14:58:58 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-10-16
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14:59:07 <richard> the pad per usual: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:59:20 <ma1> PieroV, onion or clear?
14:59:56 <richard> clearnet is working for me vOv
15:00:04 <ma1> +1
15:00:15 <PieroV> Now it's working also for me
15:00:25 <PieroV> It was 404 and then it took a lot to load
15:00:25 <boklm> onion working for me
15:00:33 <richard> first off all, congrats+good jobs to everyone for the 13.0 release last week!
15:00:44 <PieroV> \o/ good job!
15:01:02 <richard> we've had some issues roll in over the weekend but nothing catastrophic (assuming nothing in the past few hours :p )
15:01:17 <donuts> howdy
15:01:34 <PieroV> It took me a lot to get the Android update
15:01:39 <PieroV> I got it only this morning
15:01:47 <richard> and also shout outs to henry-x and dan_b for the YEC campaign starting w/o a hitch on time
15:02:02 <dan_b> woo thanks
15:02:03 <dan_b> well
15:02:04 <henry-x> ta!
15:02:07 <richard> PieroV: yeah there is a manual process involvd with Android release on the google side
15:02:12 <dan_b> seen #tor-admin?
15:02:35 <richard> and i always deploy to 25% before verifying ther earen't catastrophic crashes everywhere
15:02:46 <richard> we're at 6% or so updated according to the android store
15:03:03 <dan_b> the website donation page is still on last years: resist change, freedom, they are working to get the new one out
15:03:06 <PieroV> That's smart
15:03:18 <richard> i've not seen #tor-amin, is here a problem?
15:03:31 <PieroV> richard: anarcat also posted to our issue
15:03:32 <richard> weiiird
15:03:37 <richard> how'd that happen
15:03:42 <dan_b> yeah i only noticed cus my comment about yec launching was copied there so my name was hilighted
15:03:42 <PieroV> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/41898#note_2954981
15:04:07 <boklm> tpo/web/team#48
15:04:28 <anarcat> people are scrambling to put the new donate site online now
15:05:01 <gaba> there was a misunderstanding on YEC starting time for today
15:06:01 <dan_b> so for android we set it to midnight oct 16 UTC, hence it lanuching for me on the west coast early evening yesterday
15:06:10 <dan_b> which is what I'd done the year before for 2022
15:06:12 <richard> yeah same w/ desktop iirc
15:06:29 <richard> well anyway
15:06:39 <richard> we can catch up on all that offline
15:07:14 <anarcat> we were not awake at midnight oct 16 UTC
15:07:31 <anarcat> so i suggested we not launch at that time, but i failed to properly inform everyone of our sleep patterns, obviously :)
15:08:03 <henry-x> It was gated on UTC time last year, so I did the same this year
15:08:48 <richard> well anyway
15:09:08 <richard> I think i've only two topics for this week before I yield the floor to oher discussion
15:09:53 <richard> 1. gothenburg next week! (hoerah)
15:10:41 <richard> we wlil have 115.4 tags soon/already
15:10:52 <richard> and hopefully security updates later this week
15:11:03 <gaba> richard: do you already know which sessions will have a virtual connection?
15:11:30 <richard> ideally we can get the build built Thursday'ish
15:12:55 <richard> I'm basically afk for Thursday and Friday but can plan to sign over the weekend if need be depending on when we actually get matching builds; otherwise can you sign 13.0.1 boklm?
15:13:35 <richard> 2. gothenburg next week! (again)
15:13:36 <boklm> richard: ok, I can sign
15:14:11 <richard> gaba: iirc all of hte rooms have video conferencing enabled
15:14:29 <gaba> great
15:14:35 <richard> but will have to confirm w/ rui that i didn't dream that; i do know for sure the main room definitely has it
15:15:21 <henry-x> gaba: I'm only there remotely, and rui said their rooms are good for remote connections
15:15:28 <richard> I think I'll plan on having a jitsi room enabled in the rooms we control for remote people to drop-in/out of as need be
15:15:48 <gaba> henry-x: I will be joining remotely too
15:15:56 <boklm> richard: when are we publishing 13.0.1?
15:16:10 <richard> lets plan on publishing it with upstream ESR, so Tuesday
15:16:47 <richard> so sign ahead of time, but prep the website and blog posts ahead of time and deploy on Tuesday
15:16:47 <boklm> ok, so while we will be in gothenburg?
15:16:54 <boklm> ok
15:16:54 <ma1> epic!
15:17:30 <richard> I sent you all a link to a calendar, and i've created pads for each of the planned sessions
15:17:48 <richard> if you are interested in facilitating the various sessions, please add a note to the relevant pad
15:17:55 <PieroV> I can be a second builder, even remotely... Unless my computer loses power ^_^
15:18:35 <PieroV> richard: I think I'd like to swap two sessions if possible, but I've already written that on the pad
15:18:38 <richard> or if you think we need some other sessions, need to move sessions around to attend if you're remote, please feel free I have no great investment in the current schedule
15:19:18 <richard> the main constraints I'm aware of is of course our remote participants timezone contstraints, and ahf is basically afk all monday in other meetings
15:19:52 <gaba> your first session is at 8am for me so all meeting times work
15:19:58 <ahf> richard: mostly from 16 local time
15:20:02 <ahf> so after our meetings likely
15:20:02 <ma1> PieroV, I usually build on my laptop, which will be with me in Gothenburg, so I can backup as a mobile builder anyway.
15:20:30 <richard> i have purposely left a fair bit of breathing room vis a vis hackin and relaxin and the mostly empty friday for all the other unplanned spur of the moment discussions we don't know we need to have ;)
15:20:42 <boklm> hopefully we will not need to do builds while in Gothenburg
15:20:55 <richard> yes that would be inconvenient
15:21:02 <dan_b> yeah looks good to me
15:21:25 <richard> ok that's enough talking from me, so i'll hand it off if anyone has their own discussion points
15:21:39 <boklm> ma1: ah, do we need builds next week for android backports?
15:22:02 <ma1> boklm, hopefully no, but there's always room for last minute advisories not matching the draft
15:22:08 <boklm> ok
15:22:15 <henry-x> where are the sessions listed?
15:22:45 <PieroV> henry-x: in the pad linked in emails
15:23:01 <richard> henry-x: it's possible i'v left you off the email let me check
15:23:20 <richard> wow yep
15:23:21 <richard> sorrry
15:23:32 <donuts> wups lol
15:23:54 <henry-x> that explains it ;)
15:24:07 <richard> it was bound to happen eventually >:[
15:24:31 <richard> sorry about that, i think i must have built off of the travel thread
15:25:01 <henry-x> no worries. Just forward anything important I might have missed
15:25:31 <richard> the pad PieroV just sent you should have all the relevant links
15:25:42 <richard> and there's also a calendar in next cloud
15:29:17 <richard> ok then, if there's nothing else
15:29:21 <richard> let's call it eh?
15:29:28 <PieroV> wfm
15:29:31 <boklm> wfm
15:29:47 <dan_b> +1
15:29:47 <ma1> good
15:29:54 <richard> oh and finally, priority this week for y'all is any major must-have 13.0 bug fixes
15:30:10 <PieroV> Happy to say we don't have fires
15:30:18 <richard> otherwise its time to start the s96 work \o/
15:30:32 <richard> as always, see you in IRC o/
15:30:34 <richard> #endmeeting