15:59:20 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 30 May 2023
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15:59:23 <donuts> welcome welcome
15:59:36 <donuts> pad is here, as always: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
15:59:37 <championquizzer> hello o/
15:59:40 <nah> o/
15:59:44 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss to the agenda
16:00:09 <donuts> ANNOUNCEMENTS:
16:00:22 <donuts> the 4-day work-week trial has officially ended :(
16:00:53 <donuts> I'll schedule a BBB meeting when nicob is back so we can discuss what worked/didn't work during the trial and consolidate our feedback for the higher ups
16:01:14 <donuts> I'm expecting some kind of email from above this month – unless it's already gone around and I've missed it?
16:01:38 <donuts> actually maybe I'll doublecheck that it's officially ended since this week technically began in May
16:01:48 <donuts> okay, moving on...
16:02:05 <donuts> nicob is afk this week, please wait or harass me if you can't wait for all your brand design needs
16:02:07 <championquizzer> donuts: iirc, no emails yet for the feedback and this Friday is off
16:02:18 <donuts> championquizzer: oh is it?
16:02:22 <championquizzer> (we will be back to 5 day week from the next one)
16:02:28 <donuts> cool thanks for the clarification!
16:03:06 <championquizzer> donuts: np, still better to double check though :D
16:03:32 <donuts> 12.5a6 is out \o/
16:04:08 <championquizzer> the new circuit icon <3
16:04:11 <donuts> it includes a fix to the fonts leak issue I believe, and a new "new circuit" icon
16:04:15 <donuts> ha yeah!
16:04:56 <donuts> otherwise that's it for announcements – let me know when you're done with your todo lists and we'll move on :)
16:05:41 * championquizzer is done
16:05:58 <nah> during the testings i've done, the new circuit icon has been seen as very intuitive
16:06:05 <championquizzer> \o/
16:06:09 <nah> i'm done as well!
16:06:24 <donuts> nah: are you talking about the new circuit icon, or the new new circuit icon? :P
16:06:25 <donuts> lol
16:06:38 <nah> the 12.5a5
16:06:48 <nah> haha
16:06:51 <donuts> ah so the circuit display button
16:07:14 <nah> oh yes, that's right
16:07:31 <donuts> that's great to hear, I'm really looking forward to this improvement
16:07:43 <donuts> okay I don't see anything bolded in the pad
16:08:00 <nah> i have a personal announcement
16:08:07 <donuts> go for it!
16:08:13 <nah> i'll be at rightscon next week
16:08:27 <donuts> \o/
16:08:43 <nah> i'm just picking a couple of other sessions to attend (related to ux), so i'll try to be online at least part-time
16:09:03 <nah> that's it ;)
16:09:17 <donuts> I think with S30 finished you shouldn't have a lot on your plate next week anyway, hopefully?
16:09:48 <donuts> actually I'm going to add S30 to the bottom of the agenda for us to discuss
16:10:15 <donuts> One thing I want to forewarn that I might not get through everything on my todolist, especially with nicob afk and it being a 3-day week
16:10:18 <donuts> but I'm gonna try
16:10:40 <championquizzer> nah: have a safe trip!
16:11:15 <nah> right
16:11:18 <nah> thanks championquizzer!
16:12:27 <donuts> championquizzer: unfortunately I didn't have the time to read your report yet :(
16:12:29 <donuts> what are the highlights?
16:12:58 <championquizzer> donuts: no worries! the report is here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2023-May/003620.html
16:13:40 <championquizzer> well, I don't have anything specific to point out from the report
16:13:59 <championquizzer> but a lot of user support work for users in countries where Tor is censored in the past month
16:14:32 <nah> telegram is still the most used support channel
16:14:48 <championquizzer> yep!
16:15:06 <championquizzer> but a steady increase in tickets coming through whatsapp as well!
16:15:43 <championquizzer> we got a few reports of the windows aslr bug, but is all resolved with the TB update
16:15:48 <donuts> championquizzer: can I make a formatting request?
16:15:56 <championquizzer> donuts: sure! please
16:17:08 <donuts> for things like private bridge requests in CN, can you add an arrow-up/down or something to show the general trend?
16:17:17 <donuts> or just whether it's up or down in the past month?
16:17:46 <championquizzer> can do! i think it's a good idea, donuts
16:17:48 <championquizzer> thanks
16:17:52 <donuts> thank you!
16:18:29 <donuts> okay otherwise I don't have any specific questions this month :)
16:18:54 <donuts> how are you enjoying whatsapp? it's been a few months now
16:19:06 <donuts> maybe "enjoying" isn't the right word lol
16:19:07 <championquizzer> this week i have my plate full with user support stuff but I am currently trying to work on the user docs update for 12.5 too as well :)
16:19:14 <donuts> awesome, ty!
16:19:25 <championquizzer> donuts: ha. it's going great!
16:19:37 <donuts> do you see fewer censorship-related issues on whatsapp, or is it more or less the same regardless of app?
16:20:24 <championquizzer> donuts: for all the platforms (telegram, whatsapp, email, signal) i think the most tickets we receive is related to censorship
16:20:40 <donuts> gotcha
16:21:06 <championquizzer> but yeah, we got a bunch of general Tor-related questions as well, so that's nice
16:22:27 <championquizzer> (that's all from me!)
16:22:27 <donuts> thank you as always for your hard work 🙏
16:22:34 <championquizzer> thank you <3
16:22:49 <donuts> okay shall I move on with the agenda?
16:23:06 <championquizzer> yes please
16:23:12 <donuts> 4. Product designer hiring update
16:23:17 <nah> \o/
16:23:26 <donuts> all the interviews so far have gone really well
16:23:37 <championquizzer> very nice!
16:23:40 <donuts> we have one more today in the first group, in 30 mins
16:23:44 <donuts> did you see that nah?
16:23:45 <nah> great to hear!
16:23:47 <nah> yes!
16:23:58 <donuts> It was rescheduled while you were afk, so I wasn't sure if that time suits you
16:24:20 <nah> it does!
16:24:26 <nah> i'm happy to participate!
16:24:29 <donuts> okay awesome!
16:24:51 <donuts> I need to prepare something for the second round this week too
16:25:07 <donuts> and that's it for the update!
16:25:19 <donuts> last thing on the agenda: 5. Final things for Sponsor 30
16:25:43 <donuts> nah, is it just the blog post, personas and final quarterly report we need to do from your POV?
16:26:08 <donuts> by "do" I mean finish
16:26:20 <nah> and the last last report to the sponsor
16:26:26 <nah> but, yes!
16:26:32 <donuts> yep yep
16:26:34 <donuts> awesome
16:26:37 <nah> sorry, final quarterly rpeort
16:26:43 <nah> what's happening with me :s
16:27:13 <donuts> okay so the blog post draft has been posted for review, I'll work on the supporting assets this week (thanks for the photos!) and will try and review/export/upload the new personas too
16:27:32 <donuts> we'll need a few missing details from Guardian Project and Tails before we can publish the blog post too I expect
16:27:41 <nah> donuts, do you want to publish how many testings were done?
16:28:11 <donuts> nah: atm the blog post says something vague, like "...many of whom also participated in usability testing sessions"
16:28:23 <nah> yes, i saw that
16:28:37 <donuts> if you have a figure I can add it in though, that was my original intent
16:28:46 <nah> i think the numbers differ from tor, tails and tgp
16:28:51 <donuts> but it should be Tor Project + GP + Tails' participants
16:28:53 <donuts> yeah
16:28:58 <donuts> if that's tricky, let's just leave it vague
16:29:01 <donuts> because the project is ending
16:29:07 <nah> we can try both
16:29:20 <nah> i'll pull all numbers by the end of the day
16:29:27 <donuts> it also needs to be participants and not sessions, because some researchers did 1:1 sessions and some did group workshops
16:29:45 <donuts> thanks nah!
16:30:15 <nah> right, i'll check that too
16:30:43 <donuts> ty ty
16:30:48 <nah> is there anything else that i should look for specifically?
16:30:51 <donuts> okaydokes I think that's us for this week :)
16:31:03 <donuts> nah: I don't think so, just if there's anything else you'd like to add to the report
16:31:10 <nah> sounds good!
16:31:15 <nah> thank you!
16:31:21 <donuts> thank youuu
16:31:26 <championquizzer> thanks all! o/
16:31:33 <championquizzer> have a good week
16:31:36 <donuts> have a good week everyone!
16:31:50 <donuts> #endmeeting