15:58:00 <hiro> #startmeeting network-health 07/17/2023
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15:58:15 <mattrighetti[m]> o/ hola
15:58:22 <hiro> hola matt!
15:58:27 <hiro> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep meeting pad for updates
15:58:38 * juga going to fill it up now
15:58:57 <mattrighetti[m]> Sorry, I’m not on my computer to update the riseup pad now, will do later
15:59:26 <hiro> no worries @mattrighetti[m]
15:59:28 <ggus> o/
15:59:32 * juga done
16:00:14 <mattrighetti[m]> hiro: what’s the status on the server status tables? If that’s blocked then I’m going to work on query filters this week
16:00:32 <hiro> I am going to update the tables this week
16:00:59 <hiro> if that's not a blocker for you, we can start with the filters
16:01:07 <mattrighetti[m]> Cool, lmk when that’s done
16:01:13 <hiro> sure thing!
16:01:22 <mattrighetti[m]> No worries I can work on filters
16:01:56 <mattrighetti[m]> Victoria metrics ref should also be working, need a little bit of refactoring but that should be a quick one
16:02:07 <hiro> nice, thanks @mattrighetti[m]
16:02:19 <hiro> does anyone has anything in bold for the meeting?
16:02:25 <hiro> s/has/have
16:02:40 <juga> i don't see any bold so far
16:04:12 <hiro> ok then maybe this can be a very short meeting
16:04:24 <juga> btw, RishadBaniya[m] is not attending this meeting cause having fever
16:04:32 <hiro> oh noes
16:04:42 <hiro> @RishadBaniya[m] get better soon
16:04:52 <juga> +1
16:05:04 <hiro> I have sent another MR for you @juga
16:05:15 <juga> oh, nice, will look at it
16:05:19 <hiro> welcome to JAVA xD
16:05:27 <juga> (:S)
16:05:49 <hiro> ok if there isn't anything else, I'll end the meeting
16:05:54 <juga> ok
16:05:57 <hiro> #endmeeting