16:58:23 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting 2023-07-17
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16:58:25 <ahf> hello hello welcome
16:58:31 <nickm> salutations
16:58:32 <gabi> hi
16:58:40 <Diziet> o/
16:58:41 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2023.1-keep
16:59:20 <ahf> no announcements, no discussions listed
16:59:30 <ahf> are all good with their boards? https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
16:59:40 <nickm> i had an announcement
16:59:45 <nickm> I'll be out on friday
16:59:51 <nickm> (that's all)
17:00:05 <nickm> also we were thinking of talking about next steps wrt onion services. Was that today or tomorrow?
17:00:08 <jnewsome> o/
17:00:17 <nickm> (in arti)
17:00:50 <ahf> tomorrow we have the internal meeting, so i am thinking we can take it there?
17:00:57 <Diziet> That seems like a good plan.
17:01:00 <ahf> i think we said today, but i think for some reason i thought the meeting tomorrow is the public one
17:01:05 <Diziet> We could think now a bit about what that meeting structure will be.
17:01:14 <Diziet> nickm: Were you planning to have api sketches or something ?
17:01:23 <ahf> ya, and if anything needs to be prepared beforehands it can be done today or earlier tomorrow
17:01:55 <nickm> not unless I hustle to make them.  I _can_ fill in hsservice a bit more today, and tomorrow morning before the meeting maybe we can look it over and be ready to talk about splitting things up?
17:02:17 <Diziet> I don't think there's a need for you to hustle.
17:02:19 <nickm> I can also review the Onion Service: Basic Service tickets and make sure they're correct
17:02:25 <ahf> on the announcement front, this week is my last week before i leave for a while - so if people need something from me, today, tuesday or wednesday is probably your best option. when i go afk thursday evening i'll mark myself as afk in gitlab as well and then i'll be around friday of course too
17:04:03 <ahf> don't see anything off on the board
17:04:34 <ahf> i'll expect the open column to grow a bit while i am afk - try to triage the incoming tickets for your own projects if something very exciting comes in externally - and label your own new tickets as good as possible to fit into the boards
17:04:57 <ahf> no dgoulet around, but he rolled another alpha last week with a couple of fixes for the 0.4.8 series
17:05:10 <ahf> and david and mike coordinated with the browser folks on release dates
17:05:59 <ahf> nothing incoming from other teams
17:06:18 <ahf> anybody else who have anything? anything i need to specifically be aware of this week?
17:06:40 <ahf> otherwise, we can go back to what we were doing before
17:07:09 <jnewsome> my vacation is also coming up
17:07:30 <jnewsome> this friday the 21st through monday the 31st
17:08:00 <ahf> jnewsome: very nice - hope you get to enjoy it \o/
17:08:11 <ahf> i don't think we have anything else here - let's call it
17:08:12 <ahf> thanks all
17:08:15 <ahf> #endmeeting