16:57:59 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting 2023-06-26
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16:58:03 <ahf> yoyoyo
16:58:04 <gabi> hi
16:58:11 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2023.1-keep
16:58:33 <Diziet> o/
16:58:49 <mbeth> hi
16:59:05 <jnewsome> o/
16:59:05 <mikeperry> o/
16:59:14 <rhatto> o/
16:59:19 <ahf> okay, i think we do this quickly today. i will need to sync up with mikeperry and dgoulet at some point at this week about some C tor things since dgoulet is out today
16:59:27 <ahf> okay, so our board is looking alright: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
16:59:45 <ahf> arti gang, let me know if i mistriage some of your tickets when you create tickets that aren't put directly in Icebox or Backlog
17:00:02 <ahf> i tend to move tickets from you guys yourselves into Backlog and feel free to move them to a more correct place when i triage
17:00:28 <ahf> does anybody have anything that is causing them problems with regards to their boards? blockers etc. ?
17:00:46 <Diziet> Today I am flailing incompetently but I don't think you can help with that :-)
17:00:49 <Diziet> nickm: If I'm travelling and AFK on Monday morning (a week from today) is that going to get in the way of release stuff ?  I could probably arrange to stay in Suffolk another night or something if so.
17:01:11 <ahf> :D
17:01:11 <nickm> I am planning to release friday or monday, and it shouldn't interfere unless you will wish you had blocked release :)
17:01:19 <Diziet> Haha OK.
17:01:23 <Diziet> Right, I will send an email.
17:01:29 <mbeth> the rust pow stuff is coming along well but i'm getting nervous that it'll be a big pile of code nobody wants to review or merge :)
17:01:32 <mikeperry> I have an MR with test vectors for congestion control (finally), since we finished tuning. I know that was a blocker for arti CC work before, and we need to figure out who will do that, but at least it is ready
17:01:37 <nickm> (The cost of letting others do things without you is that they will be done in a way differently than they would have done with you.)
17:01:38 <ahf> mikeperry: sweet
17:02:01 <eta> o/
17:02:12 <ahf> mbeth: we'll get to it i am sure - do you think it'll be done this week? i'd like to do a first pass on it after having looked a lot at the C code too a while ago
17:02:26 <nickm> I would love to look at it too, next week if poss.
17:02:48 <Diziet> nickm: do things differently> Well quite so but also it's nice not to have to be everywhere ...
17:03:06 <nickm> indeed so, and I encourage checking out on Monday :)
17:03:07 <mbeth> i've been doing it in layers, the hashx layer proper is basically complete and reasonably tested and fast enough to start with, the equix layer could be done this week
17:03:08 <Diziet> And I basically trust you lot so it will be fine.
17:03:12 <eta> nickm: "How much development effort can onionmasq spend working on this?" made me chuckle :D
17:03:24 * eta is now called Ms Onionmasq
17:03:24 <ahf> mbeth: very awesome \o/
17:03:44 <eta> (it's just me doing the rust side of things)
17:03:45 <ahf> eta: lol
17:03:53 <mbeth> there are some license questions, i realized one of my deps was MPL and sent a MR for the exhibit A
17:04:05 <nickm> eta: perhaps we should have commissioned for you a special feathery onion mask that you can wear to parties if you want
17:04:11 <eta> hahah
17:04:20 <ahf> maybe one of those masks we got in mexico
17:04:22 <eta> I would be in favour of this idea
17:04:24 <mbeth> :)
17:04:28 <ahf> okay, seems like folks have stuff on their plate - very nice
17:04:57 <ahf> mikeperry: you and david and i should probably try to put some kind of date'ish into the coretorreleases wiki page with our estimate for 0.4.8 stable release, since i need to do a bit of reporting this week
17:05:19 <ahf> but we can chat about that when david is around also with mbeth if anything is there on PoW (i don't think we have gotten anything in from users there?)
17:05:38 <mbeth> i haven't heard anything from users yet
17:05:40 <mikeperry> yeah I think we will know more after TBB alpha feedback
17:05:47 <ahf> ya
17:05:57 <ahf> i wonder if the lack of DoS will give us lack of testers
17:05:57 <mikeperry> and we should def do one more alpha before TBB alpha (early july)
17:06:17 <mikeperry> since I fixed some bugs that came back from
17:06:18 <nickm> mbeth: as long as it isn't touching stuff outside its own crate I don't think the threshold to merge will be very high
17:06:46 <mbeth> nickm: yeah it's totally self contained except for some necessary and minimal maint and workspace changes
17:06:48 <ahf> nickm: perfect - that was my hope as well, tying it up is the next step of course, but that will first be after the onion services connection stuff is in
17:06:55 <mbeth> glad to hear it :)
17:07:38 <ahf> can't do release stuff without david today, no incoming stuff from other teams
17:07:49 <ahf> no announcements, no discussion items
17:07:57 <ahf> anybody have anything they need to sync with others about?
17:08:53 <ahf> sounds like a no
17:09:04 <ahf> thanks all for joining! expect me to ping a lot of you this week with some random questions on some reporting
17:09:07 <ahf> o/
17:09:09 <ahf> ttyl
17:09:10 <mbeth> o/
17:09:11 <ahf> #endmeeting