16:58:15 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 2023-04-17
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16:58:20 <ahf> hello hello hello welcome!
16:58:22 <mbeth> o/
16:58:24 <gabi> hey
16:58:28 <jnewsome> o/
16:58:37 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2023.1-keep
16:58:53 <Diziet> o/
16:58:59 <ahf> i think this is last week where we have a big part of the team online together before a lot of people start traveling to costa rica
16:59:22 <ahf> so mostly important for the people not going to CR: remember to sync with the folks going to CR if you need anything from/to them, since it's fair to assume they prioritize AFK conversations while in CR 8)
16:59:54 <ahf> i am thinking all of next week we keep our usual meetings but just do them as very brief syncs if there is anything with less of an agenda to them
16:59:58 <ahf> okay!
17:00:04 <ahf> how are folks doing their boards ?
17:00:12 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:01:09 <Diziet> arti#728 ought to be Assigned to gabi I think :-)
17:01:32 <ahf> :o looks like it is? :o
17:01:38 <Diziet> Oh yes
17:01:42 <Diziet> Excellent
17:01:44 <Diziet> Sorry for the noise
17:01:51 <ahf> \o/ no worries - one never knows with GL
17:01:55 <Diziet> I am very brain fried today for some reason
17:02:04 <ahf> may be tomorrow the entire UI changes and assignes are called something new
17:02:23 <Diziet> I think my wetware I parsed the Q2 label as my own icon
17:02:31 <Diziet> Which makes no sense
17:02:42 <Diziet> aaanyway
17:02:44 <ahf> david isn't here for release status, but we begin on the 0.4.8 stabilization quite soon - i am thinking this week we likely get PoW merged to C tor and then we can go loco on 0.4.8 release prep
17:02:52 <ahf> and break everything before dgoulet gets back
17:02:54 * ahf nods
17:03:05 <ahf> we don't have anythinng incoming from other teams
17:03:12 <ahf> we don't have any announcements other than what i wrote above
17:03:16 <ahf> we don't have an s61 meeting
17:03:27 <ahf> does anybody else have anything they need to talk about here before going to CR or otherwise?
17:03:46 <mikeperry> the spec update for pow, as well as cross-checking the impl, might bleed into next week
17:03:54 <ahf> true
17:04:00 <mikeperry> I have some other things going on the first couple days this week :/
17:04:16 <ahf> sounds good - is there something specific i ought to look at when doing a pass on this?
17:05:25 <mikeperry> the piles of checklists, probably? we should have a list of things that can be done post-merge
17:05:36 <ahf> yeah
17:05:38 <mikeperry> stuff like nick's intro point binding idea, intro point validation, etc
17:06:00 <mikeperry> and thinking about how we would swap algs wrt the protocol
17:06:03 <ahf> makes sense
17:06:12 <ahf> yeah, agility was on my mind when going over it
17:07:32 <mbeth> it'll be nice to see how this algorithm works against real attack traffic, there have always been limitations in the simulated DoS
17:08:05 <ahf> yeah, i think that requires us to land it first tho and start a call for testing when we roll the alpha, no?
17:08:17 <mikeperry> yah
17:08:51 <mikeperry> we just want to make sure we keep the agility to do other things after that point
17:09:11 <ahf> we should probably start a pad on what we want in the alpha announcement here because there is a lot of stuff in this release where we want some feedback as early as possible
17:09:16 <ahf> yep
17:09:47 <mbeth> are we going to release a compatible browser around the same time?
17:10:03 <ahf> we have before gotten an alpha release of tor into an alpha release of tor browser i think
17:10:45 <ahf> richard says yes to it
17:11:01 <ahf> mid-may it sounds
17:11:10 <richard> 👍
17:11:21 <richard> we could get it in april's alpha if it's ready in the coming days
17:12:18 <ahf> it wont be until may for sure
17:12:27 <ahf> we need to merge a big bunch of code and also have david around
17:12:36 <richard> ack
17:12:38 <ahf> i am thinking more somewhere between mid-may and end-of-may is realistic for us
17:13:21 <ahf> okay, good - sounds like we have something to work with
17:13:35 <ahf> i think i will create the pad this week then on prep for the release too while in parallel looking at PoW from tomorrow!
17:13:42 <ahf> anything else we should chat about today?
17:13:46 <ahf> otherwise we can call it early today
17:14:57 <ahf> sounds like a no, let's call it then
17:15:09 <ahf> thanks all <3 people traveling this week: enjoy your trip and remember to have fun!
17:15:15 <ahf> #endmeeting