17:58:12 <donuts> #startmeeting Tor Browser Release Meeting 2023-09-18
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17:58:23 <donuts> welcome, releasers
17:59:22 <donuts> thine pad is hither: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-release-meeting-keep
17:59:49 <thorin> /o
18:00:17 <donuts> please add any releases you'd like to discuss, and/or anything else to the agenda
18:00:32 <donuts> otherwise we have plenty to talk about re: 13.0
18:00:33 <richard> o/
18:00:49 <PieroV> o/
18:00:53 <boklm> o/
18:01:13 <dan_b> o/
18:02:11 * richard frantically organises the gitlab boards
18:05:01 <donuts> okay I've added some things to the agenda
18:05:18 <donuts> otherwise it's over to you to kick off the discussion about 130 richard?
18:05:25 <richard> ack
18:05:49 <richard> behold our beautiful board: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/applications/-/boards?label_name[]=13.0%20stable
18:05:54 * ruihildt[m] waves from far. .'
18:06:10 <richard> o/
18:07:07 <richard> i'm going to do a pass today after this meeting for things that can be kicked from ~Next to ~Backlog
18:08:23 <richard> the bulk of the the things in ~Next currently are either mozilla reviews or the meta issues tracking them
18:09:58 <richard> re: mullvad must haves, the only thing siting in next that we have to resolve are mullvad-browser#228 and mullvad-browser#189
18:10:04 <richard> not sure about 189
18:10:49 <richard> everything else has been kicked to the 13.5 alpha with some tentative plan to backport to stable
18:12:07 <PieroV> Oh dear, the pref review is in ~Next
18:12:48 <PieroV> That was a big one last year
18:13:34 <richard> yeah
18:14:10 <richard> well if we don't make end of next week we can always backport security paches
18:14:21 <richard> we've done it before, not ideal but not the end of the world
18:14:37 <richard> donuts: we have anoher alpha scheduled for the end of this week
18:14:48 <donuts> richard: ack
18:15:47 <richard> the other thing sticking out is the YEC
18:16:12 <donuts> what's your deadline for the final asset?
18:16:18 <donuts> well, *our* deadline
18:16:21 <richard> remeind of the dates
18:16:31 <richard> oct 16 for the first gated thing yes?
18:16:33 <donuts> erm
18:16:36 <donuts> nicob is that still accurate?
18:17:00 <donuts> sorry I assumed we had to have it finalized for 13.0
18:17:09 <donuts> unless you were planning on doing a rapid followup release
18:17:12 <nicob> yes oct 16 donuts
18:17:16 <donuts> ty
18:17:26 <richard> yeah if we didn't want any more stables after 13.0 then we need it sooner
18:17:44 <donuts> are we talkin' before you start buildin' next week?
18:17:45 <richard> but if stable slips in some fashion the deadline for assets can slip as well
18:17:47 <donuts> basically, end of this week?
18:17:58 <richard> yeah ideally^
18:18:12 <donuts> cool ty
18:18:12 <donuts> nicob how does that sound?
18:18:32 <donuts> there's some wiggle room depending on how much the 13.0 todo list makes the devs sad
18:18:44 <donuts> in that the release may be later than EO next week
18:18:45 <dan_b> can work on YEC strart with WIP assets and have those be swapped out either before merge or you know, maybe theres a week of WIP assets before 13.1?
18:19:20 <donuts> dan_b: unfortunately the wip assets were slightly controversial
18:19:31 <donuts> so I don't think we can release with them
18:19:33 <dan_b> ooooh controversy
18:19:41 * dan_b needs to go cacth up on those issues
18:19:47 <nicob> donuts that should be good re: timing
18:20:06 <richard> dan_b: how much effort do you anticipate backporting any 13.0 YEC UX to 12.5?
18:20:15 <donuts> dan_b: the roots easter egg spelled "TOR" in all caps for stylistic reasons, rather than our house style "Tor"
18:20:35 <richard> becuase we'll need to make that call at like, the end of this month if we end up having 12.5 stable out in october
18:20:47 <dan_b> richard... off the top of my head i want to say copy / paste
18:21:03 <richard> henry-x: same question for Desktop if you're around
18:21:14 <dan_b> but trying to think if any of the rewiring we did in 13.0 might have been near there making it a slight effort
18:21:29 <dan_b> i think it should be *mostly* copy paste
18:21:45 <dan_b> almost for sure just drop in
18:21:46 <richard> i woul expect desktop would also be realtively easy since *just* html+css+assets
18:22:13 <dan_b> cus we're not using any new android API things like text skew only introduced in API 28 or something lol
18:22:21 <richard> ok
18:22:33 <donuts> lol dan
18:22:44 <donuts> don't say we don't listen alright
18:22:47 <donuts> <3
18:22:52 <dan_b> 😄
18:22:53 <nicob> i promise i will never skew text again <3
18:22:57 <dan_b> bwahahaha
18:23:11 <dan_b> well at least until we can figure out if we can reuse the html pages on android
18:23:31 <donuts> tbh i think our pioneering localized svgs the year prior were even more painful
18:23:38 <richard> so basically we would need to release a 12.5-based tb with the YEC arouond the 10th of October
18:23:54 <richard> donuts: they were *so* fun to implement tho
18:24:12 <donuts> honestly it was cool to see it work in practice
18:24:20 <PieroV> richard: at that point it'd be two more 12.5
18:24:34 <PieroV> Moz is releasing 115.3 on the 26th
18:24:41 <richard> so if we're releasing a 12.5 at that time frame we would need the backports in the week of the 3rd
18:24:45 <richard> yeah
18:25:04 <PieroV> It'd be this week
18:25:08 <PieroV> Not the week of the 3rd
18:25:11 <donuts> sorry i got caught up in the nostalgia and missed why we're talking about backporting the yec to 12.5, is that in case 13.0 slips in a bigger way?
18:25:25 <PieroV> Later this week we should have the draft of the sec advisories already
18:25:32 <richard> PieroV: I was assuming we' have a release in the week of the 10th *just* for the YEC
18:26:56 <PieroV> Yes, but what's the threshold to decide whether we want to have a 12.5.5?
18:27:41 <PieroV> (assuming the 12.5 yec might be 12.5.6)
18:27:49 <richard> right
18:28:21 <richard> so 12.5.5 would be a next week release (if we don't release 13.0) and 12.5.6 mid-october (if we *still* don't release 13.0) for YEC
18:28:23 <PieroV> 102.15.1 included only the webp fix, it didn't include all the other fixes
18:28:44 <richard> yes
18:29:29 <richard> ok, ill make a decision on 12.5.5 vs 13.0 later today after I've gone through ~Next again and see what can be pushed back
18:29:45 <richard> do we have any major non-code audit blockers?
18:30:07 <PieroV> Our profile review
18:30:22 <richard> pref audit?
18:30:26 <PieroV> Yes
18:31:03 <richard> what all is involved in that? verifying our prefs are still useful/not deprecated
18:31:18 <PieroV> Yes
18:31:21 <richard> is this something we could enlist thorin's help on?
18:31:25 <PieroV> Yes
18:31:34 * thorin hides
18:31:36 <richard> enlist/draft/ask nicely
18:31:38 <PieroV> He already wrote many comments
18:31:44 <richard> ^yeah exactly
18:32:19 <PieroV> Then we might want to test the update between 102 and 115
18:32:21 <PieroV> For https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/42101
18:32:37 <richard> 100%
18:32:40 <PieroV> (and also the incrementals generation, since we're at it)
18:33:08 <PieroV> That is a bit of an unexplored territory
18:34:08 <PieroV> We've always tested the updater on nightly builds
18:34:13 <richard> argh yes
18:34:26 <PieroV> Doing it on other channel means overriding the other keys at least
18:34:49 <PieroV> But not a big deal, if it's the only problem
18:34:58 <richard> ok updater in my mind is the biggest unknown
18:35:08 <richard> ue to the renaming+that linux issue from 13.0a4
18:36:02 <richard> PieroV: can you prioritize checking that we can update from the 12.5 series to the 13 this week?
18:36:16 <PieroV> Yes
18:37:00 <richard> ok
18:37:33 <richard> is there anything else to worry about? any other must-haves/critical bugs for 13?
18:37:58 <richard> dan_b: how is he Andoid alpha? I've played with it a bit and it seems to work like 12.5
18:38:34 <dan_b> havent dont anything thrilling with it (no pt testing) but the basics are now all pretty ok since 13.0a4
18:39:03 <dan_b> i'm hoping to have the reviews for andoird done by end of week unless one needs a large amount of work
18:39:20 <richard> do you have access to the play store dashboard?
18:39:25 <dan_b> nope
18:39:35 <richard> ack ok let me add you
18:39:39 <dan_b> cool
18:39:51 <richard> it looks like we have some crashes in the stats
18:40:09 <dan_b> interesting. new craashes? or we always had some?
18:40:21 <richard> but its a java.lang.NoSucMethodError so presumably that's *fine*
18:40:28 <dan_b> loool eek
18:41:06 <richard> ok invite sent
18:41:17 <richard> i should invite claire too i suppose
18:41:19 <dan_b> k it ll prolly have to wait for me till later this aft
18:41:24 <dan_b> makes sense
18:42:41 <richard> ack
18:43:03 <richard> donuts: anything from you/UX?
18:43:19 <donuts> yess
18:43:34 <donuts> can you summarize the situation wrt to potential release dates for me please?
18:44:23 <richard> yes
18:44:45 <richard> so if updater is fine and no criticla blockers
18:44:57 <richard> plus all reviews happen+resolutions merged by mi next week
18:45:11 <richard> we coul be looking at a next thursday 13.0
18:45:14 <richard> (28th)
18:45:58 <richard> more realistically sometime the following week (Oct 6th'ish) an if thing get bad the week following
18:46:12 <donuts> ack
18:46:22 <richard> i'll make a call later today about whether we need a 12.5.5 security backport release
18:46:32 <richard> depending on how much i can kick back to ~Backlog from ~Next
18:46:41 <PieroV> I'm a little bit confused about one thing with this schedule
18:47:11 <PieroV> richard: in the other meeting you said you want to be close to the release, regarding the rebase
18:47:48 <PieroV> So, if we don't rebase today/tomorrow (we don't have tags yet), we should do another alpha
18:47:56 <donuts> richard: I'm gonna be traveling to attend a training all of next week and I'm already behind on email, so could you ping me on signal with any updates regarding release dates please? I'll be on IRC like normal this week though
18:48:10 <richard> donuts: can o
18:48:11 <richard> do
18:48:12 <donuts> as mentioned in the pad, I'll try and prep the release materials asynchronously
18:48:20 <donuts> ty ty
18:48:30 <PieroV> (which should be good to schedule, since we might get new issues about the backend changes)
18:49:15 <richard> are you saying 13.0a5 on 115.2.1, then a 13.0a6on 115.3 and then 13.0?
18:49:29 <PieroV> I'd do 13.0a5 on 115.3 already
18:49:40 <richard> yeah ok may as well
18:49:45 <richard> it should be a minor bit of work
18:49:51 <PieroV> If we don't, then we should absolutely do a 13.0a6 on 115.3.0
18:50:13 <PieroV> Yes, rebasing doesn't usually take long. We don't have to squash stuff, just rebase should be enough in this case
18:50:18 <PieroV> Since we're very packed with times
18:50:23 <richard> yeah agreed
18:50:39 <donuts> okay last thing for me, do we want to do a QA day when the audits have been completed to find and fix any critical bugs before release?
18:51:00 <richard> boklm: btw while the rcodesign transition is important please hold off on merging until *after* the initial 13.0 release
18:51:48 <richard> yeah we can plan on a 13.0a6 early next week, QA day and if that is greenlit or has trival fixes transition ot 13.0?
18:52:05 <richard> or depending on code-churn just test on 13.0a5
18:52:12 <donuts> sounds good :)
18:52:32 <donuts> jagtalon will be on deck to represent the ux side of the QA, since i'll be mostly offline
18:53:03 <jagtalon> yes!
18:53:30 <richard> ruihildt[m] we'll be sure to send 13.05 off to your QA as well an label it as a 'release candidate'
18:53:32 <donuts> jagtalon: exact day is TBC, but richard will ping you when ready?
18:53:48 <donuts> assuming i'm offline
18:53:57 <richard> yeah can do
18:54:00 <jagtalon> donuts: was ask about the day haha yes that's good
18:54:01 <donuts> ty both
18:54:06 <jagtalon> ty!
18:54:08 <richard> we'll probably bring it up in the monday browser meeting
18:54:55 <donuts> perf
18:55:13 <richard> ok
18:55:16 <donuts> okay are we done for today?
18:55:17 <richard> its almost the hour
18:55:20 <richard> anything else?
18:55:24 <PieroV> Not from me
18:55:27 <donuts> nada
18:55:51 <donuts> thank you fellow releasers
18:56:43 <donuts> i shall now return the bot to the cave from whence it came
18:56:55 <donuts> #endmeeting