16:00:20 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 20 June 2023
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16:00:28 <donuts> pad is here, as always: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
16:00:49 <donuts> please go ahead and update your todo lists or add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda, while I update the announcements section
16:02:17 <AshishSoni[m]> *Mines Update: Working on Snowflake landing page Wireframes!
16:02:40 <AshishSoni[m]> Also, Nah thanks for posting the 3rd testing report!
16:03:46 <nah> AshishSoni[m]: you're welcome! let me know if you have any questions
16:03:49 <donuts> AshishSoni[m]: if you'd like, you can add a section at the bottom of the pad with what you worked on last ween and what you've got planned this week :)
16:03:52 <nah> or if i can support you on something else :)
16:04:13 <donuts> *week
16:04:28 <AshishSoni[m]> donuts: Adding now..
16:04:54 <donuts> thanks! just follow the same format as others, and if there's anything you'd like to discuss you can make it bold and I'll see it
16:05:34 <AshishSoni[m]> nah: It aligns closely with the previous two reports, raising similar concerns. Trying my best to incorporate these insights into the wireframe.
16:05:34 <AshishSoni[m]> will let you know if any! Thanks:)
16:05:35 <nah> announcement: the next phase of Sponsor 9 starts on July 1st (soon!). We will evaluate the current phase + last cycle of trainings on June 29th.
16:05:49 <championquizzer> nice!
16:06:25 <donuts> added to the pad :)
16:06:33 <nah> thanks, donuts!
16:06:37 <donuts> Okay other announcements:
16:06:45 <donuts> nicob is afk today, but should be back tomorrow I believe
16:06:58 <donuts> there was a new tails release last week
16:07:13 <donuts> and 12.5 is scheduled for release tomorrow, but we'll talk about that properly later on
16:07:43 <donuts> lastly, please welcome our new product designer jagtalon!
16:07:53 <donuts> this is his very first day at Tor :)
16:07:59 <jagtalon> hello! o/ excited to be here
16:08:04 <jagtalon> baby onion
16:08:18 <nah> wohooo
16:08:21 <donuts> jagtalon: you may copypaste your introduction again here if you wish, lol
16:08:27 <championquizzer> welcome, jagtalon \o/
16:08:32 <nah> welcomem jagtalon :)
16:09:20 <jagtalon> i'm currently living in philadelphia, previously from the philippines. my previous work was at duckduckgo. too many hobbies to list hahaha
16:09:39 <AshishSoni[m]> Welcome jagtalon :)
16:09:51 <jagtalon> thank you all for the warm welcome <3
16:10:04 <donuts> welcome jagtalon!
16:10:17 <donuts> jagtalon: so in terms of process, we normally update the pad → go through the announcements → review our todo lists (if necessary) → chat to championquizzer (user support) → go through any remaining discussion items
16:10:39 <donuts> just so you can follow what's going on :)
16:10:57 <jagtalon> sounds good to me thank you for listing the process donuts
16:11:33 <donuts> Okay that's it for announcements :D
16:12:00 <donuts> championquizzer: I see your item relates to the 12.5 release, so let's just move straight on to 12.5 release coordination if that's cool?
16:12:07 <donuts> or do you have anything else you need to share this week?
16:12:11 <championquizzer> sounds good!
16:12:49 <championquizzer> nothing apart from https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/41854
16:13:00 <championquizzer> which i see is already on your radar :)
16:13:11 <donuts> It sure is :/
16:13:43 <donuts> the devs are working on reproducing it so we can figure out the scale of the issue, it seems to have been caused by tor-browser#41764 though
16:14:01 <donuts> unfortunately I didn't see that happening or catch the UI change
16:14:03 <championquizzer> hrm, i see
16:14:15 <donuts> "Is this issue something we can prioritize? It seems an easy fix and it could prevent major issues for the user."
16:14:26 <donuts> lol gaba jinxed it
16:15:11 <donuts> championquizzer: should hopefully have a clearer picture of the issue today, and we can make the call as to whether the release can go ahead
16:15:26 <championquizzer> ack. i am watching the ticket closely
16:15:30 <championquizzer> thanks
16:15:39 <donuts> ty, are you receiving direct support requests over it?
16:15:46 <donuts> or have you just seen the forum/reddit post too?
16:16:14 <championquizzer> nothing on our user support channels yet (just the forum/subreddit, yes)
16:16:23 <donuts> okay cool
16:17:26 <donuts> So that said, the release candidates were uploaded this weekend and pending a last minute build to include a missing a11y fix, we should otherwise be good to publish tomorrow
16:17:44 <donuts> I've drafted the release post here and will be coordinating with comms later today: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/blog/-/merge_requests/199
16:17:55 <donuts> hopefully the forum migration is going well too :)
16:18:10 <donuts> oh looks like it's back up!
16:18:15 <ggus> hm, if the builds are already done, we can't include the last tb-manual user docs :/
16:18:33 <donuts> ggus: are the changes not merged?
16:18:55 <donuts> there is a last minute build happening today
16:19:04 <jagtalon> love the visuals on the release post donuts they're lovely
16:19:16 <ggus> donuts: in how many hours?
16:19:26 <PieroV> Maybe it's not
16:19:31 <PieroV> Everything is on hold
16:19:50 <donuts> are we holding to wait for the outcome with the downloads issue pierov?
16:20:01 <donuts> or is there something else going on?
16:20:04 <PieroV> Yes, and because the screen reader issue might already be fixed
16:20:12 <PieroV> Maybe Moz fixed in a ESR update
16:20:19 <richard> mystery bug fixes vOv
16:20:26 <PieroV> However, updating the manual is quick enough
16:20:44 <PieroV> So, in case we can do another tag for the manual. But at the moment, everything is on hold
16:22:19 <donuts> okay great, ty
16:22:27 <donuts> ggus/championquizzer: how much time do you need?
16:23:22 <championquizzer> donuts: the updates to manual have been triggered to deploy in production
16:23:29 <ggus> donuts: one MR was pushed now
16:23:43 <donuts> awesome, can you let richard & pierov know when you're ready please?
16:23:51 <PieroV> richard is signing not before tomorrow morning their time, so we have at least another 24 hours
16:24:05 <richard> ^this
16:24:27 <ggus> ack
16:24:53 <donuts> lovely
16:25:19 <donuts> belated ty jagtalon, nicob and I worked on them together ^^
16:25:37 <jagtalon> amazing work you two!
16:26:06 <donuts> Okay, any other questions about the release?
16:26:19 <donuts> as per usual I'll pitch in with user support on the forum for a couple of weeks afterwards
16:28:01 <donuts> I'm not hearing any so I'll move on
16:28:13 <donuts> "Discussion about team meetings and 1:1s"
16:28:50 <donuts> Given the team's growing (\o/) I have been thinking about shifting the frequency of our 1:1s to every two weeks, instead of weekly
16:29:02 <donuts> are you okay with that change nah?
16:29:49 <donuts> nicob isn't around today of course, but I'll okay it with them later this week too
16:29:59 <nah> yes! that would work for me
16:30:03 <nah> :)
16:30:04 <donuts> perfect :)
16:30:21 <donuts> I'm also considering following the Community team's lead and shifting our weekly meetings to BBB instead
16:30:43 <donuts> is that what you've been doing recently ggus?
16:30:47 <championquizzer> yes
16:30:52 <donuts> how's it working out?
16:31:35 <jagtalon> just for my context, was it previously on irc dms or on signal?
16:32:02 <donuts> jagtalon: weekly meetings have always been on IRC, but 1:1s are audio-chats on BBB
16:32:32 <championquizzer> donuts: i think is working very well. when we need more public meetings we do switch to irc
16:32:36 <ggus> donuts: we have weekly BBB meetings and every 2 weeks 1:1s.
16:32:48 <donuts> Part of the reason I'd like to shift to BBB is to encourage the team to share their work in team meetings instead of in 1:1s
16:33:11 <donuts> plus it's hard to coordinate user research in a public space like this
16:33:17 <donuts> ^ Nah
16:33:23 <nah> yes, i totally agree
16:33:34 <nah> would feel more comfortable sharing finds and other info on bbb
16:33:41 <donuts> awesome, I previously talked to nicob about this on Friday and they're also on board
16:33:55 <donuts> championquizzer/ggus: ack, ty
16:34:29 <ggus> donuts: i'd to change a little bit the format of the community team weekly meetings. but i'm still reflecting about it.
16:34:56 <ggus> hope you can come with a better solution that i can copy :)
16:35:40 <donuts> ggus: haha! I might come along and sit in on your next meeting to get a feel for it if that's cool?
16:36:00 <ggus> donuts: yes, please come! :)
16:36:10 <donuts> Also if anyone has any ideas for structure please add them to the pad some time this week, otherwise we'll follow the same approach as our current meetings, but I'd like to encourage core team-members to casually present recent/upcoming work for feedback instead of keeping our updates in text only
16:36:40 <donuts> by that I mean share what we're working on, rather than just add it to the pad :)
16:36:51 <jagtalon> sounds good!
16:37:15 <nah> sounds good to me too. thank you, donuts!
16:37:15 <donuts> any questions folks? or shall I move on to the last item in the agenda?
16:37:49 <donuts> So, someone thankfully remembered about Onion Browser!
16:37:53 <donuts> "iOS: Onion Browser now requires orbot"
16:38:01 <donuts> would you like to come forward, mystery contributor?
16:38:08 <ggus> :D
16:38:13 <ggus> donuts: i added this topic
16:38:24 <donuts> ty ggus, I completely forgot about it
16:38:29 <donuts> too much going on this week :P
16:38:32 <jagtalon> ooh interesting there's orbot for ios now?
16:38:49 <ggus> we're receiving some feedback from users about the latest change: now you need orbot to run onion browser
16:38:55 <donuts> jagtalon: yep!
16:39:25 <donuts> nathan shared it with us last week during the S101 catch up, I should have mentioned it
16:39:36 <jagtalon> ah just opened it. it's prompting me to install orbot
16:39:54 <donuts> ggus: how's the feedback been so far? can you forward it to the guardian project?
16:40:02 <ggus> some users were annoyed about it, because you can't route just onion browser with tor
16:40:27 <ggus> donuts: my follow up question is: to who we should forward. to faby?
16:40:41 <ggus> nina13[m]: ^
16:41:03 <donuts> Probably nathan I think, but you could loop in fabby too?
16:41:35 <ggus> right, i'm thinking about writing a template in front desk to redirect these users to their support channel
16:41:47 <championquizzer> +1
16:41:49 <donuts> yeah that sounds like a great idea
16:43:34 <donuts> looks like we're at the end of the agenda
16:43:45 <donuts> any last comments/questions today, or shall I put the bot to sleep?
16:44:09 <nah> i'm good! thank you :)
16:44:25 <championquizzer> donuts: one quick thing about TB 12.5
16:44:25 <jagtalon> i'm good as well
16:44:39 <donuts> championquizzer: go for it
16:45:36 <championquizzer> donuts: can you share with me the icons that we've updated in the TB 12.5 release (e.g the onion-site one, tor circuit one)
16:45:51 <championquizzer> next, i need to update the support portal
16:46:03 <championquizzer> for e.g, here https://support.torproject.org/onionservices/onionservices-5/
16:46:41 <donuts> Of course, you can find all our custom browser icons here: https://www.figma.com/file/RtZ0fqkNMRc7GOjK3FLclz/Proton-UI?type=design&node-id=1827%3A6391&t=8AWGx9dsqkMd8J2d-1
16:46:54 <donuts> I think if you're logged in to Figma you should be able to download them?
16:47:48 <donuts> if not, please ping nicob tomorrow and they can export them for you!
16:48:01 <championquizzer> thanks!!
16:48:43 <donuts> thanks everyone! hope you all have good weeks
16:48:47 <donuts> #endmeeting