15:58:18 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 6 June 2023
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15:58:25 <donuts> anyone here today?
15:58:27 <nicob> o/
15:58:28 <championquizzer> hello! :)
15:58:45 <donuts> welcome welcome :)
15:58:52 <donuts> pad is here, as always: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
15:59:23 <donuts> please feel free to add your updates while we wait for anyone else to show up
16:02:34 <donuts> okay, everyone ready?
16:02:37 <donuts> looks like it's just us today
16:02:39 * championquizzer is done
16:02:44 <nicob> done!
16:02:52 <donuts> great
16:03:01 <donuts> ANNOUNCEMENTS
16:03:16 <donuts> the 4-day workweek trial has *actually* ended this time
16:03:44 <donuts> as such, your presence in the tor mines will be expected this friday (unless you've taken it off)
16:04:30 <nicob> 🫡
16:04:35 <donuts> I was planning on organizing a group call with nah & nicob at the meeting this week, but given nah's busy at rightscon I'll do that over email or signal instead
16:04:43 <donuts> ON THAT SUBJECT
16:05:02 <donuts> nah is at rightscon all week and her availability will be iffy
16:05:31 <donuts> moving on, the Sponsor 30 project that "ended" last month is still ending
16:06:07 <donuts> and I forgot to announce this at several UX team meetings in a row, but nicob and others are currently working on a new project: S134 – Localizing Tor tools and documentation into Arabic, Chinese, and Swahili
16:06:19 <donuts> more details can be found here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/45
16:06:41 <donuts> END ANNOUNCEMENTS
16:06:54 <nicob> *clap*
16:07:07 <donuts> okay it looks like I have the only item in bold so I'll just keep talking
16:07:24 <donuts> there are but two tasks remaining before we can close out sponsor 30
16:07:53 <donuts> we're just waiting on this MR getting reviewed and merged so the new personas are online: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/community/-/merge_requests/297
16:08:19 <donuts> and then the final report/blog post is also waiting on a few minor things: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/blog/-/merge_requests/193
16:08:31 <donuts> but it is 99% ready and we're hoping to publish tomorrow maybe
16:09:06 <nicob> congrats!!
16:09:23 <championquizzer> nice!
16:10:06 <championquizzer> actually, the one thing i had for today is sort of announcement, if i can add here :)
16:10:13 <donuts> go for it!
16:10:46 <championquizzer> last week we published a call for alpha testing conjure https://forum.torproject.net/t/call-for-testers-help-the-tor-project-to-test-conjure-on-tor-browser-alpha/7815
16:11:15 <donuts> 👏
16:11:22 <championquizzer> a step-by-step guide on what to test and how to report feedback
16:11:37 <championquizzer> we have also started to ask some users to share feedback
16:11:58 <nicob> awesome!
16:13:10 <championquizzer> passing the mic back to donuts :)
16:13:56 <donuts> I spotted an issue already 😬
16:14:03 <donuts> but it's being dealt with
16:14:23 <championquizzer> cool. thank you!
16:15:13 <donuts> okay I don't have anything else in the agenda today
16:15:35 <donuts> so unless anyone has anything they'd like to discuss, I vote we end today's meeting early?
16:16:01 <donuts> oh wait
16:16:03 <donuts> one thing
16:16:36 <donuts> 12.5a7 may land before the next team meeting, probably around Monday - Tuesday
16:16:45 <donuts> and should essentially be the release candidate for 12.5 stable
16:16:51 <championquizzer> nicee!
16:16:59 <nicob> woo!
16:17:10 <donuts> \o/
16:17:13 <donuts> okay now i'm done
16:17:25 <donuts> shall i put the bot back to sleep?
16:17:32 <championquizzer> thanks both! have a good week :)
16:17:38 <donuts> #endmeeting