14:58:24 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-05-15
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14:58:36 <richard> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:58:58 <dan_b> o/
14:59:05 <boklm> o/
14:59:48 <richard> ok I've a few announcements/updates and then we can move on to PieroV's rebase discussion section
15:00:42 <richard> ma1: can you have a look at the tor-browser hackone report?
15:01:36 <ma1> richard, yes, if I'm allowed to (I've tried but no dice)
15:01:56 <richard> ah I thought you had access
15:01:56 <GeKo> i can add you
15:02:03 <GeKo> if you give me a h1 handle
15:02:06 <richard> GeKo: thx thx
15:02:23 <ma1> GeKo, I've got a giorgio@maone.net account
15:02:48 <richard> and ma1 point 2 (which I think you're already doing elsewhere on IRC) can you get anarcat w/e he needs for https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/team/-/issues/41154
15:02:56 <richard> looks like that's coming due soon
15:02:58 <anarcat> hmm?
15:03:12 <anarcat> ah yes
15:03:13 <richard> sorry for the ping
15:03:16 <anarcat> i'm battling this as we speak
15:03:18 <anarcat> no prbs
15:03:27 <richard> ok
15:03:33 <richard> next poin
15:03:34 <richard> signing!
15:03:40 <ma1> richard, yes, I was late to the meeting (and updating the pad) because I was with anarcat on that elsewhere :D
15:03:59 <richard> boklm: happy to report i was able to sign with the new scripts/new signing machine setup and published tor-browser and mullvad browser 12.0.6
15:04:16 <boklm> nice
15:04:35 <richard> digicert should be finishing up their confirmation of us tomorrow via phone, so optimistically we may have a new windows signing cert by wednesday
15:04:48 <richard> god-willing
15:05:17 <richard> and finally
15:05:18 <GeKo> ma1: try now
15:06:09 <ma1> GeKo, if it's https://hackerone.com/reports/1977437 still "oops"
15:06:14 <richard> I'm going to be drafting a vision doc for the browser this week, what we want to do, where we should be taking the product etc
15:06:41 <richard> I'll send out a pad via email later for your inputs/edits
15:06:55 <GeKo> ma1: maybe you need to accept the invitation first...
15:07:08 <richard> but that's going to be my main focus for today
15:07:29 <richard> so if you all could pop in tomorrow'ish and make sure I'm not going off the rails that would be excellent
15:07:35 <ma1> Geko right, too many channels today :)
15:07:40 <GeKo> :)
15:08:28 <richard> oh I'm also going to be submitting the android job posting to erin today so I'm going to assume any complaints/edit have been lodged or forever hold your peace :)
15:08:29 <ma1> GeKo, got it, looks... interesting
15:08:46 <GeKo> that's what i thought...
15:08:52 <richard> ok enough rambling from me
15:08:58 <richard> PieroV: tell us about esr115
15:09:06 <PieroV> Well, nightly115 :)
15:09:16 <richard> :)
15:09:54 <PieroV> I've rebased base-browser, and stuff seems to work. No errors in the console (except for some telemetry)
15:10:30 <PieroV> We had a problem with letterboxing, but ma1 sent me a patch (I merged it but not tried, yet, but I'm sure it fixes the problem)
15:10:50 * ma1 is sure too :)
15:11:04 <dan_b> that sounds promising already tho
15:11:24 <PieroV> Now, I'm still trying to uplift stuff. I had a few approvals, one has landed, another one has been approved but not landed yet
15:11:38 <richard> music to my ears
15:11:51 <PieroV> But I'd love to uplift also some Android stuff
15:12:12 <PieroV> And in general, we're on top of m-c... for a few hours, then Mozilla lands new patches
15:12:23 <PieroV> So, I'm not sure on how to continue
15:12:48 <PieroV> I think that my branch is ready for a general review. I think that all of us could go through the commits we know the most
15:12:54 <PieroV> To be sure I haven't lost anything
15:13:16 <PieroV> I've already self-reviewed, but then had to do some changes, lints, etc, so I could do another self-review, too
15:13:36 <richard> is there no stable nightly 115 tag?
15:13:39 <richard> or is it just a branch atm?
15:13:58 <PieroV> Nope, there's tag for when a nightly ends, then there are beta tags, if I understand correctly
15:14:20 <richard> ack
15:14:25 <PieroV> We still have about 3 weeks of nightly
15:14:41 <richard> ok, i would say don't worry to hard about staying up to date w/ nightly re rebasing
15:14:52 <richard> until everything else is already done
15:15:20 <PieroV> Yes, I think I could do locally
15:15:25 <richard> can we get everyone to review he 115-baed base-browser, focusing on your individual parts
15:15:32 <PieroV> But only after the first branch has been merged
15:16:04 <PieroV> I've created a tor-browser-115a1-13.0-1 branch on my fork, I could push it to tpo/applications and then open a MR on it
15:16:16 <richard> and once it's approved let's get a 13.0 alpha branch going for base-browser
15:16:18 <PieroV> Then for betas we can create 115.0b1, b2, etc
15:16:39 <richard> perfect, we can just make a date-based nightly esr115 tag to rebase from
15:17:18 <PieroV> I thought of bumping the final number for nightly, if we want to update after it's been approved
15:17:46 <PieroV> (I don't expect we'll keep updating it, unless there's some breakage, or some of our patches get uplifted)
15:18:03 <richard> could work, but do you expect to have the rest of the rebase complete before we get proper beta tags?
15:18:30 <PieroV> Oh well, I've called it tor-browser, but I could have called it base-browser
15:18:55 <PieroV> After all I've arrived up to base-browser-102.11.0esr-12.5-1-build1 (the tag, not the branch!)
15:19:05 <PieroV> I was thinking of rebasing MB first
15:19:23 <PieroV> Since it's less stuff, but I would also like to uplift Android patches
15:19:25 <richard> might be smart
15:19:46 <richard> then someone could do the build/packaging stuff in parallel with the mullvad-browser
15:19:48 <PieroV> I think we don't need the full Tor Browser for GeckoView
15:19:56 <PieroV> I'm already on it, too
15:20:11 <PieroV> For Linux, at least
15:20:43 <PieroV> I wanted to coordinate with Dan for Android, but maybe we could rebase the other repos, first
15:21:22 <dan_b> did you have android patches to uplift in mind?
15:21:29 <richard> yeah dan_b should be working on our conjoined firefox-android repo (android-components + fenix)
15:21:34 <PieroV> I'm not sure about the order. One of the patches would be to make Application Services reproducible (Moz has implemented half of our patch, after we implemented first without trying to uplift it)
15:21:41 <dan_b> cus possibly if you point me at them, I can at least start looking at managing the uplift?
15:22:07 <PieroV> There are a couple of patches in Firefox. I've rebased them, but I haven't build them, yet
15:22:20 <PieroV> + the patch on application services
15:22:56 <PieroV> But the patch for application services is about reproducibility... which we can test only when we have done everything else
15:24:10 <PieroV> About the other two patches, for one we already have a Bug on Bugzilla...
15:24:32 <PieroV> But it was started by a person that isn't on our team anymore, and reviewed from a person that doesn't work for Mozilla anymore
15:24:39 <PieroV> So, we might have to do a fresh start
15:25:03 <dan_b> lol
15:25:21 <richard> *fun*
15:26:06 <PieroV> TBH, I'd be okay also with uplifting in later versions of Firefox, as long as it isn't too late
15:26:37 <PieroV> So that our code is still close to state of the art, and we can uplift without working too much, and get them the next year
15:27:11 <PieroV> (I think this is it for my point)
15:28:52 <richard> ok wfm
15:29:20 <richard> dan_b: do you have a handle on what you'll be doing for  now w/ esr115+android, or should we chat more after this meeting?
15:29:45 <dan_b> i have some direction but i'll shortly have tons of questions
15:30:16 <dan_b> also i prolly wont start till at least tomorow, have PR feedback, mozilla uplift pr feedback, and a mac signing script to bash out today
15:30:17 <PieroV> Sure, I think we can discuss after the meeting
15:30:26 <richard> perfect
15:30:56 <dan_b> but sounds like yeah, I'll be working on the esr115 fenix/android components merge which is ... exciting, but will be a little hard without TB on esr115, but not impossible to start looking at
15:31:06 <richard> i'm sure gitlab issues are starting to pile up, i'll see about getting things organized this week
15:31:18 <richard> god willing
15:31:30 <dan_b> as it's my first esr related rebase, the extra time leading up to it is prolly good for me
15:32:27 <richard> boklm: can you have a look at what the heck is going on wiht our nightly build failures?
15:33:01 <boklm> richard: it should stop failing starting today
15:33:15 <richard> perfect thanks :)
15:33:24 <richard> ok i have nothing else for you all today
15:33:26 <boklm> yesterday only incrementals failed, because there was no recent previous builds
15:33:37 <richard> ahh ok
15:33:50 <richard> unless there's anything else from you all
15:33:53 <richard> have a good week!
15:34:04 <ma1> You too, thanks
15:34:15 <richard> #endmeeting