15:58:59 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 23 May 2023
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15:59:01 <donuts> welcome welcome
15:59:11 <donuts> pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
15:59:20 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda
16:00:27 <donuts> Otherwise, feel free to fill out your todo lists :)
16:01:01 <championquizzer> donuts: those windows tickets we talked about last week were just using a older version. updating worked :)
16:01:27 <donuts> championquizzer: good to know!
16:02:23 <donuts> okay there's one announcement in particular I want to highlight
16:02:33 <donuts> do we have AshishSoni[m] here?
16:02:42 <donuts> yes we do, excellent :)
16:02:48 <AshishSoni[m]> hello!
16:03:25 <donuts> AshishSoni[m] will be working on redeveloping the Snowflake landing page for the next few weeks/months as part of GSOC \o/
16:03:42 <championquizzer> woo! welcome, AshishSoni[m] \o/
16:03:43 <donuts> welcome AshishSoni[m]!
16:03:55 <donuts> please feel free to introduce yourself properly :)
16:05:28 <donuts> (also as everyone is already aware, nah is afk this week)
16:05:59 <nicob> welcome AshishSoni[m] :)
16:07:47 <donuts> okay I don't see anything in bold in the pad, do you have any other updates for this week championquizzer?
16:08:49 <championquizzer> i think i will start working on the TB 12.5 documentation next week :)
16:08:51 <AshishSoni[m]> Hello UX team!! This is Ashish from India! I am currently studying Computer Science! & As you all know, this summer I will be working on the Snowflake landing page project! I am really excited to work with The Tor Project and with amazing developers.... really I am too excited to start contributing to the project and stay connected with the organization!!!
16:09:22 <donuts> nice to have you aboard AshishSoni[m]! <3
16:09:35 <donuts> looking forward to fixing the landing page together :)
16:09:37 <AshishSoni[m]> Thanks for Welcoming me!! :)
16:09:54 <championquizzer> exciting! great to have you, AshishSoni[m]
16:09:58 <nicob> yay AshishSoni[m]! :) super excited to have you
16:10:08 <AshishSoni[m]> donuts: yeah!! really excited <3
16:10:28 <AshishSoni[m]> championquizzer:  <3
16:11:14 <AshishSoni[m]> Also if anything I can work on for the UX team I will be really happy!!
16:12:00 <championquizzer> wrt to docs for 12.5, I am adapting the similar workflow we had for the stable release last year. so we have some time to update the offline manual and for l10n
16:12:24 <championquizzer> donuts: are we going to have some alpha releases before 12.5?
16:12:38 <donuts> Thanks AshishSoni[m]! There are plenty small web fixes I'm sure we could use your help on too, and they'd be a great way to get familiar with our dev processes and tech stack for torproject.org
16:13:20 <donuts> championquizzer: there's one alpha remaining I believe
16:13:24 <donuts> let me check the calendar
16:14:07 <donuts> yep 12.5a7 is currently scheduled for June 8th
16:14:11 <championquizzer> sounds good!
16:14:24 <donuts> do you want to try and get the manual updates into that release?
16:14:29 <AshishSoni[m]> sure sure! Do let me know! I will start looking into it! donuts
16:15:25 <championquizzer> donuts: hmm, I can try! is the offline manual for alpha fetched from the same git branch on the support repo?
16:15:43 <championquizzer> i was thinking to push updates to documentation to say a alpha branch
16:15:54 <championquizzer> and then merge to main with the actual stable release
16:16:05 <donuts> championquizzer: I have no idea actually, but you can also test the manual in Nightly instead
16:16:34 <donuts> sorry, I didn't mean to say it *needs* to be in that Alpha, I just misinterpretted why you were asking :)
16:17:09 <championquizzer> ok! i will look at this and let you know!
16:17:12 <championquizzer> no problem :)
16:18:02 <donuts> cool, thanks! f you have a ticket best loop richard and pierov in as an FYI
16:18:05 <donuts> *If
16:18:26 <championquizzer> will do!
16:18:51 <donuts> lovely, thank you championquizzer!
16:19:21 <richard> o/
16:19:35 <richard> 12.5a7 is the last alpha before stable,but really it's a 12.5 release candidate
16:19:41 <donuts> hello hello
16:19:53 <donuts> we're talking about about:manual updates for 12.5, for context
16:20:18 <richard> 12.5a6 is awaiting matching build verification so it if there's you want to get in to 12.5a7 it needs to be smol and not risky at all please and thank you
16:22:21 <donuts> Okay I have one more update for this week and then that's it
16:22:40 <donuts> we have 3 product designer interviews scheduled for this week
16:23:28 <nicob> \o/
16:23:29 <donuts> and another 3ish candidates lined up if we need to do more interviews
16:23:55 <donuts> and that's it!
16:24:02 <championquizzer> nicee!
16:24:49 <donuts> nicob: is your time-off for next week in the AFK calendar?
16:25:19 <nicob> yes it is!
16:25:30 <nicob> need to send an email to comms though as a heads up
16:26:18 <donuts> nicob: are you sure :P
16:27:09 <nicob> LOL whoops. on my personal computer right now and trying to sign into nextcloud with my yubikey, but I'll get it on there if its not :p
16:27:20 <donuts> haha cool thanks
16:27:34 <donuts> so, reminder to everyone else that nicob is AFK next week
16:27:41 <donuts> hope you enjoy your time off!
16:27:46 <nicob> thanks!
16:27:53 <championquizzer> have a good time off nicob!
16:27:54 <donuts> otherwise, that's it for this week :D
16:28:13 <donuts> have a good week everyone o/
16:28:21 <championquizzer> thanks all o/
16:28:25 <donuts> #endmeeting