18:00:15 <donuts> #startmeeting Tor Browser Release Meeting 2023-08-7
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18:00:20 <donuts> le pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-release-meeting-keep
18:04:07 <donuts> okay ready?
18:04:19 <PieroV> Yes
18:05:17 <donuts> thanks for answering my Q in the pad
18:05:19 <richard> ja
18:05:35 <PieroV> We're doing the meeting there :D
18:05:42 <richard> lol
18:05:57 <PieroV> That thumbs up is not very readable with that yellow background :D
18:06:05 <donuts> yeah it sucks
18:06:27 <richard> magenta
18:06:30 <richard> everything goes with magenta
18:06:35 <donuts> okay so shall we go straight to your first discussion item pierov?
18:06:40 <donuts> i'm assuming you're green
18:06:57 <PieroV> Yes I am
18:07:11 <PieroV> So, as I wrote in your question, 13.0a2 is kinda big too
18:07:26 <PieroV> We had to push 13.0a1 out because it was becoming too late and we needed to do an update
18:07:32 <PieroV> But it was sorta incomplete, because it missed Android
18:07:43 <PieroV> And the android part was big because... Android
18:08:02 <donuts> will 13.0a2 be all platforms or android only?
18:08:06 <richard> yeah, so we inserted alpha into the empty weeks of the release calendar
18:08:06 <PieroV> All platforms
18:08:09 <richard> 13.0a2 -> all platforms
18:08:12 <donuts> ack
18:08:22 <PieroV> Because 115.1.0 came out in the meantime
18:08:30 <richard> the plan is to wait for a nightly and then do an alpha release
18:08:53 <richard> so realistically i'll start release prep today and hopefully have it ready for review and building tomorow
18:09:34 <PieroV> Well, it depends on two things, actually
18:09:52 <PieroV> 1. the nightly server doesn't have the Android toolchain yet
18:10:03 <PieroV> So, the first nightly with Android will take long
18:10:08 <PieroV> And we need to do QA
18:10:16 <PieroV> (assuming the build will succeed)
18:10:22 <richard> yes
18:11:10 <PieroV> 2. tor-browser!717
18:11:17 <richard> even if things aren't quite ready i want to get tb-build-05 builing android stuff for the same toolchain reasons :D
18:11:33 <donuts> damn my TB crashed again
18:11:41 <PieroV> :(
18:11:45 <richard> >:[
18:11:52 <donuts> three times today D:
18:11:54 <PieroV> richard: actually you could already run the testbuilds
18:12:11 <PieroV> donuts: is it alpha or release?
18:12:31 <donuts> 12.5 stable but I'm on the macOS beta, so possibly related to that
18:12:41 <donuts> i opened a ticket
18:12:44 <PieroV> Let's hope so :D
18:13:16 <PieroV> We merged a Moz change in 12.5.1 that wasn't originally in 102, but was very easy to backport, and made that part of code equal to 115
18:13:37 <PieroV> To fix a crash on Windows, but we didn't have the crash and the user didn't confirm the patch solved theirs
18:13:51 <PieroV> Still, I tested the patches before releasing, but I didn't have crashes
18:14:03 <PieroV> But that could be the only different thing from Firefox + the usual patch set
18:14:57 <PieroV> Anyway, re alpha releases
18:14:59 <richard> that was accessibility related wasn't it?
18:15:07 <PieroV> It was related to text selection
18:15:56 <PieroV> 115.2 is going to be released on August 29, and it might be the target for 13.0
18:16:14 <PieroV> 115.3 is scheduled for September 26
18:16:52 <PieroV> The sooner we can release 13.0a2 is August 9, if not even August 10
18:17:33 <PieroV> 13.0a3 is currently scheduled for August 22
18:18:50 <PieroV> But it seems we can't do better, so things should be settled for August
18:18:50 <richard> yes
18:19:27 <PieroV> August 31 to September 4 is Tor holiday
18:20:37 <richard> which makes 13.0a4 v optimistic for the 5th
18:20:52 <PieroV> Yep, I didn't consider that.
18:21:38 <PieroV> And we also have to backport Android on August 29-30
18:21:44 <richard> yes
18:22:20 <PieroV> At least we'll have nightlies going on, unless things break just before the holiday ^_^;
18:22:44 <richard> we're bakc on the 4th right?
18:22:48 <richard> it's the 31st and the 1st
18:23:02 <richard> the break I mean
18:23:25 <PieroV> 5 is labour day, which I don't care that much (I do May 1st :P)
18:23:38 <PieroV> Sorry, 4 is labour day
18:23:48 <richard> ah I see
18:23:58 <richard> yeah i can plan to shift my holidays aroun to fit the browser schedule
18:24:56 <PieroV> I wanted to take half week also in the week of September 11
18:25:08 <richard> PieroV: if you plan to do the release prep for 13.0a4 then we can build overnight an i can sign the next day
18:25:23 <richard> (never forget :crying eagle emojjii:)
18:25:32 <PieroV> We can try to build on August 30 fwiw
18:25:48 <richard> yeah we should aim for that
18:26:52 <PieroV> A final changelog change shouldn't take much to rebuild... But it also means we're getting something in the alphas at the last minute, which isn't great, considering that we're in a very advanced stage
18:27:13 <richard> well we're going to be *starting* implementing YEC stuff the first week of sept
18:27:19 <richard> whihc uh, also isn't great
18:27:22 <PieroV> (that's to say that rel prepping at the end of August should be definitely possible, imho)
18:27:33 <richard> yeah I agree
18:27:36 <richard> just need to be on top of it
18:28:14 <PieroV> So far the calendar is pretty correct already, gj richard :)
18:28:17 <richard> having gone thorugh the combined mullvad+tor browser release prpe a few times, i think i can start merging the two release days in the calendar
18:28:58 <richard> since prepping and build at the same time seems to be working pretty well
18:29:03 <PieroV> Yes, it's working very well. We should add the rel prep step of checking if we've linked stuff to Tor Browser but not to MB
18:29:13 <richard> yes true
18:29:15 <PieroV> Because I always forget to do it
18:29:54 <PieroV> We should do a bot to automate the linking after we merge, depending on the checkboxes :D
18:29:57 <richard> fortunatley mullvd browser release prep is 99% tor-browser release prep + ublock and mullvad extensions + changleogs vOv
18:30:08 <richard> lol MRs are welcome
18:30:23 <richard> but that would def save me like an hour each time doing it manually
18:30:44 <PieroV> Anyway, 13.0a5 around Sep 13 seems pretty correct, and it should be the RC
18:30:55 <richard> but stil faster than manually wrting the changelogs :D
18:30:58 <PieroV> So, no more changes after that date, unless bug fixing and or trivial
18:31:09 <richard> (or YEC)
18:31:18 <PieroV> And yes, probably we'll have to do an exception for YEC
18:31:44 <PieroV> But that doesn't worry too much for desktop
18:31:50 <PieroV> It's quite self-contained, usually
18:32:09 <richard> paging dan_b
18:32:13 <richard> *bing*
18:32:19 <PieroV> He's afk today
18:32:42 <richard> ah well
18:32:49 <PieroV> It also means we have 1 month and 1 week for 13.0
18:33:50 <donuts> that's... not a lot of time
18:34:28 <richard> that's why so many alphas
18:34:50 <donuts> okay well if you're gravy i'm gravy
18:34:51 <richard> realistically 13.0 can slip to end of sept
18:35:07 <richard> as far as ESR eol is concerned
18:35:29 <richard> but yeah we're aiming for no new features mid sept
18:35:35 <donuts> fyi i'll be afk for the last week of september for the S9 trip
18:35:43 <richard> (YEC work can go in between the 13.0 and 13.0.1 release)
18:35:44 <donuts> but I can arrange the particulars in advance
18:36:44 <richard> ack
18:36:51 <donuts> okay so it sounds like you're planning on 3 more alphas? is that correct?
18:37:18 <PieroV> Yes, with 13.0a5 being a sort of RC
18:37:25 <donuts> gotcha, cool
18:37:39 <donuts> sounds... doable?
18:37:48 <donuts> i'm definitely happier with the more alphas plan
18:39:20 <PieroV> Okay, I think I've reported the reasons in the pad
18:39:48 <PieroV> (should be all we've discussed so far)
18:39:57 <donuts> ty for taking notes pierov
18:40:30 <PieroV> yw :)
18:40:59 <PieroV> Shall we go with point 2?
18:41:03 <donuts> let's do it
18:41:12 <donuts> general happyness?
18:41:38 <donuts> I have found it surprisingly okay so far
18:41:43 <PieroV> I'm doing some heavy changes that hopefully will make our life easier when introducing Arti
18:42:00 <donuts> 13.0a1 i mean
18:42:23 <PieroV> But they weren't all included in 13.0a1. However, one that was included in it produced some regressions on the circuit display
18:42:43 <PieroV> (the cleanup interval, namely, but it's a sort of edge case, I'd say, and I'll have to investigate it more)
18:43:27 <PieroV> I hope we get enough testing for htem
18:43:52 <richard> PieroV: once things are fixed/stable in the tor backend changes, we need to piroritize the remaining s131 work
18:44:06 <PieroV> richard: ack. But what about audits?
18:44:16 <richard> specifically enabling MB as default browser on windows and the flatpack work
18:44:25 <richard> audits are in progress
18:44:25 <donuts> maybe instead of doing a recruitment email in tor-internal for the RC, we beg everyone to start testing alpha now
18:44:31 <richard> i'm in the middle of 109
18:44:41 <richard> donuts: yes please
18:45:08 <richard> issues that need to be reviewed have issues in gitlab
18:45:30 <richard> if my current rate of 3 releases per week continue we should have a short list of tickets to review by the end of next week
18:45:55 <donuts> okay i'll send round an email when 13.0a2 is out, if that sounds good?
18:46:04 <richard> wfm
18:46:05 <PieroV> Yes, thank you!
18:46:47 <PieroV> richard: it might make sense to wait for the MR you've started reviewing earlier
18:46:58 <PieroV> And do proper QA with nightlies immediately after 13.0a2
18:49:51 <richard> wfm
18:49:59 <richard> though i did bootstrap eventually
18:50:14 <richard> 13.0a1 was also being a slowboat so seemed it's just the internet
18:50:43 <PieroV> Ack. Well, we have to wait for Android, so we might merge and in case tag before these changes
18:50:51 <PieroV> Or revert
18:50:53 <richard> wfm
18:51:17 <PieroV> Do audits have a label?
18:51:59 <PieroV> Or are they in FF115-esr?
18:52:05 <richard> ~"Code Audit" and ~ESR-15 or w/e it is
18:52:10 <richard> 115*
18:52:28 <richard> or I should say
18:52:38 <richard> we have the audit meta issues in tor-browser-spec
18:52:48 <richard> and they have linked from them the various review tasks in tor-browser
18:53:05 <richard> the review asks all have the format "Review Mozilla XXXXXX: blah blah blah"
18:53:12 <PieroV> In ~FF115-esr we have 115 open issues
18:53:18 <richard> and the ~"Code Audit" label
18:53:54 <donuts> 4 minute warning
18:54:06 <PieroV> They're 16
18:55:04 <richard> sounds about right
18:55:41 <PieroV> But 115 is also quite a lot
18:55:56 <PieroV> Probably we can't take anything else, except what's already been decided and these issues
18:56:55 <richard> yeah i'll do a pass and clear out the noise
18:57:10 <richard> i'm sure some of those are optimistically labled
18:57:18 <donuts> okay 1 min left, I'm assuming the tickets listed under the third discussion point are cool and awesome and we have no further changes there
18:57:35 <donuts> might be good to have a deadline for asset swaps, although we'll try and hand over as many as possible over the next couple of weeks
18:58:05 <donuts> aaaaaand I need to jump on a call now
18:58:06 <PieroV> Asset swap isn't too worrying, but it might be needed sooner rather than later on Android
18:58:11 <PieroV> Ack, thanks donuts!
18:58:13 <richard> yes^
18:58:15 <richard> ok later donuts o/
18:58:24 <donuts> thanks both!
18:58:33 <donuts> #endmeeting