14:58:00 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Bowser Weekly Meeting 2023-09-25
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14:58:13 <richard> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:59:56 <richard> hi everyone and welcome once more to your regularly scheduled tor-browser meeting
15:00:21 <richard> 13.0a5 is out the door after an initial build reproducibility scare
15:00:41 <richard> it seems updating the browser changelog does not trigger a rebuild
15:01:09 <richard> I'll open a bug for that later though, but just as an fyi^
15:01:53 <richard> ruihildt[m]: 13.0a5 MB is signed and will be sending you that later today
15:02:56 <richard> so i mentioned it early last week in IRC, but just so everyone's up-to-date: we're not rleasing 13.0 this week an so we'll be having at least 1 security backport release with 12.5.5
15:03:05 <dan_b> i may not have repulled after you did that tbf. might have pulled just before 😕
15:03:57 <richard> ma1, PieroV: I've seen some email notifications re security backports for the 12.5.5 release, what's the status there?
15:04:16 <PieroV> You're the reviewer
15:04:16 <ma1> richard, ready to merge, pending changes in the actual advisories tomorrow
15:04:22 <PieroV> So I didn't do anything
15:04:36 <ma1> I mean we can merge today and start building
15:04:53 <ma1> and if something weird comes up tomorrow spin another build
15:05:07 <ma1> but I cannot build locally, because I'm in Malaga
15:05:33 <richard> is there also an MR(s) for 13.0-based Android as well? or no android-specific thing to backport?
15:07:29 <ma1> richard, I think it's unnecessary
15:08:30 <ma1> It would be the 1st bug in my assessment, the only one not ported on 115 - for decent reasons (crazy non-standard prefs needed to exploit)
15:08:41 <richard> blessed
15:08:48 <richard> ok
15:09:09 <richard> then lets plan on release-prep today + building over night and publishing tomorrow
15:09:30 <richard> (I'll release-prep I mean)
15:10:16 <ma1> ok, I can babysit a remote build if needed and watch for actual advisories tomorrow
15:10:40 <PieroV> I can build locally
15:10:50 <richard> I'll also plan on release-prep for a 13.0a6 Wednesday, building over night, and publishing Thursday
15:11:21 <ma1> ruihildt[m], was asking what's gonna be considered a 13 RC
15:11:32 <ma1> (no comma)
15:11:39 <richard> yeah reasonable
15:12:05 <richard> i'll need to have a look at the board, but if possible I'd like 13.0a6 to be a release-candidate
15:12:26 <PieroV> IIRC this morning we were at about 28 ~Next+13.0 stable
15:12:40 <PieroV> But some of them were like "FF vvv audit"
15:12:53 <PieroV> So, we're around 20 still open issues
15:12:56 <richard> yeah ~10 or so are the audit meta issues
15:13:17 <richard> which means there hsoul be about as many remaining Review Mozilla XXX issues
15:13:51 <richard> ok, moving on to my next point
15:13:57 <richard> Year-End Campaign!
15:14:29 <richard> dan_b + henry-x are you blocked on anything there?
15:14:43 <dan_b> nope I'm clear. half way through last review
15:14:48 <dan_b> then YEC for me this week I think?
15:15:23 <richard> fwiw I don't consider YEC a blocker for 13.0 since we can release a 13.0.1 before the initial gate (October 16th)
15:16:02 <dan_b> sure, is there something else I should prioritize?
15:17:09 <richard> apart from reviews I don't think so, but i'll ping you (and anyone else) once I've had a look at the state of gitlab if anything stands out
15:17:18 <dan_b> cool
15:17:56 <richard> speaking of which, are there any major 13.0 blockers right now that should be on my radar?
15:18:21 <PieroV> Not sure it's a blocker, but after I finish to review preferences I'd need a proof reader
15:18:36 <PieroV> Since most of the work doesn't involve a MR
15:19:13 <richard> i'll be reading it with great interest I'm sure; dan_b + ma1 will you have a look as well?
15:19:29 <PieroV> tor-browser#41496
15:19:36 <dan_b> sure
15:19:44 <PieroV> Thanks!
15:19:49 <ma1> richard, PieroV, I'm sure will help with sleeping :)
15:20:39 <richard> clairehurst: probably a good read for you too to get a little insight into everything :)
15:20:43 <richard> ok
15:21:06 <richard> finally, I'm completely (mostly) afk next week
15:21:22 <richard> but reachable via signal
15:22:37 <richard> but will probably be catching up on everything on the 5th
15:22:47 <richard> boklm: are you available to sign releases next week?
15:23:24 <boklm> richard: yes
15:24:14 <richard> ok thx
15:24:40 <richard> alright that is all my points
15:24:54 <richard> if anyone else has thing to discuss you have the floor o/
15:25:19 <richard> (or if no on does we can end meeting)
15:26:41 <jagtalon> oh wanted to ask if we were going to do a qa day this week?
15:27:59 <richard> i think next monday would make sense for the RC if i'm publishing on Thurs this week
15:28:24 <jagtalon> richard: ah ok thank you
15:33:35 <clairehurst> re android backport: I have a few MR's merged but I'm not sure if they need to be packported
15:34:31 <richard> I suspect they don't, but I can have a look after this
15:36:00 <richard> ok if there's nothig else, then i'm going to call it
15:36:08 <richard> have a good week everyone o/
15:36:36 <richard> #endmeeting