15:58:41 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 06/05/2023
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15:58:45 <GeKo> hello everyone!
15:58:58 <mattrighetti[m]> Hey
15:59:07 <juga> o/
15:59:07 <hiro> hey all
15:59:07 <GeKo> welcome to the first weekly sync in june
15:59:14 <GeKo> we have our usual pad over here:
15:59:15 <GeKo> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep
15:59:25 <GeKo> i guess ggus is still out doing conferencing today
15:59:40 <juga> welcome RishadBaniya[m] !
15:59:47 <hiro> welcome o/
16:00:16 <GeKo> RishadBaniya[m]: hihi!
16:00:23 <mattrighetti[m]> Welcome!
16:00:37 <GeKo> in case you have not done so, please add your stuff to our pad
16:00:40 <RishadBaniya[m]> hey everyone..it's my first time here..hope all goes well for me
16:00:55 <GeKo> and mark things bold in case you need help or want to discuss items
16:03:01 <juga> RishadBaniya[m]: it might be a bit confusing at first all communication channels, pads, etc., but i'll get better ;)
16:03:13 <GeKo> hiro: hrm. https://metrics.torproject.org/torperf.html?start=2023-03-07&end=2023-06-05&server=public&filesize=1mb is still missing op-us7a input
16:03:17 <GeKo> is that expected?
16:03:50 <RishadBaniya[m]> i'm confused about pads rn tbh :(
16:04:36 <hiro> GeKo: no, actually I thought that was fixed with the firewall fix
16:05:08 <GeKo> :(
16:05:15 <GeKo> okay, let me re-open the ticket then
16:05:18 <GeKo> very weird
16:05:47 <GeKo> the 5MiB public and all the onion services measurements are working
16:06:04 <hiro> nope all the public measurements are empty
16:06:05 <GeKo> RishadBaniya[m]: no worries
16:06:14 <hiro> only onion ones are working
16:06:14 <juga> RishadBaniya[m]: yeah, we can fill up the nethealth pad with your items next week together
16:06:24 <hiro> sometimes aws firewall is a bit tricky
16:06:58 <GeKo> hiro: hrm, i was just looking at the graphs and op-us7a is shown on the 5MiB one
16:07:03 <GeKo> but not the other public ones
16:07:26 <GeKo> i mean on the "Source" part
16:07:26 <hiro> yes it's shown but if you download the csv the measurements are empty
16:07:39 <hiro> the graph is so small that you can't really notice that it's 0
16:07:51 <hiro> the reason is that onionperf only does 5Mbi transfers
16:08:24 <hiro> and the 50Kbi and 1Mbi are calculated based on the 5Mib transfer
16:08:38 <GeKo> indeed
16:08:53 <RishadBaniya[m]> should i be adding my plans for the week in the pad?
16:08:54 <GeKo> aha, makes sense
16:08:58 <RishadBaniya[m]> is that how it works?
16:09:07 <GeKo> RishadBaniya[m]: yeah
16:09:16 <hiro> so it is shown because the transfer is initiated but nothing is transferred :(
16:09:19 <GeKo> and then next week you would add as well what you actually did and got done
16:09:21 <hiro> that's why I think is a firewall issue
16:09:28 <GeKo> i see
16:09:31 <GeKo> okay
16:09:35 <hiro> I wonder if it is because the redirect on iptables isn't working
16:10:11 <mattrighetti[m]> RishadBaniya[m]: It’s intended to keep track of what we do and what we should discuss, you can follow the pattern on the pad and write your name with the stuff that you plan to do this week ;)
16:10:15 <GeKo> okay, nothing marked as bold, good.
16:10:27 <GeKo> fwiw, i will be afk tomorrow due to a public holiday
16:10:49 <GeKo> that means we will move the s112 bbb sync (which would have been due as well)
16:10:52 <GeKo> another week
16:11:05 <GeKo> so, the june one will be on june 13 instead
16:11:45 <GeKo> do we have anything else to discuss??
16:12:25 <juga> hmm
16:13:04 <juga> RishadBaniya[m]: GeKo and i were thinking that for a 1st version, it's just fine to create circuits between the fastest relays
16:13:17 <juga> i'll create some issues about optimizations we can do later on
16:13:49 <juga> apart of that ^, all good from my side
16:14:09 * hiro is groot
16:14:21 <ggus> hi! o/
16:14:25 <mattrighetti[m]> Yeah I’m okay too
16:15:21 <GeKo> mattrighetti[m]: nice. i'll take a look at your networkstatusapi!1 tomorrow as well
16:15:34 <GeKo> very nice to see that mr, though :)
16:15:48 <RishadBaniya[m]> now that i know how the pad works, i will only add the generic work that i'm doing this week
16:15:57 <GeKo> ggus: you in meeting mood today?
16:15:59 <RishadBaniya[m]> juga: Sure
16:16:05 <juga> RishadBaniya[m]: nice, thanks
16:16:19 <mattrighetti[m]> Do you usually prefer big mr or smaller frequent mrs?
16:16:34 <hiro> @mattrighetti[m] it is up to you really.
16:16:41 <ggus> GeKo: i'm around now, between afk meetings
16:16:46 <hiro> We usually work on issues and then generate a MR for the issue
16:17:21 <hiro> smaller MR are easier to review, but sometimes it makes sense to work on a bigger chunk of code
16:17:44 <mattrighetti[m]> Alright, that makes sense
16:18:45 <GeKo> ggus: one thing that might be interesting to you is https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep#L85
16:18:59 <GeKo> i got pinged by a large exit operator that got me thinking here
16:19:05 <GeKo> and i talked to hiro about that today
16:19:30 <GeKo> so, i'll likely file a ticket for such a stats page for relay operators on our infra tomottow
16:19:36 <GeKo> *tomorrow
16:19:40 <ggus> nice!
16:19:50 <GeKo> and will ask on tor-relays@ for input
16:19:55 <ggus> do you think it will live inside metrics.tpo or somewhere else?
16:20:09 <GeKo> that's negotiable :)
16:20:19 <ggus> heh :)
16:20:31 <GeKo> but, yeah, metrics.tpo is a decent option
16:20:57 <hiro> not this current metrics.tpo tho probably
16:21:02 <GeKo> yep
16:21:20 <hiro> we could experiment with a separate page with the data we pull from the db and the api mattrighetti[m] is building
16:21:30 <hiro> and then merge on metrics.tpo when the site will be rewritten
16:21:48 <GeKo> yes, that's likely a more promising way
16:22:21 <mattrighetti[m]> Happy to help with that
16:22:22 <ggus> right
16:23:23 <ggus> GeKo: let me know when we can discuss the relay op agenda
16:23:41 <GeKo> whenever you have time this week i guess
16:23:46 <GeKo> but not tomorrow as i'll be out
16:25:09 <ggus> can we just draft some topics today and we can discuss more next week? this week i'm mostly afk
16:25:48 <GeKo> today i am almost done :)
16:25:50 <ggus> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-relay-op-meetup-june-keep
16:26:01 <ggus> i mean, during this meeting
16:26:05 <GeKo> but we can do immediately after this sync
16:26:17 <GeKo> aha, sure
16:27:26 <GeKo> ggus: i guess mentioning the meta proposal is worth it
16:27:41 <GeKo> under 3.
16:27:56 <GeKo> we might want to prepare for the contactinfo thing as well
16:28:01 <GeKo> as i bet this will come up
16:28:09 <ggus> yeah
16:28:14 <GeKo> but we can do that in the general meeting prep
16:28:31 <GeKo> i am not sure whether we should put it onto the agenda by ourselves
16:28:40 <GeKo> or maybe we should as a pro-active approach
16:28:51 <GeKo> i'll leave that up to you
16:29:03 <ggus> i think we should be proactive
16:29:13 <GeKo> good, good
16:30:17 <GeKo> not sure what else
16:30:21 <ggus> GeKo: do we have any other announcement?
16:30:37 <ggus> for the agenda, i mean
16:30:55 <GeKo> yeah, we kicked out the 0.4.5.x relays
16:30:59 <GeKo> and keep doing so
16:31:04 <GeKo> but not the bridges yet
16:31:12 <GeKo> so, some general eol situation update maybe
16:31:45 <GeKo> other than that, i don't think so
16:31:49 <GeKo> oh
16:32:04 <GeKo> yeah, the 4 relays per ip and 8 relays per ip thing maybe
16:32:13 <GeKo> i plan to have the investigation ready by then
16:32:31 <GeKo> and we can announce what we plan to do
16:32:40 <GeKo> (i expect bumping the limit to 8)
16:32:42 <ggus> right! that is a good topic
16:33:08 <GeKo> and what the future will look like (8 being the exception given that arti relay will resolve that issue)
16:33:49 <GeKo> that's it from my side i think
16:33:51 <ggus> i added to the agenda
16:33:56 <GeKo> yeah, thanks
16:35:40 <GeKo> okay
16:35:48 <GeKo> i think we are good for today
16:35:55 <GeKo> any last thoughts? comment?
16:35:59 <GeKo> *comments even
16:36:05 * juga is good
16:36:11 * hiro is groot
16:36:16 * ggus is good
16:36:35 <mattrighetti[m]> * mattrighetti is good
16:36:40 <GeKo> nice, nice
16:36:44 <GeKo> thanks everyone then
16:36:49 <GeKo> and have a nice week! o/
16:36:52 <GeKo> #endmeeting