14:58:41 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-06-05
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14:58:53 <richard> another week another Tor Browser meeting
14:59:33 <richard> as I mentioned in email on Thursday, we are heading into the last few development days for 12.5a7/12.5 stable
15:00:17 <richard> but for those following along at home, if you all could grab any remaining 12.5 tickets and prioritize them this week that would be great
15:00:24 <dan_b> can I ask we talk about tor-browser#41718 for that?
15:00:43 <donuts> o/
15:01:02 <richard> ideally we'd have everything merged by Wednesday and build overnight
15:01:19 <richard> ideally :p
15:01:34 <richard> yeah i'll hand i over to you dan_b
15:02:08 <dan_b> so part of my question is about ux fidelity vs time, and then possibly ask for a hand off
15:02:42 <dan_b> when I worked at a web shop, we aimed for like 100% pixel perfect to design, but had front end devs. at amazon where we were all backend, we took ux as inspiration and did what we could in time alloted
15:02:51 <dan_b> not sure what the prevailing thoughts are here
15:03:00 <dan_b> as for #41718
15:03:14 <dan_b> it's close, but there was some question about spacing and padding and some proposals
15:03:34 <dan_b> but with henry-x (reviewer) and I in not great timezone alignments, we get like one pass a day
15:03:52 <dan_b> so if we don't like where it's at now, I'd propose handing it to henry-x to finish by wednesday
15:04:01 <dan_b> fin
15:04:15 <richard> ^this sounds like a good plan re hand-off given he timing and overlap
15:04:54 <dan_b> cool. will reassign. thanks!
15:04:55 <ma1> I can take over as the reviewer, if needed (same timezone)
15:04:56 <henry-x> yeah, I can do it
15:05:06 <dan_b> 🙂
15:05:11 <richard> re fidelity, aiming for 100% pixel lineup generally isn't going to happen
15:05:42 <richard> My general approach has been to take what UX hands off and make I work with the existing firefox css rules
15:05:45 <henry-x> I think the key thing is to try and share styling rules, usually with something in firefox
15:06:24 <dan_b> which is a technique you've been helping me slowly learn 🙂
15:06:26 <richard> granted I think UX these days has much better assets in figma for making our mockups so that old way of thinking may mean we need to be closer to pixel-perfect than before
15:06:27 <donuts> accuracy with Firefox is what we should generally be aiming for, yeah
15:06:41 <dan_b> sadly i still don't know the widget set too well or what's available to poach from
15:06:44 <richard> yeah exactly what henry-x says
15:06:48 <donuts> my mockups are aiming for the same objective but aren't perfect, usually because I'm eyeballing things in Fx
15:07:16 <henry-x> dan_b: I just use the developer console to inspect what CSS classes firefox is using to get an effect
15:07:17 <richard> my approach in the past has been to first try and find a similar widget/ux flow/whatever that already exists in firefox
15:07:19 <dan_b> but these tickets esp have been a good learning process, just slow 🙂
15:07:30 <richard> and use those rules when possible, or at least try to replicate them
15:07:49 <ma1> yep, as henry-x said inspector is a life saver / teacher
15:08:02 <richard> yes!
15:08:20 <richard> oh, and there's a button in the chrome debugger that makes popup/panel disappearing disabled
15:08:24 <richard> so you can click around in modals
15:08:32 <richard> in case you didn't already know that
15:09:01 <dan_b> ha yes! i had to use that a lot for the initial download popup pane component of this
15:09:40 * ma1 always forgets the exact place in the UI and just flips devtools.popup.disable_autohide :D
15:10:04 <dan_b> lol
15:10:35 <richard> remembering specific firefox prefs has to be up there with remembering how to invoke gpg correctly
15:11:14 <dan_b> well at least with search you can often home in on it if you remember a distinct part of the name
15:11:51 <richard> ruihildt[m]: did mullvad get through the unsigned 12.0.7 build test last week?
15:11:51 <ma1> in facts, i just type "popup" :)
15:12:27 <ma1> richard, I think he said they won't be able until Wednesday
15:12:35 <richard> oof
15:12:56 <dan_b> https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07YZ2TJWX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
15:13:09 <ma1> <ruihildt[m]> FYI, we won't be able to do testing of MB before Wednesday, last Friday wasn't possible unfortunately.
15:13:47 <richard> ok thx ma1
15:14:06 <ma1> dan_b, is that amazon item a subliminal hint to donuts?
15:14:20 <richard> :D
15:14:24 <dan_b> looool
15:14:24 <richard> #ad
15:14:28 <richard> #sponsored
15:14:32 <dan_b> that was pasted into another window
15:14:32 <richard> anyway
15:14:42 <dan_b> bad tabbing
15:15:08 <donuts> :<
15:17:08 <richard> ok, does anyone else have any topics for this week?
15:17:26 <PieroV> Maybe someting about 115
15:17:30 <PieroV> Not sure
15:17:48 <PieroV> Do people want me to rebase once we get beta tags (which we probably already have)?
15:18:04 <PieroV> Or do you want to get the current MR merged first?
15:18:13 * boklm answered on the pad regarding signing TBA
15:18:28 <richard> boklm: looking forward to integrated android signing :D
15:18:54 <richard> PieroV: I think getting tor-browser launching first would be wise before rebasing to beta
15:19:17 <PieroV> I was planning to get BB merged and rebased before opening the other MRs in any case
15:19:44 <richard> make sense to me
15:20:45 <PieroV> Also, while I still have everyone's attention, small reminder I'm afk tomorrow
15:20:54 <dan_b> if I get my fenix rebase done, I can just use your branch to do a test GV build to then test the rest on?
15:21:29 <PieroV> dan_b: you'll need to comment AC's plumbing of Onion Location
15:21:33 <PieroV> Or cherry-pick it on top of BB
15:21:45 <dan_b> aaah you dont have a TB branch yet? ok
15:21:54 <PieroV> Yes, I have, but doesn't work
15:21:59 <dan_b> ha aah ok
15:22:04 <PieroV> Emergency Torbutton cleanup needed, probably :(
15:22:13 <dan_b> well thats a later this week problem or next week problem anyways
15:22:20 <dan_b> but good to know, thanks
15:22:34 <PieroV> Especially on the logger. The "Firefox 4-style component registration" seems not to work anymore after 110 versions :)
15:25:05 <ma1> A couple of things from me about 12.5 issues:
15:25:13 <ma1> 1. I'm fixing 90% of tor-browser#41112 for now by silencing prompts in almost all the situations in NoScript 11.4.23
15:25:24 <ma1> 2. Question: should I shepherd cypherpunks1's tor-browser#41792 to fit into 12.5?
15:26:03 <ma1> (low risk bug fix)
15:26:58 <richard> In general I'd prefer to focus on the remaining 12.5 labeled issues, but if it's small/low risk then I don't have a problem getting it in
15:28:26 <dan_b> FWIW i caught two other fixes from cypherpunks1 and we retargeted 13.0
15:28:36 <dan_b> so it won't be the most surprising feedback
15:28:51 <richard> what do you mean?
15:29:17 <dan_b> tor-browser!650
15:29:50 <dan_b> you asked them to rebase to 115.0a1-13.0-1
15:29:54 <dan_b> which was done 🙂
15:30:11 <dan_b> so if ma1 is worried about timing, that's an option was all I was saying 🙂
15:30:13 <ma1> I think he means that cypherpunks1 wouldn't be too much upset.
15:30:18 <dan_b> exactly
15:30:38 <ma1> But it's an easy win, so I leaned on the other side :)
15:31:00 <richard> ah ok
15:31:46 <ma1> However, I'm prioritizing nuking the scary TabGuard prompts
15:32:24 <richard> sounds good
15:32:31 <richard> ok, if there's nothing else
15:32:34 <richard> then I'm happy to call it
15:33:07 <ma1> fine for me, thank you!
15:34:32 <richard> alright then
15:34:33 <richard> o/
15:34:37 <boklm> o/
15:34:39 <richard> have a good week everyone
15:34:41 <richard> #endmeeting