15:59:13 <hiro> #startmeeting network-health 08/07/2023
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15:59:39 <hiro> meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep
16:01:19 <hiro> does anyone has anything to discuss?
16:01:27 <hiro> s/has/have
16:01:38 <juga> hmm, what week of gsoc are we?, let me check
16:01:48 <rishadbaniya[m]> my work has still things to b e done..of week 10
16:01:53 <rishadbaniya[m]> now we enter in week 11
16:02:02 <juga> ic
16:02:05 <rishadbaniya[m]> i suppose
16:02:13 <juga> yes
16:02:34 <juga> so, still 3 weeks
16:02:39 <rishadbaniya[m]> i guess it will be backlog for week 11..this week is going to be hectic for me..will have to finish all leftovers and required
16:03:08 <rishadbaniya[m]> btw hiro about the timing in the
16:03:10 <rishadbaniya[m]> collector
16:03:17 <rishadbaniya[m]> how is that handled?
16:03:23 <juga> yes, lasts weeks... to finish remaining stuff
16:03:41 <hiro> @rishadbaniya[m] it just runs at midnight on the client
16:04:03 <hiro> depending on the machine, load and client config it might take a few more minutes to process or less
16:04:58 <hiro> collector.torproject.org has routines to fetch data from clients, if it finds an update it's published
16:05:11 <hiro> the routines run every 60 minutes
16:05:24 <rishadbaniya[m]> if i fix my download of onionperf analysis at "op-xyz.net/analysiz.json.xz then, in the future what's the chance that the onionperf analysis files will be started to publish at /htdocs/analysiz.json.xz .....
16:06:11 <hiro> the path won't change
16:06:27 <hiro> but if it does the code can be updated I guess
16:06:44 <hiro> before it was publishing at htdocs and now it just publishes on the absolute url
16:06:46 <rishadbaniya[m]> on what case is the "/" moved to "/htdocs", just curious
16:06:59 <rishadbaniya[m]> is it availability of other logs
16:07:31 <hiro> it was just an old config
16:08:10 <juga> sorry i've not check, hiro is the data you're parsing overlapping with the one rishadbaniya[m] is using?
16:08:26 <juga> or you both are using different files?
16:08:26 <hiro> it could be
16:08:34 <hiro> I am parsing onionperf files
16:08:39 <hiro> the nalysis files for now
16:09:17 <juga> asking just to avoid duplicated work parsing...
16:09:18 <rishadbaniya[m]> i was parsing through one of my own custom struct implementing serde deserializer..i looked over the JSON schema(the appropriate version)
16:10:41 <rishadbaniya[m]> there's still work left ..so i might bring changes in that
16:11:00 <juga> rishadbaniya[m]: maybe the onionperf feature is big and you could divide it in several issues, like parsing the data being one of them, other analysing it, etc.
16:11:56 <juga> that way you can also push earlier the parser and we can help with it
16:12:06 <hiro> @juga my problem though is not just parsing the data is also storing it in the DB
16:12:22 <hiro> parsing with serde is quite straightforward
16:13:10 <juga> hiro: ic, then maybe your parser is not that useful for rishadbaniya[m]
16:13:12 <rishadbaniya[m]> no...it was my fault..for not managing time..there were many tech events this week at my university.was distracted too much..wasn't able to keep up the momentum..sorry for that..this is also the reason why the onionperf didn't finish in time..i'll cover up for that
16:13:30 <rishadbaniya[m]> i guess i can finish the onionperf feature
16:13:31 <rishadbaniya[m]> within time
16:14:02 <rishadbaniya[m]> sure.. i'll push the version
16:14:04 <rishadbaniya[m]> that i've completed
16:14:18 <rishadbaniya[m]> it's partially complete..might be helpful to improve too
16:14:19 <rishadbaniya[m]> :)
16:14:23 <rishadbaniya[m]> through feedbacks
16:14:45 <juga> rishadbaniya[m]: no worries, though we should probably start with other issue as latest next week
16:15:09 <rishadbaniya[m]> i'll keep the onionperf as backlog and finish the issues of Week 11 too
16:15:24 <rishadbaniya[m]> and finsih the backlogs by the end of week 11
16:15:52 <juga> as you see it goes with  onionperf feature
16:16:38 <rishadbaniya[m]> Sure, i'll have it finished and week 11 stuffs too
16:16:51 <juga> ok, thanks
16:18:30 <hiro> is everyone good?
16:18:32 * hiro is groot
16:18:42 <juga> from my side, nothing else, finishing with some "doing" issues this week
16:19:09 <rishadbaniya[m]> and i will end my backlogs left + Week 11 for sure
16:20:23 <hiro> ok thanks everyone!
16:20:29 <hiro> #endmeeting