15:59:14 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 9 May 2023
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15:59:35 <donuts> welcome back everyone :)
15:59:44 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda
15:59:56 <donuts> otherwise, feel free to fill out your todo lists
16:04:50 <nah> one announcement: there will be the east africa meetup next thursday (11th), 12pm UTC
16:05:06 <nah> unfortunately i won't be able to join :(
16:05:42 <nah> but if anyone else from the team wants to join, raya can share the link
16:06:01 <raya> yes!
16:06:05 <championquizzer> nice!
16:06:10 <donuts> thanks nah, have added it to the pad!
16:06:20 <championquizzer> nah: is this similar to one we had in december?
16:06:36 <nah> yess!
16:06:45 <championquizzer> great. thank you!
16:06:47 <donuts> I'm always happy to come along, especially if I don't have to present anything this time around :)
16:07:41 <nah> nice! here is the link https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/training/-/issues/84#note_2897079
16:08:12 <donuts> Okay I think that's it for announcements, although I've updated the vacations on the pad too
16:08:34 <donuts> is everyone finished with their todo lists?
16:08:58 <donuts> i see no more typing
16:09:03 <championquizzer> i'm done
16:09:04 <nah> i'm done
16:09:13 <nicob> yep! should I add any upcoming afk time I have as well to the pad at the top?
16:09:32 <donuts> sure that would be great :)
16:09:41 <nicob> cooool ok
16:10:54 <donuts> I don't see anything in bold but as a general reminder, Tor Browser 12.5's launch is planned for late May/June – although delays are always possible – so please prioritize anything browser-related for this release :)
16:11:30 <donuts> championquizzer do you have anything to report this week, or are you still catching up too?
16:11:30 <nicob> noted :)
16:12:01 <championquizzer> donuts: still catching up :D
16:12:15 <championquizzer> nothing to report
16:12:26 <donuts> great let's move on then :)
16:12:57 <donuts> so I added "Costa Rica debrief" to the agenda for today, BUT I just caught up with Nah and gave them the highlights on BBB
16:13:01 <donuts> So we can keep this short
16:13:31 <donuts> if you have any meeting notes still to upload to the CR wiki, please remember and do so as soon as you can
16:13:40 <donuts> although it's looking pretty full, so I think everyone's done that already
16:13:47 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/team/-/wikis/2023-Tor-Meeting-Costa-Rica-Wiki/
16:13:52 <nah> yess! the meeting sounded amazing
16:14:07 <nicob> we missed you there nah!
16:14:52 <donuts> +1!
16:14:53 <nah> <\3
16:14:59 <donuts> some UX-related sessions I thought were particularly interesting include the Network team's update on conflux & congestion control, but if you missed that mike's all hands presentation covered a lot of the same conflux-related stuff
16:15:36 <donuts> there were some interesting ideas shared at the AC response session with the AC and Community teams for S96
16:16:14 <donuts> and even more ideas shared about how we can further improve bridge line UX in the same project following that session
16:16:50 <donuts> The user feedback mapping session was fun and productive, but we ran out of time very quickly
16:16:55 <nicob> it went by so fast
16:17:35 <donuts> I sat down with the applications team on day 1 and negotiated some kind of formal research/design/release process too, which was good
16:18:03 <nah> great!
16:18:03 <donuts> so at some point I'll officially document that and hopefully resolve the issue of grants promising timelines that don't align with the browser's roadmap
16:18:38 <donuts> and here endeth my terrible summary of what was an amazing week
16:18:50 <donuts> any questions? comments? sessions anyone would like to highlight/talk about?
16:18:50 <nicob> we also had an informal little meetup between donuts and pavel and I on an initial branding exercise for the vpn naming
16:18:58 <donuts> ohhh yes so we did
16:19:21 <nah> nicee!
16:19:35 <nicob> which was a good exercise and also a reminder that so many vpns already exist with many of the names that were brainstormed lol
16:19:46 <nah> hahah
16:19:47 <donuts> naming things is hard :(
16:20:11 <nah> i would love to have a look on it too
16:20:18 <nah> if it is documented somewhere
16:20:20 <nicob> I can share the slides with you nah
16:20:31 <nah> cool, thank nicob !
16:20:36 <nicob> np!
16:20:37 <nah> thanks*
16:21:12 <donuts> everyone happy if i move on?
16:21:26 <nah> yep
16:21:32 <nicob> +1
16:21:58 <donuts> so everyone is already aware, but Erin will be scheduling interviews for the new designer position from next week
16:22:15 <nicob> \o/
16:22:19 <championquizzer> very nice!!!
16:22:20 <donuts> we have 1 definite yes and a stack of maybes, so I'm going to select a handful of maybes and will share in the signal group for input
16:22:30 <donuts> in the end, I think we should pick 3 candidates for interviews
16:22:40 <donuts> but there may be some we select who have already moved on
16:22:46 <donuts> so we'll need to shortlist some backups too
16:22:59 <nicob> sounds goood
16:23:18 <donuts> and that's it!
16:23:47 <donuts> I feel like I thundered through things this week, but if everyone's happy we can end the meeting here :)
16:24:03 <donuts> oh wait
16:24:22 <donuts> nah you have a persona-related request for nicob yep?
16:25:08 <nah> yep!
16:25:17 <nicob> *eyes*
16:25:34 <nah> i've been working on these personas
16:25:36 <nah> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/88
16:25:51 <nah> and wondering if you could help me with the avatars, nicob?
16:26:05 <nah> the issue is that our deadline is the end of the month
16:26:07 <nah> :|
16:26:41 <donuts> is it just two, yep nah?
16:26:46 <nicob> oh exciting!
16:26:55 <nicob> I think if its just two that's doable :) would love to help
16:27:15 <nah> but i also can check with gaba if we can report it without the avatars and then work on it later
16:27:35 <nicob> okay, just let me know
16:27:37 <donuts> *chants* avatars, avatars, avatars
16:27:37 <nah> yep!
16:27:42 <nah> thank you so much!!!
16:27:44 <nicob> \o/
16:27:46 <donuts> they don't need to be good
16:27:49 <nicob> haha
16:27:56 <donuts> just vaguely human shaped
16:27:59 <nicob> excellent
16:28:00 <donuts> we're gonna redo these all again in the near future anyway
16:28:15 <nicob> my favorite shape is vaguely human so this works
16:28:30 <nah> lol
16:29:36 <donuts> if you're done with the content, could you assign to nicob please to add everything to the correct figma file and draw the avatars pls nah?
16:30:16 <donuts> also wasn't there some kind of megareport we were supposed to do for this project too?
16:30:52 <nah> i'm gonna check it all with gaba
16:31:20 <nah> but yes!
16:31:37 <nah> will do a quick review before assigning to nicob
16:31:53 <nah> or maybe
16:31:56 <nah> gaba, are you around?
16:32:14 <donuts> I'm gonna check the docs in nextcloud real quick to see what we promised to do, specifically
16:32:57 <gaba> hey
16:33:10 <gaba> reading backlog
16:33:12 <donuts> hi gaba :)
16:33:16 <gaba> :)
16:33:29 <donuts> Sponsor 30/60 final report – we're trying to figure out if something special was promised here
16:33:29 <gaba> let me see
16:33:43 <gaba> for the user personas?
16:34:13 <donuts> "a3: Anonymize research and publicize report for broader open source community."
16:34:14 <donuts> aha
16:34:20 <donuts> this is the thing I was remembering
16:34:40 <gaba> - Usability testing reports on tools and features.
16:34:41 <donuts> it's under O3.7
16:35:00 <gaba> - A report of how human rights are being censored that includes a comprehensive mapping of personal experiences to identify all possible flows users go through in their experience.
16:35:09 <gaba> yes, looking at deliverables for objective 3
16:35:25 <nah> is it usability testing report or a general report about training and activities with tor and subgrantees?
16:35:51 <nah> hmm
16:36:18 <donuts> could this also be a blog post?
16:36:27 <gaba> I do not see why not
16:36:41 <donuts> it seems a little informal but would be more accessible/have better reach
16:36:48 <gaba> "Additionally we will anonymize the research collected over the course of this project and produce a public-facing report for other developers, communicators, trainers, and stakeholders to use in their work to expand access to and usability of anti-censorship tools. "
16:36:49 <nah> agreed!
16:36:59 <gaba> that one is the 3.7 report
16:37:18 <donuts> oh, what was the first one you mentioned gaba?
16:37:19 <gaba> ●	3.7.3: Anonymize research collected over the course of the project and publicize report for the broader open source community.
16:37:22 <gaba> ○	Consolidate, condense and anonymize all feedback data.
16:37:24 <gaba> ○	Write a report to share our methods and findings with the community.
16:37:27 <gaba> ○	Publish and share reports with interested groups.
16:37:28 <nah> does it includes tails and tgp research too?
16:37:46 <gaba> The other ones are deliverables for objective 3 but I think nah you already did some reports for this project. I would need to check this out
16:37:49 <gaba> yes
16:37:53 <gaba> We need to coordinate with them
16:38:21 <donuts> right, and we don't have a lot of time left on this project
16:38:25 <donuts> the final report sounds easier
16:38:31 <donuts> 3.7.3 I mean
16:38:55 <donuts> that could easily be a fun blog post about the research we did and improvements we're shipping
16:38:57 <gaba> Right. Let me send a mail to  them and you all so they can provide this to be included in a blogpost
16:39:01 <donuts> would coincide nicely with the 12.5 release too
16:39:33 <nah> that would be nice (re: coincidd with release)
16:41:05 <donuts> okay so gaba's gonna send an email → we'll get content from GP and Tails → we write a fun blog post → mission accomplished?
16:41:17 <gaba> yes
16:41:34 <donuts> I think it would make the most sense if this was written by a single "voice" rather than three blog posts squished into one, too
16:41:58 <donuts> although obviously each org will have some specific things they want to highlight
16:42:27 <donuts> but we can figure that out later?
16:42:41 <gaba> right
16:43:03 <donuts> thank you gaba :)
16:43:23 <gaba> It is what we usually do with the quartlery reports. We incorporate what they send us and send it as a single voice report
16:43:39 <donuts> right of course
16:44:01 <nah> thank you both -- i'll open a pad to start thinking about it (content template, for instace)
16:44:12 <donuts> sounds good! ty!
16:44:40 <donuts> okay anything else or shall i put the bot to sleep?
16:45:32 <nah> i'm good
16:45:38 <nicob> also good
16:45:44 <championquizzer> me too. thanks everyone!
16:45:56 <donuts> lovely, thanks everyone! have a good week!
16:46:04 <donuts> #endmeeting