14:57:57 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-07-31
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14:58:03 <richard> happy last day of July everyone
14:58:11 <richard> the pad as usual: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:58:54 <richard> and of course takes this time to update your boards
14:59:52 <henry-x> hello!
15:00:02 <PieroV> o/
15:00:02 <richard> o/
15:00:05 <PieroV> wb henry
15:00:06 <richard> wb henry-x :)
15:00:13 <henry-x> thanks
15:00:21 <ma1> o/
15:01:12 <boklm> o/
15:01:53 <dan_b> o/
15:01:57 <jagtalon> o/
15:02:50 <donuts> o/
15:03:13 <richard> dang full server this morning
15:03:14 <henry-x> Anything happen whilst I was away I should know about now?
15:03:39 <richard> hmm
15:03:43 <PieroV> henry-x: I've simplified tor-browser!699
15:04:03 <PieroV> To make it more similar to the previous working, and we merged to continue with the other stuff for the control port
15:04:22 <PieroV> But you might still want to have a look at what ended up merged
15:04:25 <richard> we've also published the first 13.0 alpha, sans Android, but Android will be available in 13.0a2 this week
15:04:47 <PieroV> Let me add a discussion point about 13.0a2
15:04:53 <henry-x> ok, looks good. I'm doing some testing of it now
15:05:44 <richard> the other semi-major thing is that we're now in the final stages of hiring our new Android dev
15:06:27 <PieroV> Nice
15:06:35 <richard> so possibly expect a semi-casual meet+greet meeting later this week or early next week depending on how slow/fast the hiring admin goes
15:07:50 <richard> ok I don't think I have anything else for this meeting, so i'll hand it over to you PieroV for 13.0a2 chat :)
15:08:40 <PieroV> I still believe we can do an end of September 13.0 release
15:08:51 <PieroV> But this also means we have 13.0a2 and 13.0a3
15:09:14 <PieroV> Which kinda sucks. The other option is to release alphas more frequently
15:09:47 <ma1> you mean decouple them from Moz release, correct?
15:09:48 <PieroV> I have the control port/torbutton refactor still waiting for some reviews, and I think 13.0a3 is too late for it
15:09:53 <PieroV> ma1: yes, correct
15:10:20 <richard> I think mid-month alphas is wise in this case
15:10:32 <PieroV> I'd love to get these changes in 13.0a2 (a big chunk of them are ready, they need review and the last part needs a rebase)
15:10:42 <dan_b> seems good
15:10:57 <dan_b> I'll have a tor bootstrap rework for android at some point
15:11:21 <dan_b> is 13.0a2 is this week? 13.0a3 seems like a good target then for that too if we do it earlier
15:11:25 <PieroV> Okay, then I can wait for 13.0a3 if it's mid of August (without me though, I'll take at least one day but maybe a couple more)
15:11:56 <dan_b> how is tbb doing on firefox-android, i think my last attempt, thursday, still hit some gradle snag?
15:11:59 <PieroV> 13.0a2 needs to wait at least 12.5.2
15:12:12 <PieroV> dan_b: it works for me
15:12:25 <PieroV> I think you hit some errors because you tried an incomplete version
15:12:27 <richard> 13.0a2 is going to be next ewek
15:12:39 <dan_b> ah cool, thats enough then!
15:12:42 <richard> 12.5.2 has priority :)
15:14:52 <PieroV> I think I'm done with what I wanted to say for 13.0a2
15:15:00 <richard> ack
15:15:07 <richard> speaking of android/bootstrapping
15:15:17 <richard> what's the current situation there dan_b?
15:16:29 <dan_b> so yeah, moz overloaded the sessioncontroler and homeFragment for their onboarding. i think it was a weird bad idea. then we not knowing better followed suit for tor bootstrap. then they thought better and moved onboarding to it's own activity, and deleted all that code. fixing bootstrapping meant wiring just enough of it back in
15:16:42 <dan_b> so now we have old bootstrapping working, but a bunch of half of mozilla's deleted code
15:17:07 <dan_b> I've now mapped the weird flow, and and pulling out the parts I need to make a stand alone bootstrap activity
15:17:25 <dan_b> If I can get that working this week, moving the logging page should be a fast follow
15:17:54 <richard> ok
15:17:56 <dan_b> and I'm hoping as a bonus, it won't be so janky, like logging page now is a dead end, and when you go from bootstrap to logging or settings it resets it too if you get back
15:18:14 <dan_b> so it should be simplified a good bit
15:18:31 <dan_b> right now it goes:
15:18:31 <richard> one thing to keep in mind with your refactoring
15:18:32 <PieroV> Settings not stopping the bootstrap? YES PLEASE
15:18:48 <dan_b> HomeFragment -> SessionControlView -> SessionControlAdapter -> TorBootstrapPagerViewHolder -> BootstrapPagerAdapter -> TorBootstrapConnectViewHolder
15:18:53 <dan_b> its... something
15:18:56 <richard> :)
15:19:02 <richard> ok
15:19:13 <PieroV> dan_b: will you also make all settings available before the bootstrap?
15:19:14 <richard> so YEC timing is going to be a bit interesting this year
15:19:32 <richard> YEC : year end campgain
15:19:43 <dan_b> PieroV: i mean technically it's available now isnt it?
15:20:00 <dan_b> but the idea is promoting bootstrap to its own activity should make that flow less janky
15:20:02 <PieroV> dan_b: nope, only tor settings are available
15:20:20 <richard> so we're going to do the same sort of thing last year, with different experiences gated on the date
15:20:25 <dan_b> but i dont have a robuts understanding of activity and memory in android. so i hope initially yes, but it might be anotehr fast follow fix if now?
15:20:43 <PieroV> ack, thanks
15:20:52 <richard> the timing a things are lining up now such that the YEC stuff needs to bein 13.0
15:20:56 <dan_b> PieroV: ah you want all settings? should be doable? but lets check later then. and see if theres problems or not
15:21:04 <richard> since it's supposd to be turning on mid-october
15:21:21 <richard> so it needs to be in for the end of september 13.0 releaes
15:21:34 <dan_b> richard: aaah right YEC. I need to test mid august about enabeling last years and trying to use the geckoview html one
15:21:48 <dan_b> if that works it'll greatly speed up dev time
15:22:01 <ma1> so you already have a html-based prototype? <3
15:22:10 <richard> henry-x: same goes for desktop of course
15:22:50 <richard> henry-x: I believe I assigned you some issues over the past few weeks, the about:tor refresh/replacement should be your main priority
15:23:18 <dan_b> ma1: no? or we have last years YEC that was in tor browser that was html. i just rebuilt it in raw android as we've always done. want to test if i can just show last years html
15:23:23 <henry-x> ok got it
15:23:29 <donuts> henry-x: I'm just wrapping up the final round of designs, but I think you could get started whenever
15:23:36 <donuts> I still need to update the ticket
15:23:39 <donuts> but the figma file's the same
15:23:51 <richard> if the time-frame is too compressed for everything we wanted for the new about:tor we can always push the backend refactor work out to the 13.5 series
15:23:53 <PieroV> henry-x: the location of about:tor slightly changed, but I guess you'll find it very easily :)
15:24:06 <richard> iirc we'd wanted to replicate mullvad-browsers landing page in tor-browser
15:24:14 <richard> in terms of the technical back-end
15:24:16 <richard> but anyway
15:24:30 <PieroV> richard: the backend already changed
15:24:36 <PieroV> IIRC 13.0a1 already has the new backend
15:24:57 <richard> lol well ffs what am I even doing here
15:24:59 <PieroV> Now changes are a single custom event. And they're triggered in an actor (IIRC that's the term)
15:25:25 <richard> well ok then
15:25:33 <richard> ^^;
15:25:42 <PieroV> MB uses Fluent for the homepage
15:26:21 <PieroV> I don't know if we can use it at this point, or if we have to use a simplified version (e.g., no attributes)
15:26:26 <PieroV> I haven't followed too much
15:26:55 <henry-x> Regarding fluent, I have an open merge request to have proper support in weblate
15:27:25 <ma1> henry-x, by "proper" meaning with attributes and all?
15:27:34 <henry-x> It went on pause whilst I was away, but I'm planning on going back to it this week
15:28:37 <richard> ma1: what's the status of the propospd letterboxing step dimensions and initial window size changes?
15:29:09 <henry-x> @ma1 kind of. Right now you can have attributes, but there aren't any checks on what the user submits as the string, so the translator can easily make syntax mistakes, etc. My change is to add some checks so that the translators have some feedback. Part of this is ensuring the translators also include the attribute when expected.
15:30:00 <ma1> ma1, we will have it next week, but thorin just found a regression in 115 I'm investigating as well.
15:30:06 <ma1> richard, ^
15:30:26 <ma1> (I keep editing others' gitlab comments and pinging myself on irc)
15:30:35 <richard> ack good ol' thorin
15:31:31 <richard> ok i think that's all the things I had to chat about
15:31:44 <richard> if there's nothing else I'm happy to end this :)
15:32:43 <ma1> I put in the announcement that even if I'm in Copenaghen and had planned this as a 24/7 afk week, I'm reshuffling to have security backports and chat with ruihildt[m] of letterboxing things on Wednesday
15:33:18 <ma1> (S131 meeting)
15:33:30 <richard> ack thx ma1
15:35:15 <richard> ok, have a good week eveyrone o/
15:35:21 <richard> #endmeeting