15:02:16 <ma1> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-05-22
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15:03:26 <ma1> The pad as usual is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
15:04:09 <ma1> PieroV got his 2nd builder (it's me)
15:04:44 <PieroV> \o/ Thanks!
15:04:54 <ma1> aaand PieroV created  the MR for Fx 115 \o/  https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/merge_requests/641
15:05:21 <PieroV> Yes, please check it out when you have some free time :)
15:05:23 <ma1> I think he wants to tell us what to look there
15:05:45 <PieroV> Yep, exactly :)
15:07:08 <henry-x> I did a "diff of diffs" check for that merge request, and that looked ok. I haven't built and tested though
15:08:27 <PieroV> For this rebase range-diff works also very well
15:08:51 <ma1> I've corrected a letterboxing regression on the fly (it was due to unrelated CSS/XUL/HTML changes in the browser front-end). The other stuff looks good, but I'll try to run it regularly and see if anything else breaks.
15:10:16 <ma1> In general I think it would be good if team members look at the patches they've worked the most and know better ("they own", in Mozilla parlance) for regressions.
15:10:40 <PieroV> +1
15:12:07 <ma1> Anything else about the big scary 115 rebase?
15:12:09 <henry-x> What about the parts that are hardly known by anyone ;)
15:13:09 <ma1> certainly it would be great if we had regression tests, not for everything but for something. IIRC it's something (even more big and scary) in the roadmap.
15:14:23 <PieroV> I can build in tor-browser-build for Linux
15:14:37 <PieroV> Working to get builds also for Windows and for Android
15:15:21 <PieroV> There are still a few patches we should try to get uplifted before nightly 115 becomes beta 115 :)
15:17:07 <ma1> PieroV, have you got a list and a deadline?
15:17:38 <PieroV> We have this meta-issue: tor-browser#40789
15:18:02 <PieroV> And the deadline is end of the month I think (Moz doesn't show the calendar for May anymore :/)
15:18:31 <PieroV> But if we don't get a patch this year, getting it upstream is still good, and in this period easier, because we're sorta close to m-c
15:19:12 <PieroV> So, if we don't get it accepted for 115, we can stil try to get it in 116, 117, etc..., and then cherry-pick and carry it until the next ESR
15:24:08 <ma1> OK, announcement from me, especially for donuts & the UX folks re: TabGuard. You may want to take NoScript 11.4.23rc1 for a ride, see https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/41112#note_2904715
15:24:26 <donuts> I saw, exciting! :)
15:25:28 <ma1> This should already drastically reduce the prompts, and I hope to do a public release by the end of this week so Tor Browser users can already benefit of the improvement and we figure out how much further work is actually needed.
15:26:35 <henry-x> yay!
15:28:31 <ma1> Is there anything else from anybody?
15:28:39 <PieroV> Nothing from me
15:28:42 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Not from me
15:28:46 <henry-x> nope
15:29:05 <boklm> nope
15:30:08 <ma1> all right, have a great week y'all then :)
15:30:14 <ma1> #endmeeting