MB 12.5 being based on 102.x, and arriving soonish after TB 12.5, or is it going to be 115?)'
15:34:03 <richard> ideally the first^
15:34:18 <richard> unless there's a good reason not to
15:34:37 <richard> doing dev directly on the stable branch is making me a bit itchy
15:37:27 <PieroV> Second point is: I think we might use font whitelisting also on Linux
15:37:39 <PieroV> I think we can discuss offline for this
15:37:59 <PieroV> But we might revisit the reasons for which we haven't done it already
15:38:20 <PieroV> Thorin opened an issue for me after I wrote on MB's GitHub I was thinking of doing it
15:39:14 <PieroV> tor-browser#41732
15:39:59 <PieroV> So, anyone that has an opinion on it, feel free to comment (I still haven't looked for the reasons for which we haven't done it before)
15:43:15 <richard> sounds good to me
15:44:51 <richard> anyone else?
15:45:04 <richard> I don't see any remainin gbolded items
15:46:17 <richard> ok then I'll call i then
15:46:21 <richard> it then*
15:46:25 <richard> have a good week everyone
15:46:25 <richard> o/
15:46:28 <richard> #endmeeting