17:58:52 <donuts> #startmeeting Tor Browser Release Meeting 2023-06-12
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17:59:40 <richard> o/
18:00:09 <donuts> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-release-meeting-keep
18:00:16 <donuts> riseup appears to be having... issues?
18:00:50 <donuts> okay it's back
18:01:02 <donuts> but none of my changes were saved lol
18:01:36 <donuts> please add things and then we'll talk about things
18:02:13 <donuts> also if we're all on the same page about 12.5 and 13.0a1 we don't need to make this any longer than it needs to be
18:03:23 <donuts> okay let's start with the discussion
18:03:53 <PieroV> We've found a couple of minor problem so far
18:03:54 <donuts> Any big problem so far with 12.5a7 or can we just go? <- my only must-have is the onion sites icon on android
18:04:05 <donuts> oh?
18:04:08 <PieroV> Except for that, 12.5.0 will be very similar to 12.5a7
18:04:11 <richard> donuts: dan_b should be working on the android icon swap
18:04:17 <donuts> richard: ack, ty :)
18:04:29 <PieroV> donuts: yep, a small problem if you had RFP off (which you shouldn't have and I'd like to lock soon)
18:04:39 <PieroV> And a uninit function not properly called
18:04:59 <PieroV> But they are minor thing. Then there's the Android asset swap
18:04:59 <donuts> henry has an MR doing some color swaps to the connection status that I requested, but that can be backported after launch (whatever you prefer)
18:05:14 <PieroV> If it's only color I think it's fine
18:05:22 <donuts> pierov: okay cool, so things we can fix later?
18:05:28 <richard> yeah we're aiming for small/surgical fixes this week
18:05:54 <donuts> awesome 👍
18:06:08 <PieroV> We should get more people to test this week
18:06:10 <dan_b> richard, donuts: yep, prolly later today or tomorrow
18:06:16 <richard> :D
18:06:28 <donuts> richard: would you care to do the usual spamming? :D
18:06:33 <donuts> i.e. mailing lists
18:06:55 <richard> iirc I already pinged tor-announce on friday
18:07:08 <donuts> oh yeah I think last time you also pinged internal with the final alpha
18:07:12 <donuts> because more people pay attention to that
18:07:17 <richard> ah true
18:07:25 <richard> yeah I'll do that after
18:08:28 <PieroV> oh, actually there's another slightly annoying thing
18:08:35 <donuts> ty, I've added some notes to the pad
18:08:47 <PieroV> We should check what's the build ID for 12.5.0/12.5.1
18:09:52 <richard> what are the implicaitons there PieroV?
18:10:29 <PieroV> richard: the wrong date on HTTPS
18:10:52 <PieroV> I mean the expired certificate error page that tells you your date is wrong
18:10:58 <PieroV> Because the browser thinks it's been built in the future
18:11:11 <donuts> that bug is indeed very annoying
18:11:12 <PieroV> Some months ago I saw that it was in particular with alphas
18:11:15 <richard> oh dear
18:11:48 <richard> so we need to inject a real-er date somehow into the build?
18:12:01 <PieroV> richard: I had a suggestion in the issue
18:12:08 <richard> ack
18:12:13 <PieroV> We can do commit date + major as minutes and minor as seconds
18:12:44 <richard> where does the buildid show up normally?
18:12:53 <PieroV> So that we can build more versions out of the same commit (that is a very rare thing, like emergency fix in tor/PTs)
18:13:03 <PieroV> You can get it from AppConstants.MOZ_BUILDID
18:13:11 <PieroV> 12.5a7 is 20230706080101
18:13:48 <richard> what is the issue num, I'll just go read up there
18:14:28 <PieroV> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser-build/-/issues/40089
18:14:33 <PieroV> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/41743
18:14:49 <richard> thx
18:15:45 <PieroV> I hope we don't need to do anything with 12.5 stable, because it isn't a fun thing to check
18:16:25 <PieroV> But we should have a last-minute check before releasing, or it could be worth doing a build to simulate a release without publishing
18:19:45 <donuts> lmk when you're good to move on with the agenda
18:19:54 <richard> I'm goo
18:19:57 <richard> good*
18:20:03 <PieroV> Well, I've noticed that also 12.0 is affected by this problem
18:20:08 <PieroV> Anyway, I think we're good to continue
18:21:08 <donuts> okay, so: "3. Has anyone tested WebTunnel?"
18:21:19 <PieroV> I haven't
18:21:24 <donuts> this threw me off, because I didn't think webtunnel had been integrated yet: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser-build/-/issues/40730#note_2908442
18:21:38 <PieroV> But are we including a built-in bridge string for that?
18:21:42 <donuts> the only ticket I ever saw was: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/41583
18:21:54 <donuts> pierov: not atm
18:22:26 <donuts> So, has webtunnel _actually_ been integrated into TB? or are we all lost in a fog of new PTs?
18:22:31 * ggus lurks
18:22:36 <PieroV> donuts: we build it
18:22:40 <richard> yeah webtunnel has been in alpha for awhile
18:22:43 <richard> not builtin bridges tho
18:22:43 <PieroV> Just like we build conjure
18:22:49 <richard> so you need a bridge-line
18:22:55 <PieroV> But unless you have some bridge lines it's useless
18:23:03 <PieroV> And at the same time it's no harm keeping it
18:23:14 <PieroV> (apart from PT binary size)
18:23:15 <donuts> okay, I only tested conjure b/c I was expecting that to land first
18:24:08 <PieroV> Well, they're 13MB together on Linux
18:24:19 <PieroV> 8.8MB conjure, 4.2MB webtunnel
18:24:22 <donuts> meskio/ggus: can you ping me a (the?) webtunnel bridge so I can test alpha please?
18:24:42 <ggus> donuts: i don't have one :(
18:24:49 <donuts> uh oh
18:25:37 <donuts> well, one benefit of having no UI for it is nobody will know it's there until we start distributing bridges
18:26:37 <richard> yeah
18:26:42 <donuts> okay I can follow-up with this on gitlab or in #tor-anticensorship
18:27:27 <donuts> ggus: would your preference be to do a similar round of testing for webtunnel as you did for conjure before we move forward anyway?
18:27:37 <donuts> b/c we're already going to exempt conjure from 12.5 stable
18:27:41 <ggus> donuts: i added the discussion about users & webtunnel in sponsor-96 pad
18:28:01 <PieroV> donuts: are we? I haven't seen a patch yet :)
18:28:17 <ggus> donuts: yes
18:28:21 <PieroV> Or are we doing it at the release preparation?
18:28:29 <richard> yeah was going to do it in the release prep
18:28:46 <donuts> ggus: thanks, problem is 12.5 is due to launch the same day as the next S96 meeting
18:29:12 <donuts> okay I will confirm with meskio first, but I think we should also exempt webtunnel until we can talk about it properly
18:29:12 <PieroV> donuts: I don't think we need to release on that day
18:29:19 <PieroV> We can wait 1 or 2 days
18:29:29 <PieroV> The idea is that 12.5.1 will be with 102.13
18:29:30 <richard> yeah 12.5 can wiggle
18:29:40 <richard> so long as it's earlier than 12.5.1
18:29:40 <PieroV> (and that we should have a few days to fix problems)
18:29:58 <donuts> I don't think there's a huge rush to get these PTs in stable tbh, I'm not sure it's worth holding up the release
18:30:07 <donuts> but acknowledged
18:30:12 <ggus> donuts: the next s96 meeting is in june. i thought 12.5 was going to be released in july
18:30:15 <PieroV> 12.5.1 is July 4th-ish
18:30:41 <donuts> ggus: 12.5 scheduled for June 20th now
18:30:58 <gaba> +1 on exempting webtunnel until we can tlak about it. I understand it was not ready to go into stable
18:31:12 <richard> that makes things easier for us
18:31:32 <donuts> okay, let's do that
18:31:42 <ggus> donuts: ok, yeah, maybe we should have a separate blog post about webtunnel.
18:31:54 <donuts> ggus: yep makes sense
18:31:58 <donuts> operation: postpone webtunnel is go
18:32:10 <donuts> we'll figure out the details later in S96
18:33:29 <donuts> okay someone added this to the pad: "4. Next priorities? But maybe we can talk about that later"
18:33:34 <donuts> who wants to take responsibility? :D
18:33:36 <PieroV> I did
18:33:49 <PieroV> But as I said, we don't need to talk about this now
18:35:04 <donuts> as in dev priorities for 13.0?
18:35:22 <PieroV> Yes, as thing we need to start testing asap
18:35:38 <PieroV> Like "should've been 12.5 but didn't fit, and we want to be sure"
18:36:17 <donuts> right, let's chat about that later
18:36:24 <donuts> I'm still getting my ducks in a row for 13.0
18:36:33 <PieroV> ack
18:36:38 <donuts> the list's coming together, but I haven't thought about how it should be prioritized yet
18:36:39 <richard> re 13.0a1, do you anticipate that will be 102 based or 115?
18:36:42 <richard> PieroV^
18:36:50 <PieroV> I'd love it to be 115 at least for desktop
18:37:01 <donuts> this would be a good opportunity to have a kick-off call where we review the tickets and proposed features together at the beginning of the development cycle?
18:37:04 <PieroV> Also, I loved having the same numbers in 12.0 series and 12.5X
18:37:23 <richard> well let's keep the train rolling
18:37:34 <PieroV> Like, keeping 12.5.1 and 13.0a1 very close, so that we only have to remember one number
18:37:46 <PieroV> Or was I the only one that appreciated? :D
18:37:56 <richard> PieroV: no I also really like that
18:38:04 <richard> less mental overhead makes me less sad :D
18:38:34 <PieroV> donuts: yes, I think we're doing good so far
18:38:53 <richard> where possible let's try to get TBA to 115 asap then an hopefully we can keep the ball rolling
18:38:54 <donuts> awesome
18:39:04 <donuts> okay here endeth the agenda
18:39:05 <PieroV> Because I think that unless we find a major problem in the rebases so far we should be able to do some developments while doing audits
18:39:06 <richard> i'd rather not have 102 based TBA and 115 based desktop
18:39:13 <richard> yep
18:39:38 <ma1> +1
18:39:53 <PieroV> I don't know
18:40:04 <PieroV> An additional test opportunity is always great
18:40:13 <PieroV> I'd rather delay a little bit more 13.0a1
18:40:18 <richard> agreed
18:40:21 <PieroV> But we have about 1 month before 13.0a1
18:40:36 <PieroV> (let's say around 1 week later than 12.5.1)
18:40:41 <richard> iirc we delayed  12.5a1 for quite awhile
18:40:49 <richard> after 12.0
18:41:06 <PieroV> Wasn't Christmas in the middle? :D
18:41:12 <richard> yeah iirc
18:43:22 <donuts> okay cool
18:43:32 <donuts> happy for me to put the bot back to sleep?
18:43:41 <PieroV> Yes
18:43:45 <donuts> #endmeeting