14:58:39 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-10-10
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14:58:44 <richard> blessed date
14:58:54 <richard> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:59:19 <thorin> /o
15:03:27 <thorin> !ping
15:03:40 <richard> hi
15:03:51 <richard> ok so I've been out for a week
15:04:17 <richard> where are we with 13.0?
15:04:30 <PieroV> The rel prep MRs are ready for review, changelogs included
15:04:33 <dan_b> just adding some asked for line height and android yec is ready for MR
15:04:49 <PieroV> We made the call not to release at the end of the week, and postpone to the beginning of this one
15:05:01 <PieroV> But then we also decided to have Android YEC in 13.0, to avoid doing a release every week
15:05:26 <PieroV> (13.0 this week, 13.0.1 next week to include YEC, 13.0.2 the week of 23 to update on 115.4.0esr)
15:06:22 <PieroV> Apart from YEC, I have an ongoing patch with Moz, but not a blocker, just a nice addition, but I can wait for later, since users might not like it that much
15:06:29 <PieroV> (we'll need to explain it)
15:06:37 <PieroV> And then a changelog review would be great :)
15:06:55 <richard> ok that all sounds encouraging
15:07:00 <richard> what is the Mozilla patch?
15:07:15 <thorin> PieroV: last I looked at the changelog it had a bunch of duplicates
15:07:37 <PieroV> For the blog posts, I told donuts that I didn't expect it to be needed for today, but Wed or Thu (not great if it's Thu, but that's okay, we hope not to have fires over the weekend)
15:07:42 <PieroV> richard: can't tell
15:08:15 <PieroV> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1849186
15:08:27 <PieroV> (probably they'll lift the confidentiality though)
15:08:59 * richard reading
15:09:29 <richard> ooh cool
15:09:37 <richard> ok good to see that fixed :)
15:09:43 <PieroV> I think we should add a UI element to turn it off though
15:10:02 <richard> hmm
15:10:05 <PieroV> But on by default
15:10:09 <richard> yeah fair
15:10:13 <PieroV> Anyway, not a blocker for 13.0 in my opinion
15:10:23 <richard> somewhere under privacy & security
15:10:41 <richard> well anyway
15:11:14 <PieroV> The MR for rel preparation is tor-browser-build!829
15:12:08 <richard> ok I'll prioritize reviewing that after this meeting
15:12:45 <richard> beyond that, my other major(?) task for this week is to build a schedule for goteburg meeting
15:13:35 <richard> if you haven't already, please have a look at the pad from the mail thread (or ping me for the link) if there are any sessions or discussion points that need to happen;
15:14:21 <richard> i'll do my best to build out a schedule and hopefully folks won't need to be in two places at once
15:14:31 <richard> apart from that ,i have nothing else for this meeting
15:14:47 <richard> so if anyone else has discussion points speak now!
15:15:23 <PieroV> I had a small one for last week
15:15:37 <thorin> richard: i have issues ... i always have issues, but I meant goteburg ones - can we talk before I sleep
15:15:53 <donuts> o/
15:16:07 <PieroV> We have a MR that is good because it's a Moz backport, but doesn't apply to us because of our profile
15:16:12 <donuts> I've got a first draft of the blog post and assets nearly ready, will begin pulling together the MR today
15:16:17 <donuts> (sorry, just saw the ping now)
15:17:13 <PieroV> So, I'd close that MR (tor-browser!811), unless anyone thinks it's a good idea to keep it
15:17:23 <PieroV> But def low priority
15:18:06 <richard> thorin: yeah ping me after the meeting and we can chat :)
15:18:11 <thorin> +1 for closing since it's not a PBM issue
15:18:50 <richard> lol speaking of unimportant mozilla backports, we should maybe backport the fix to tooltips not going away when firefox loses focus
15:18:56 <thorin> eek, not PBM, but because we set that other pref
15:19:14 <richard> :3
15:19:16 <thorin> 22 YEARS!!! beats my FIVE YEARS
15:19:40 <dan_b> yeah i saw that in the news too
15:19:46 <dan_b> +1 for back porting that lol
15:20:06 <clairehurst> What is PBM?
15:20:14 <thorin> private browsing mode
15:20:19 <clairehurst> Ah thanks
15:21:19 <richard> donuts: ack i'll review once it's up :)
15:21:34 <donuts> ty richard
15:23:28 <PieroV> richard: actually there's also another MR that should go in 13.0
15:24:13 <PieroV> I created the TOR_PROVIDER env variable :) It can be tor or none. When it's none, the browser only configures the SOCKS port
15:24:46 <PieroV> It should be useful for system tor but also for Arti. It fixes a regression of my refactors
15:25:05 <PieroV> So, 13.0 would be great
15:25:33 <PieroV> (having it already in 13.0, I mean)
15:26:28 <richard> sounds good to me!
15:27:09 <richard> ok so obviously in terms of priorities any remaining/undiscovered 13.0 release blockers take priority
15:28:07 <richard> beyond that s96 (torconnect on Android, Arti in torbrowser, etc) should be our next priority
15:29:33 <richard> granted not *everyone's* working on s96 immediately, in which case ~13.0 Stable && ~Backlog issues are for you
15:29:53 <richard> as always ping me if that makes no sense
15:29:56 <PieroV> We currently have less than 40 open issues in ~13.0 stable \o/
15:30:00 <clairehurst> I had a couple MR's pushed to be ready for review late Thursday that I told dan_b about. I think they're pretty simple changes but dan_b what do you think about getting them into 13.0?
15:30:20 <dan_b> yeah planning on reviewing htem this morning once gitlab is rebooted 🙂
15:30:35 <clairehurst> Cool!
15:30:35 <dan_b> should be no problem. And likewise you'll have a hot yec review coming your way shortly!
15:30:54 <richard> dan_b, clairehurst: unless they are trivial changes I'd rather not have *too* much more stuff in Android
15:31:25 <dan_b> one is a screenshot setting fix (missing listener or something i think)
15:31:27 <richard> we already have a number of UX tweaks and fixes i'm sure users and donuts are happy about but i don't want to press our luck there :)
15:31:39 <dan_b> ones a oneline help button fix
15:31:44 <PieroV> Should we rebase to have a clean Android branch too? Or too time consuming/risky?
15:31:57 <richard> awesome so no re-architecting the about:addons page :D
15:32:05 <dan_b> and the last is just remove customize home button? which i think doesnt work on android
15:32:14 <richard> PieroV: I think we can do that for the first 13.5 alpha
15:32:19 <dan_b> hahaha no
15:32:23 <PieroV> wfm
15:32:31 <richard> assuming you mean patch reordering etc
15:32:45 <PieroV> Apply the fixups/squashes
15:32:49 <donuts> happy for you to continue removing things that don't work in TBA :)
15:32:49 <donuts> ^ dan_b
15:33:01 <dan_b> ah it's all clairehurst!
15:33:09 <dan_b> i'm just reviewing 🙂
15:33:15 <richard> PieroV: ah yeah fixup+squsahing gets a greenlight from me
15:33:30 <donuts> * happy for clairehurst to continue removing things that don't work in TBA 🙏
15:33:44 <richard> clairehurst: yeah i've got to say it's SO nice to have someone fixing/rounding off all the jagged edges
15:33:56 <richard> keep it up :)
15:34:05 <richard> oh actually that does remind me
15:34:26 <thorin> we should just remove the entire settings UI :~p
15:34:41 * ma1 is triggered by the "rounding" word :)
15:34:57 * thorin has rounding bugs for ma1
15:35:10 <richard> dan_b: updating the API level for Android should be the next major Android priority so we don't fall over come Novemeber
15:35:11 <donuts> thorin: if you remove ALL the UI you'll do us out of a job though :P
15:35:21 <richard> ma1: buffing out the jagged edges then :)
15:35:29 <ma1> lol
15:35:38 <dan_b> richard: it was already done with the 115 update from moz
15:35:49 <thorin> ma1: seriously, I do have newwin rounding bugs
15:35:50 <richard> dan_b: wasn't there an issue with one of the PTs?
15:35:59 <dan_b> the alert was generated on aug 11? a day before we uploaded the first 115 based 13.0
15:36:12 <clairehurst> Yeah the 3 are #42156 #42157 #42158 dan_b richard
15:36:13 <dan_b> it just surfaced on the 18th of aug, cus google play console is cool like that
15:36:24 <richard> oh fun
15:36:26 <dan_b> richard: there's no more alert about it in play console on alpha
15:36:27 <ma1> thorin, did I miss any gitlab mail or are they yet to be opened / CCed?
15:36:41 <clairehurst> tor-browser#42156 tor-browser#42157 tor-browser#42158
15:36:48 <richard> beautiful
15:37:06 <thorin> ma1: I am waiting for 13 release to confirm
15:38:13 <thorin> ma1: not critical, LBing saves us
15:38:26 <ma1> ack
15:39:04 <richard> ok then
15:39:26 <richard> if there are no further discussion points
15:39:31 <richard> have a good week everyone o/
15:39:42 <richard> #endmeeting