14:58:58 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-08-14
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14:59:06 <richard> pad per usual: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:59:09 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Hi!
14:59:21 <richard> it's probably a quick one for today
14:59:32 <richard> in the end we got 13.0a2 out last week!
14:59:52 <richard> we had several reproducibility problems AND some issues with dependencies on Android
15:00:40 <richard> some of the libs used by Firefox were automatically bringing in the AD_ID permission (as was Firefox before we patched it)
15:01:00 <dan_b> o/
15:01:08 <richard> and the google store noiced and wouldn't let us publish unless we enabled it in our store entry as well which obviously was a no-go
15:01:36 <dan_b> it was super cool. need to make a ticket to burn the metrics package with fire, maybe early task for $android_deb
15:01:39 <richard> fortunately dan_b was able to figure out which component was doing this and patched it out entirely
15:01:44 <richard> (telemetry yuck)
15:01:56 <ma1> kudos dan_b !
15:02:16 <dan_b> tldr: we just did a runtime check that we should do telemetry. we needed to comment it all out so it wasnt pulling in packages that use AD_ID now
15:02:30 <richard> and pierov figurd out the solution to our android reproducibility problems too
15:02:49 <dan_b> and so to prevent any future problems like this i propose further scortching earth the entir metrics package
15:02:57 <richard> yes please
15:03:01 <dan_b> 'grats pierov
15:03:06 <jagtalon> great job dan_b pierov!
15:03:09 <richard> this week we have no scheduled releases!
15:03:14 <thorin> all hail dan_b + pierov
15:03:16 <ma1> phew
15:03:21 <richard> hurray that's great news!
15:03:22 <ma1> thorin!!!
15:03:29 * Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m] bows before dan_b and pierov
15:03:33 <dan_b> lol
15:03:37 <richard> the bad news is we have releases i think every subsequent week scheduled through 13.0 stable
15:03:47 <richard> but it's fine
15:03:49 <dan_b> lol
15:04:15 <richard> even with our many builds this past week it is actually refreshingly possible
15:04:42 <richard> esp if we pread the rebase and release prep load around
15:04:44 <richard> ok
15:05:28 <richard> next on the list
15:05:35 <richard> that i'm def not writing live
15:05:49 <richard> our new android dev starts this week!
15:05:55 <ma1> \o/
15:06:04 <jagtalon> woo!
15:06:12 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> very cool
15:06:14 <richard> i'll be verifying their pgp key and starting onboaring tomorow
15:06:21 <dan_b> wefnesday yes?
15:06:27 <richard> yep^
15:06:28 <ma1> so is she going to make the allhands wed?
15:06:46 <richard> I don't know! Definitley maybe!
15:07:03 <ma1> :)
15:07:34 <jagtalon> exciting stuff!
15:08:31 <richard> My intention is to invite everyone to a brief hello welcome to the team on after the all-hanss before splitting off almost everyone and having a god knows how long onboaring session
15:09:00 <richard> dan_b: I think you'd be a good person to have their as our resident android knower
15:09:06 <dan_b> sounds good
15:09:15 <dan_b> and i have so many ideas of things that need doing 🙂
15:09:28 <richard> but anyone else is welcome as well if sitting in bbb and talking about gitlab code and release cycles sounds intresting to you
15:10:04 <richard> but i'll send out an actual invite tomorrow once i meet with them
15:10:25 <richard> ok, i think the last thing for now
15:10:32 <richard> ESR audi continues to be underway
15:10:43 <richard> audit*
15:11:02 <richard> i think i've reviewed through Firefox 111
15:11:27 <richard> Tickets/ptches for futher review are labeled "Code Audit" and "FF115-esr"
15:11:36 <richard> and some have been assigned to people already
15:12:19 <thorin> slightly OT: can I ask for an esr128 label, I flag things per release since I scan nightly on a daily basis
15:13:03 <richard> so if you're bored please have a look at: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/boards/1241?label_name[]=Code%20Audit&label_name[]=FF115-esr
15:13:17 <richard> and in general things we need should be FF115 labeed as well
15:13:27 <richard> thorin: yeah I can do that after this meeting
15:13:38 <richard> another minor point: thorin has joined IRC
15:13:40 <richard> hi thorin o/
15:13:56 <ma1> finally :)
15:14:17 * thorin is not a minor ... old school mIRC back in the dial up days
15:14:21 <thorin> :)
15:14:23 <dan_b> hey!
15:14:30 <richard> thorin: so our meeting process is a bit loose, but in general we each have a section in this pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
15:14:39 <jagtalon> thorin: o/
15:14:53 <richard> where we note what we plan on doing/what we need help with/etc
15:15:25 <richard> and if antyhing needs chatted abou you can add an entry under the Discussion section
15:15:32 <thorin> roger that richard
15:15:40 <richard> feel free to utilize this as much or as little as you like :)
15:16:13 <richard> ok I think that is all I have this week
15:16:24 <richard> does anyone else have points to discuss?
15:16:30 <richard> anyone need help with anything? :)
15:16:39 * Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m] notes that I still need to get back to henry-x about the env var thing they asked me about
15:16:54 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Things have been super busy here lately, haven't had time to do everything I wanted
15:17:20 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Other than that, nothing of note to bring up today
15:17:26 <richard> jeremy: a slight tangent, not sure if you read the blog/release posts
15:17:35 <henry-x> that's ok, it is not a rush
15:17:40 <ma1> richard, I think PieroV asked something about audit issues process?
15:17:46 <ma1> (in the pad)
15:17:50 <thorin> anythnig else - not sure if this is the place, but first TB13 for android breaks TZP tor browser detection - https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/41892 - would like a solution before 13 hits stable
15:18:01 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> richard: I try to read the blog but sometimes fail; anything in particular I should see?
15:18:16 <richard> bsaically 13.0a2 has a lot of code churn in the tor controller (for the better)
15:18:30 <richard> but thing relating to env variables, weird configs, etc may be broken in interesting ways
15:19:00 <richard> so tell your friends to please try and break it thank you :)
15:19:08 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> richard: ah, ok. I guess that's also likely to affect the Namecoin patches that Arthur is working on?
15:19:23 <richard> oh wow probably
15:19:32 <richard> if they do anything w the control port
15:19:50 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> richard: OK. Yes, the TorButton Namecoin patch rebase is control port focused.
15:19:54 <richard> thorin: ack
15:20:18 <richard> jeremy: well hopefully he will be happy with the changes, a lot of that is all encapsulated now
15:20:22 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> richard: I have a meeting with Arthur on Thursday, I'll make sure to flag that for him, so that he knows to rebase as needed
15:20:29 <richard> thx thx
15:21:23 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Good to hear that that code is getting cleaned up though -- even if it causes rebase hassles for Arthur and me, that code was very much in need of a refactor
15:21:32 <richard> ah ok now on to PieroV's point
15:21:37 <richard> about code audits
15:22:26 <richard> for issues that don't require any changes, leave a comment in justifying why no action is needed, and we can flag such issues for someone else on the team to review
15:23:09 <richard> once we've signed off then the final step (for all of these) is to go edit the parent release audit issue in tor-browser-spec, and finally export the issue to commit into the tor-browser-spec repo
15:24:27 <richard> thorin: FF128-esr is now a thing
15:25:21 <richard> does anyone else have anything to discuss?
15:26:28 <ma1> I'm good, thanks.
15:27:45 <richard> ok
15:27:53 <richard> have a good week everyone o/
15:27:57 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Thanks!
15:28:06 <jagtalon> thank you!
15:28:06 <richard> #endmeeting