14:58:39 <ma1> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-08-21
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14:58:44 <ma1> dan_b, ;)
14:58:48 <dan_b> ah you had a space
14:59:13 <richard> :D
14:59:18 <dan_b> the pad is at: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:59:18 <richard> ok I'm back
14:59:36 <dan_b> clairehurst, just find a spot in with the rest of us and start adding 🙂
15:00:13 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Hi!
15:00:20 <richard> yeah so henry's section down at the bottom is a goo example of generally the format we're using in the pad
15:00:31 <jagtalon> o/
15:00:36 <richard> hi jag o/
15:00:42 <richard> hi jeremy o/
15:02:12 <donuts> o/
15:03:25 <richard> ok hello everyone
15:03:38 <richard> so first of all if you haven't already, please welcome clairehurst to the team!
15:03:48 <richard> for the Nth welcome I'm sure :3
15:03:49 <clairehurst> Hey y'all!
15:04:27 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Hi clairehurst , welcome!
15:04:34 <richard> she's our new Android developer and is just setting up her dev env and learning our processes etc, so please be helpful :)
15:04:39 <donuts> hi clairehurst!
15:05:04 <richard> next up, it's a release week!
15:05:09 <jagtalon> woohoo! hey clairehurst welcome. i'm from the design team
15:05:24 <PieroV> It's also rebase week
15:05:33 <richard> as is most weeks from now until 13.0 hits stable
15:06:15 <richard> Tor Browser 13.0 is scheduled for Sept 20th
15:06:29 <clairehurst> Should I just add in at the bottom of the doc?
15:06:33 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Impressively tight schedule
15:06:43 <richard> clairehurst: yep that works ;)
15:07:06 <richard> we have ~100 issues in stable as of last week
15:07:15 <richard> 60 of which are either audits or review tickets
15:07:48 <richard> sooo
15:08:11 <richard> I guess we'll see how the next couple weeks go but we may have to push back the 13.0 release as appropriate
15:08:51 <richard> for now if an issues is labeled ~Next it should be somehow required for the 13.0
15:09:05 <PieroV> When is the deadline for when we want to be sure to get everything in?
15:09:15 <PieroV> Like "after this date only fixes for bugs"
15:09:49 <richard> though I haven't gone completely through ~Backlog yet so there may be others in there, but a least on an initial pass through ~Next looks like we've everything needed in there
15:10:10 <richard> well realistically re dates
15:10:35 <PieroV> I mean, also a date at which we decide to call it for Sep 20 and push
15:10:36 <richard> we should be looking at no more fatures post 13.0a5 which is scheduled for Sept 13th
15:11:01 <richard> since that's the last alpha before the scheduled 13.0
15:11:48 <richard> dan_b, henry-x: YEC *can* slip to a subsequent release pot 13.0 since its gated on a date in early October
15:11:48 <PieroV> ack, thanks
15:12:05 <dan_b> coooool
15:14:32 <richard> I'm planning on doing 13.0a3 release prep today and build overnight
15:14:56 <PieroV> richard: so, tags came early
15:14:58 <richard> so let me know ASAP if there's anything that needs to get into this release before I tag
15:15:04 <PieroV> And I've already rebased
15:15:16 <richard> wow brilliant
15:15:19 <richard> very early
15:15:38 <PieroV> Well, 6-7 hours earlier than I expected acutally
15:15:50 <richard> what's been rebased? TB and MB?
15:15:58 <PieroV> For things we should get into, there's the website appearance
15:16:06 <PieroV> Only TB
15:16:11 <richard> and alpha or both stable+alpha?
15:16:16 <PieroV> Stable+Alpha
15:16:22 <richard> ack thx for jumping on that
15:17:00 <ma1> richard, ruihildt[m] said he wanted tor-browser#41833 ASAP to check if it works and or breaks something.
15:17:10 <ma1> sorry, wrong bug
15:17:35 <ma1> tor-browser#42019
15:18:17 <ma1> Actually, the webrtc one (hopefully tor-browser#42029 :P )
15:18:26 <richard> ok hold on
15:18:32 <richard> which is the acutal bug rui wants fixed?
15:18:39 <ma1> WebRTC :D
15:18:43 <richard> ok
15:18:45 <ruihildt[m]> o/ Yes. 😃
15:18:52 <richard> that's jut a pref flip yeah?
15:19:00 <ma1> 3 prefs
15:19:50 <ruihildt[m]> I'm off end of next week, so would like to have time to test it properly.
15:20:14 <richard> ack understood
15:21:55 <richard> ma1: i presume the linked MR does what we want re tor-browser#42029 ?
15:22:07 <ma1> richard, correct
15:22:26 <richard> clairehurst: FYI you can link to gitlab issues and MRs this way in most of the relevant tor channels :)
15:22:37 <richard> tor-browser!731 :)
15:22:49 <richard> thanks tor-bot
15:23:51 <richard> does anyone else have discussion topics for today?
15:24:19 <richard> and any volunteers to be secon builder for 13.0a3 :D
15:24:34 <PieroV> I think I could use a review reviewer for tor-browser!611
15:24:35 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Brief question
15:24:43 <dan_b> when does the 13.0a3 build need to build?
15:25:11 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Is there any reason for a security focused Linux distro to ship specifically Base Browser, or is Mullvad Browser clearly the better option for that use case?
15:25:20 <ma1> richard, I can build
15:25:20 <richard> i'm planning for overnight tonight unless there's something major blocking
15:25:29 <PieroV> I can also build
15:25:44 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> (The Kicksecure guys are interested, it sounds like MB is likely to be what they'll prefer but I wanted your feedback before I ACK that)
15:26:00 <PieroV> Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]: I think Base Browser shouldn't really be shipped
15:26:14 <richard> jeremy: so base-browser isn't really supported or tested
15:26:21 <PieroV> Starting from the Moz branding and similar legal amenities
15:26:33 <PieroV> And ending in the lack of real QA
15:26:47 <richard> it's more of an engineering convenience then a product you can use
15:27:05 <richard> base-browser is the common ancestor between tor-browser and mullvad-browse we maintain
15:27:06 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> OK makes sense, I'll confirm to the Kicksecure guys that they're correct to use MB for this use case
15:27:11 <richard> for those watching at home
15:27:25 <ma1> What about calling it "non-browser"? :P
15:28:00 * richard still gunning for some variation of eukar-browser or something else eukaryote themed (as the common ancestor between onions and moles you see)
15:28:11 <richard> (very clever)
15:28:16 <richard> don't-use-this-browser
15:28:19 * PieroV still rooting for notorious
15:28:26 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> ma1: I still like the name Base Browser due to the entertaining double-meme it enables. ("In Soviet Russia, all your tracker are belong to Base Browser")
15:28:36 <richard> PieroV: ok that's actually not bad
15:28:52 * ma1 still self-votes for HIJAB (Hijab Is Just a Browser)
15:29:06 <richard> damn, two all your base references in as many weeks on the tor channels
15:29:08 <richard> what year is it
15:29:35 <richard> ma1: hadn't heard that one either but i like it
15:29:38 <richard> ok
15:29:45 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> richard: you do know I actually made a Zero Wing ROM hack back when I was a middle school student, right? :)
15:30:03 <richard> amazing
15:30:40 <richard> ok unless there's any further points I will call this meeting
15:30:47 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> nothing else from me
15:30:53 <richard> (completed)
15:31:00 <ma1> I'm good, thanks
15:31:01 <PieroV> I'd like to change the reviewer of !611
15:31:12 <richard> tor-browser!611
15:31:30 <PieroV> Since I've made some suggestions but they're not strong ones - still I'd like someone else to add their opinion
15:31:47 <richard> looks like perhaps a good fit for ma1?
15:31:47 <PieroV> It's really small details. The base line is good
15:31:55 <richard> i'll have a look oo
15:31:55 <ma1> taking it
15:32:00 <PieroV> Thanks
15:32:34 <PieroV> Nothing else from me
15:32:57 <richard> ok
15:33:14 <richard> have a good everyone
15:33:17 <richard> see you all in
15:33:21 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Thanks!
15:33:27 <richard> the ^*~cloud~*^
15:33:32 <richard> #endmeeting
15:33:35 <richard> ah
15:33:36 <richard> ahem
15:33:38 <richard> ma1^
15:33:49 <ma1> #endmeeting