15:02:30 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-07-17
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15:02:42 <richard> sorry starting a bit late this morning, lost track of time!
15:02:46 <richard> the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
15:03:06 <richard> please take this time to update/cleanup your gitlab boards, update the afk calendar, and pet your cats and or dogs
15:04:52 <dan_b> should i create a issue for myself for hte firefox-android 115.2.0 rebase?
15:05:37 <PieroV> I didn't consider a new one, since it's basically still part of the initial rebase
15:05:50 <richard> i don't think it's necessary
15:06:26 <richard> last week i've created and even assigned some s131 issues for the 13.0 release cycle
15:07:00 <richard> fortunately henry-x is afk this week so that gives me time to hunt down UX re the about:tor refresh we have planned in the tor-browser 13.0 release cycle
15:07:44 <richard> i've also created our 13 issue audit tickets for the all the rapid-releases since 102
15:08:09 <richard> so you can also start expecting periodic audit issues being assigned to you from now until 13.0 stabilizes
15:09:21 <richard> PieroV: can we get an update from you re: the status of 115-based deskop
15:09:29 <richard> and then dan_b the same re Android?
15:09:56 <PieroV> I think we should start doing nightly builds of 115 desktop asap
15:10:16 <dan_b> what is it you need?
15:10:19 <PieroV> The tor-browser.git repository has been ready for a while now, and we started adding new patches
15:10:34 <PieroV> I think tor-browser-build.git is also ready, for the desktop part
15:11:21 <PieroV> As I wrote last week, I think it'd be more useful to have updated desktop-only builds than keep doing stale builds for both desktop and Android
15:11:53 <PieroV> The build part for Android should arrive soon, too. At that point we could build it even though we have bootstrap problems
15:12:00 <dan_b> richard: what was it you want me to do for android? review logs of 102->115 and look for things to flag for more inbestigation?
15:12:17 <PieroV> I think bootstrap has absolute priority
15:12:29 <richard> dan_b: oh no no, just a status update for now for the meeting
15:12:29 <PieroV> We're half-way between 115.0 and 115.1
15:12:51 <richard> I'm doing the first pass of issue audits and then farming out deeper investigation as appropriate over the coming weeks
15:13:21 <dan_b> ah ok: I think I have a 115.2 rebase ready but am redoing the build steps and updating hte wiki so anyone else can, once complete and builds I'll push (the build dates changed so maven failed to 'find' GV)
15:13:28 <dan_b> This week I'll be looking at onboarding
15:14:03 <dan_b> I realized I'm less sure about using the TB html version, since that I assume is hooked into the executable launcher, but we need to trigger the android-tor-service or what ever it's called
15:14:17 <dan_b> cus android process management
15:14:29 <dan_b> so i Might be looking into just figuring out how to resurface that ASAP
15:15:05 <dan_b> unless Pierov you have any ideas how to make the desktop html/js flow then control that
15:15:19 <PieroV> dan_b: I think we'll have to hijack the flow in any case
15:15:35 <dan_b> also yes
15:15:40 <dan_b> the onboarding flow you mean?
15:15:52 <dan_b> yep
15:15:55 <PieroV> Yes
15:16:03 <dan_b> so that's what I'm up to 🙂
15:16:25 <richard> my intuition is that to hook up the tor-android-service to the existing desktop/html flow will be a pita and require a lot of plumbing
15:16:36 <dan_b> me too
15:16:47 <richard> but on the other hand i have no idea what hooking into the new onborading flow is so
15:17:03 <dan_b> well we'll kinda need to either way to trigger either I think
15:17:10 <richard> yolo go with whichever seems easiest and we can re-asses later
15:18:14 <richard> i think I'd be happy with a not-quite fully-functional initial alpha release so long as bootstrapping works at a minimum
15:18:26 <dan_b> will aim for that
15:18:40 <PieroV> richard: what's your idea re 13.0a1?
15:18:48 <PieroV> We discussed a little bit last week
15:19:31 <richard> let's plan on a desktop-only 13.0a1 release
15:19:46 <PieroV> We'll need to rebase again
15:19:46 <richard> and then plan on pinning up a 13.0a2 for both once android is ready
15:19:58 <richard> spinning up*
15:20:15 <PieroV> Outside Moz's cycle, if we manage to do it before August 1?
15:20:19 <richard> assuming we get bootstrapping working before 115.1-esr at the end of the monh
15:22:49 <richard> so yes outside of Moz's cycle if it makes sense
15:23:01 <richard> like if we get boostrapping working this week after 13.0a1 we should spin up a 13.0a2
15:23:17 <ma1> If outside Moz cycle, maybe Android-only?
15:23:22 <richard> but if it's like a day or two ahead of a esr update then we wait and stay on the regularly scheduled train
15:23:46 <PieroV> ma1: I'd like to get my torbutton changes shipped asap
15:23:57 <PieroV> So having an additional build for desktop would be good
15:23:59 <ma1> good idea
15:24:14 <richard> yeah i'm inclined ot think more desktop alphas is more good given all of the refactoring happening :D
15:24:31 <PieroV> Keep in mind we don't have many alphas at all
15:24:39 <ma1> also I suspect we will get lots of bug reports about dark regression corners from a1
15:24:46 <richard> ^we're quickly creeping up on september somehow
15:25:06 <richard> regarding few alphas
15:29:09 <richard> ok, does anyone else have discussion topics for today?
15:29:35 <richard> if so let's try to be brief and end early so we can prep ourselves for the next android interview
15:29:44 <ma1> smart
15:29:45 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> nothing from me; AFK things have kept me pretty busy the past week (and probably will continue to do so for the remainder of this week)
15:30:05 <ma1> I'm good too
15:30:26 <dan_b> im good
15:30:33 <boklm> I'm good too
15:30:34 <PieroV> Also good
15:31:11 <richard> ok then
15:31:15 <richard> have a goo week everyone o/
15:31:23 <richard> good week >:[ i need a new keyboard
15:31:24 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> thanks!
15:31:25 <PieroV> Thanks! o/
15:31:27 <richard> #endmeeting