16:01:54 <hiro> #startmeeting network-health 07/24/2023
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16:02:07 <hiro> meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep
16:02:16 <hiro> hello all
16:02:33 <RishadBaniya[m]> hello everyone
16:02:37 <mattrighetti[m]> Hola
16:02:42 <ggus> hello
16:02:46 <juga> o/
16:03:05 <hiro> please add your items to the pad, and mark in bold anything we should discuss
16:03:38 <hiro> ok we have nothing in bold it seems
16:04:08 <hiro> @mattrighetti[m] I have the changes for the overload fields ready... as soon as it will be merged I'll open a ticket with the changes
16:04:20 <hiro> I also have some more fields that were added to the bandwidth tables
16:04:34 <RishadBaniya[m]> hiro: i'll have to copy from my timeline
16:04:40 <RishadBaniya[m]> i'll keep it sync
16:04:43 <RishadBaniya[m]> with the timeline
16:04:44 <RishadBaniya[m]> later on
16:04:58 <hiro> ok @RishadBaniya[m] thanks for this
16:05:07 <hiro> I hope you are feeling better this week
16:05:19 <juga> +1
16:05:33 <mattrighetti[m]> great @hiro I’ll take a look at the DB later tonight
16:05:59 <RishadBaniya[m]> i'm doing good now..getting adapted to home's weather..returned to home from university hostel after 1 year
16:06:27 <mattrighetti[m]> Didn’t have much time this week and spent some time refactoring code and implement a couple of query params
16:06:29 <RishadBaniya[m]> so my focus has been disturbed mostly and haven't been much productive lately :), it will come back
16:06:40 <RishadBaniya[m]> i have few questions
16:06:50 <RishadBaniya[m]> regarding the "failures of creating circuits"
16:07:09 <juga> RishadBaniya[m]: i think you can go ahead
16:07:24 <mattrighetti[m]> hiro: What about this? Do we need to return more fields in the response or are these just table changes?
16:07:29 <hiro> no worries @mattrighetti[m]
16:08:03 <RishadBaniya[m]> most of the days went "decoding" the error within "arti", the most common error
16:08:15 <RishadBaniya[m]> the application had faced was "too many open files"
16:08:52 <RishadBaniya[m]> so a simple hack of increasing the fd limit worked..i've added it to the application's readme..there are some other OS level issues thrown by the socket
16:09:08 <juga> nice that you solved that, RishadBaniya[m]
16:09:12 <RishadBaniya[m]> https://gitlab.torproject.org/rishadbaniya/erpc/-/issues/18
16:09:39 <RishadBaniya[m]> here are the errors thrown..i wanted some of your feedbacks regarding what should i interpret of these errors
16:09:47 <RishadBaniya[m]> in context of relays being partitioned
16:10:06 <juga> RishadBaniya[m]: i'll think about it during this week
16:10:29 <RishadBaniya[m]> these are the only common errors..besides two other..i'll have it added
16:10:37 <RishadBaniya[m]> i'll ask "arti" folks in the tor-dev too
16:10:45 <juga> good idea too
16:11:26 <juga> so far the 2 first looks like a partition problem, the network unreachable, i don't know
16:11:44 <juga> *look
16:11:49 <juga> i'll elaborate in the issue
16:12:14 <RishadBaniya[m]> i'll have the application run for an hour
16:12:22 <RishadBaniya[m]> and i'll add all the unique errors
16:12:29 <RishadBaniya[m]> in the issues
16:12:38 <juga> sounds good, please do
16:14:30 <RishadBaniya[m]> I've started the run, will have it added later
16:14:39 <juga> thanks
16:15:19 <hiro> ok! does anybody else has issues to talk about?
16:15:37 * juga is fine
16:15:40 <hiro> otherwise we can call it a short meeting
16:15:41 <mattrighetti[m]> I’m good
16:15:49 * hiro is groot
16:15:56 <hiro> ok I'll end the meeting
16:16:02 <hiro> thanks everyone!
16:16:06 <juga> thanks!
16:16:08 <hiro> #endmeeting