15:58:38 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 16 May 2023
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15:59:29 <nicob> hi o/
15:59:36 <donuts> welcome welcome
15:59:38 <donuts> pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
15:59:45 <nah> o/
16:01:23 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda
16:01:29 <donuts> otherwise, feel free to fill out your todo lists
16:04:21 <donuts> okay i'm done, lmk when you're ready
16:04:53 <nah> i might be done, i think i'm forgetting something
16:05:08 <nicob> feeling similarly lol but also done i think
16:05:19 <nah> announcement: tomorrow it's happening the LatAm meetup \o/ at 2100 UTC
16:05:40 <nah> it's in spanish, we expect around 18 people to attend
16:05:47 * championquizzer is done too
16:05:56 <nah> i'll be there :)
16:06:11 <donuts> awesome, I've just added it to the pad!
16:06:12 <nicob> awesome!
16:07:01 <nah> another quick update
16:07:07 <donuts> other announcements: 12.0.6 was released on Friday – it *should* be the penultimate stable release in the 12.0 series, but more on that later
16:07:19 <donuts> sorry, go for it nah
16:08:12 <nah> we are working with partners in East Africa (the community team and the ux team together) with training and usability testing sessions. we expect this to be completed soon (probably by the end of next week) \o/
16:08:19 <nah> np, donuts
16:08:44 <championquizzer> very nice!
16:08:44 <nah> on our side, we are reporting the download page and snowflake webpage usability testings
16:08:53 <donuts> fantastic! glad to hear it
16:08:56 <nah> (and these are the activities we are expecting to be completed soon)
16:09:00 <nah> yay :)
16:09:36 <nah> ok, done now hehe
16:10:19 <donuts> I don't see anything in bold, so let's check in with championquizzer – any updates this week?
16:10:43 <championquizzer> i got a couple of reports for the windows pro bug last week
16:10:53 <championquizzer> https://forum.torproject.net/t/tor-setup-application-not-launching/7069
16:11:08 <championquizzer> the solution in the thread seems to be working
16:11:43 <donuts> I am actually unsure of what the status is with that ticket
16:12:27 <donuts> hrm also I have totally lost the ticket too
16:13:03 <championquizzer> donuts: i'm not sure we had a gitlab ticket about this, hmm
16:13:21 <donuts> I thought I saw one somewhere, but it may have been a fever dream
16:14:30 <donuts> okay gitlab is failing me
16:14:40 <championquizzer> i have seen users complain about this mandatory aslr thing for other apps on win pro, so not sure if it's a TB bug per say
16:15:04 <donuts> richard/pierov: can you remember if we have a ticket for the windows pro installer issue?
16:15:31 <donuts> championquizzer: yeah, I just wanted to check whether or not the workaround is the long-term solution or whether there's anything else we can do
16:15:40 <championquizzer> right!
16:15:43 <richard> I think we do
16:15:44 <richard> one moment
16:16:39 <donuts> ty ty
16:16:41 * nah added another announcement (update)
16:16:42 <richard> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser-build/-/issues/40822
16:17:09 <championquizzer> aha, thanks very much richard
16:17:13 <donuts> awesome! thank you
16:17:17 <donuts> ah it's closed
16:17:33 <donuts> so is this fixed in 12.0.6?
16:18:01 <donuts> wait, 12.0.5? are all your reports from pre 12.0.5 chapionquizzer?
16:18:06 <donuts> *championquizzer
16:18:14 <donuts> I see that forum user is on .04
16:18:50 <championquizzer> donuts: hmm, it's likely the couple of report we got were from older versions. i will have to check
16:19:17 <donuts> okaydokes, if the issue's still happening post-12.0.5 best let Pier know :)
16:19:35 <championquizzer> sounds good!
16:20:11 <donuts> Nah: the Sponsor 30 project is indeed ending this month :D
16:20:24 <nah> yesss!
16:20:42 <gaba> \o/
16:20:56 <donuts> The results of the code audit are currently with the applications team to execute, which leaves personas and the "final report" (now blog post) with us? Is that correct?
16:21:08 <gaba> yes
16:21:33 <donuts> great, ty gaba :)
16:21:35 <donuts> nah/nicob did you manage to sync on the personas last week at all?
16:21:37 <nicob> woo! did you still need support with personas nah?
16:21:39 <nicob> oh! haha
16:21:40 <donuts> aha
16:22:00 <donuts> yes please I think nicob :)
16:22:17 <nah> yes! will coordinate with you on signal nicob, is that ok?
16:22:28 <nicob> yep sounds great :)
16:22:32 <donuts> awesome, thanks both!
16:22:35 <nah> also, starting a draft for the blog post with the info we received from tails so far, donuts
16:22:49 <donuts> oh fantastic 🌟
16:22:55 <nah> will pass it to you by the end of the week, as i'm off to vacations on friday
16:23:01 <nah> and then i'll get it back when i'm back
16:23:06 <nah> is that ok?
16:23:07 <donuts> sounds great!
16:23:12 <nah> great :)
16:23:23 <donuts> we should also collect photos somewhere, if we have any*
16:23:35 <donuts> *that we can/have permission to publish
16:23:49 <nah> i do have some pictures of the testings (no faces) and consent to use them!
16:24:01 <donuts> fantastic :D
16:24:37 <donuts> okay moving on with the agenda
16:24:43 <nah> ty!
16:25:00 <donuts> we have 1 interview/presentation scheduled for the product designer position, happening next week
16:25:46 <donuts> and another 5 candidates in the pipeline
16:26:13 <donuts> although I expect not all of them will be available any longer, so we'll still be aiming for 3-4 interviews/presentations total in the first round
16:26:46 <donuts> nah: I know you'll miss it, but if there are any questions in particular you'd like to see asked do let me know :)
16:27:28 <nah> :') thank you
16:27:58 <donuts> last thing on the agenda: Tor Browser 12.5 stable release update
16:28:00 <nah> i hope it goes well!
16:28:37 <donuts> ha same!
16:28:49 <donuts> So yesterday myself and the devs pruned the featurelist for 12.5
16:28:59 <donuts> which now looks like this (remember to peruse the closed tickets too): https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/?sort=closed_at_desc&state=opened&label_name%5B%5D=12.5%20stable&first_page_size=100
16:29:21 <donuts> we may not get 100% of that done in time, but it should be an achievable list (most of the open tickets are minor things)
16:29:34 <donuts> Anything that doesn't make it to the last alpha won't make the release
16:29:38 <donuts> speaking of which
16:30:23 <donuts> 12.5.0 stable is currently scheduled for July 5th
16:30:54 <donuts> I think there was some discussion about shifting things around slightly to account for our usual rapid-followup release to address any issues, but expect stable to land late june/early july
16:31:05 <donuts> this is 1 month later than originally planned
16:31:27 <donuts> any comments/questions?
16:31:33 <championquizzer> more time for me to work on the user support doc updates :D
16:31:42 <donuts> haha yes!
16:31:49 <championquizzer> donuts: thanks for the updates!!
16:31:58 <nah> super happy to see this release coming! thank you for all the hard work
16:32:00 <nah> it's great!
16:32:06 <nicob> more time for graphic assets hehe thanks for the update donuts!
16:32:14 <donuts> more time for EVERYTHING
16:32:17 <championquizzer> heh
16:32:18 <nicob> lolol
16:32:27 <donuts> however we'll have a very very short turnaround between 12.5 and 13.0 as a result
16:32:32 <donuts> like 3-4 months
16:32:54 <donuts> because of that, we'll be focusing on the ESR transition and won't be tackling anything other than minor features
16:33:08 <donuts> plus, the UX of those minor features will need to be "done" by July
16:33:18 <donuts> and we won't have time for usability testing
16:33:27 <nah> :'(
16:34:04 <donuts> on the flip side, being strict with 13.0 will leave us in a better position for 13.5 next year
16:35:15 <nah> nice!
16:35:47 <championquizzer> donuts: i remember reading some discussion about firefox esr dropping support for windows 7, but looking at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1594270
16:36:00 <championquizzer> seems is not happening soon
16:36:29 * donuts is checking...
16:36:45 <donuts> okay great :)
16:36:50 <donuts> that should make your life easier, lol
16:36:55 <championquizzer> lol
16:38:01 <donuts> okay that's the end of the agenda – anything else folks, or shall I close the meeting?
16:38:26 <nah> good
16:38:27 <nicob> good here
16:38:33 <championquizzer> have a good vacation nah!
16:38:40 <nah> tyvm :)
16:38:49 <championquizzer> thanks all o/
16:38:53 <donuts> yes, enjoy your time off nah!
16:38:56 <donuts> thanks everyone!
16:39:01 <nicob> thanks everyone, and same nah! enjoy :)
16:39:03 <donuts> #endmeeting