15:58:37 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 05/29/2023
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15:58:43 <GeKo> much better
15:58:48 <GeKo> welcome everyone to our weekly sync
15:59:05 <GeKo> i hope nobody being here has a public holiday today
15:59:13 <GeKo> because otherwise i would feel bad about it
15:59:30 <GeKo> one should not feel one needs to work on holidays
15:59:38 <GeKo> i know US folks are off today
15:59:56 <mattrighetti[m]> o/
15:59:57 <juga> o/
15:59:59 <GeKo> but then i realized this monday might be a holiday in a bunch of european countries as well...
16:00:34 <GeKo> hihi
16:00:38 * juga thinks it's holiday here, but don't even know what's the party about
16:00:49 <GeKo> heh
16:01:13 * hiro goes checking public the holidays calendar
16:01:39 <GeKo> 6 weeks after Easter is the thing that is happening
16:01:54 <GeKo> dunno what that is in english, though :)
16:02:08 <GeKo> anyway, https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep has our pad
16:02:15 <GeKo> and i see folks have added entries already, nice
16:02:19 <juga> 50 days after Easter?, that would be pentecostesomething
16:02:26 <hiro> yeah no idea
16:03:00 <hiro> here it is not a holiday
16:03:26 <GeKo> Pentecost it is apparently
16:04:28 <GeKo> okay, the pad items look reasonable
16:04:51 <GeKo> do we have anything to discuss today, be it sponsos112 related or gsoc or anything else?
16:05:02 <GeKo> mattrighetti[m]: how is it going for you?
16:05:33 <hiro> I hope to get soon the final VM for the metrics db + taster deploy
16:05:38 <mattrighetti[m]> Great so far, I've started to work on the query params that onionoo provides
16:05:50 <mattrighetti[m]> I'm starting more database related stuff this week
16:05:56 <hiro> s/taster/tagtor
16:06:37 <GeKo> hiro: me too :)
16:07:01 <hiro> great @mattrighetti[m]
16:07:06 <GeKo> mattrighetti[m]: nice, you are all set? or are there some organization questions left we should address?
16:07:16 <GeKo> *organizational
16:07:40 <mattrighetti[m]> I'm working on dev right now, I'll probably make a first PR to master as soon as most of the base project is done so that I can work on feature branches later on
16:08:07 <GeKo> k
16:08:27 <hiro> k, tag me as reviewer when you make the PR
16:08:37 <GeKo> juga: i still owe you another round of review for margot!18. will be first thing for me tomorrow
16:08:48 <mattrighetti[m]> yep
16:08:51 <juga> GeKo: no worries, no hurry on my side
16:08:58 <GeKo> i think that's the missing piece in my backlog
16:09:18 * juga finds out people here are celebrating https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mare_de_D%C3%A9u_del_Roser#Festes_del_Roser
16:09:45 <GeKo> okay, we don't have a ggus here today
16:09:53 <hiro> gnus does us holidays
16:10:03 <GeKo> and is at sif
16:10:15 <GeKo> (stockholm internet forum)
16:10:31 <hiro> s/gnus/ggus
16:10:45 <hiro> when I am on the mac the autocorrector is terrible
16:10:52 <GeKo> i'll try to focus on O2 for s112 looking at proposals that
16:10:58 <GeKo> macs want to be free as well
16:11:10 <hiro> xD yeah they want to have a life of their own
16:11:25 <GeKo> s/that/that got mentioned in the past/
16:11:38 <GeKo> and i hope to get https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/network-health/analysis/-/issues/51 done this week, too
16:12:08 <GeKo> oh, and i'll be afk thursday, the whole day
16:12:17 <GeKo> there is some family business i have to attend
16:12:24 <hiro> sounds good
16:12:28 <GeKo> i think that's all from me
16:12:39 <GeKo> questions? concerns? other stuff to bring up?
16:12:49 * juga is fine
16:13:05 * hiro is groot
16:13:28 <mattrighetti[m]> that's all from me too
16:14:11 <GeKo> awesome
16:14:29 <GeKo> then have a nice week everyone and happy hacking o/
16:14:32 <GeKo> #endmeeting