15:58:53 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 10/16/2023
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15:58:58 <mattrighetti[m]> o/
15:58:59 <ggus> o/
15:59:20 <GeKo> okay
15:59:24 <GeKo> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep
15:59:27 <GeKo> it is
15:59:37 <GeKo> the pad of truth
16:00:03 <GeKo> mattrighetti[m]: are you good with the new deployment?
16:00:09 <GeKo> or should we try harder?
16:00:38 <mattrighetti[m]> I still have to test it, didn't have time this afternoon
16:00:39 <mattrighetti[m]> I'll give it a try tonight
16:00:51 <GeKo> no worries
16:00:59 <GeKo> let us know if something is missing
16:01:41 <GeKo> mattrighetti[m]: you good otherwise?
16:02:30 <mattrighetti[m]> Yeah, not a lot of progress this week, had stuff going on and I only refactored a bit of code
16:02:50 <GeKo> kk
16:02:58 <GeKo> ggus: anything you wanna bring up?
16:03:54 <ggus> GeKo: i'll send the relay operator meetup invitation today. a little bit delayed, but it will go out today.
16:04:07 <GeKo> good, good
16:04:22 <GeKo> you could add the contactinfo prop announcement on it
16:04:29 <GeKo> given that i think i am done with the proposals
16:04:33 <GeKo> *proposal
16:04:45 <GeKo> (module feedback from you and ahf and some fine-tuning)
16:06:55 <ggus> ok!
16:07:49 <GeKo> *modulo
16:09:17 <GeKo> juga: what do you think about putting the roadmap_future sbws items on your plate?
16:09:40 <GeKo> it seems to me they could be helpful with monitoring-and-alerting#29 and other tickets
16:09:54 <juga> GeKo: ah, the ones about KeyValues?
16:10:08 <GeKo> yeah, for instance
16:10:25 <GeKo> 40175-7
16:10:29 <juga> yeah, i wasn't sure they are totally needed yet
16:10:32 <juga> lemme check
16:10:57 <juga> ah yeah, those
16:11:08 <GeKo> well, yes, but your comment on that monitoring ticket brought them up again
16:11:16 <juga> right
16:11:23 <GeKo> it seems they pop up here and there in different contexts
16:11:32 <juga> ok, i'll assign them to me
16:11:43 <juga> and in next maybe?
16:12:01 <GeKo> yeah, maybe
16:12:10 <juga> in this case they could be included in the next sbws release
16:12:21 <GeKo> i think they should
16:12:22 <juga> and hopefully don't have to ask upgrades too much more
16:12:27 <juga> ok, got it
16:12:35 <GeKo> to keep the upgrades for bwauths minimal
16:12:40 <juga> yup
16:12:53 <GeKo> so it would be a 1.9.0 instead of a 1.8.1 then?
16:12:59 <juga> yes
16:13:06 <GeKo> please :)
16:13:15 <juga> changing that now
16:13:20 <GeKo> thanks
16:13:30 <juga> yrw
16:13:32 <GeKo> ggus: did you have anything else we should discuss here?
16:14:15 <ggus> i don't think so
16:15:54 <GeKo> ggus: you saw the discussion i had with the a-c team on the running bridge issue?
16:16:19 <GeKo> i think the increased focus on bridgestrap is a good one
16:16:31 <GeKo> we'll see if that works out as planned
16:17:29 <GeKo> okay. anything else for today?
16:17:37 * juga is good
16:17:39 <mattrighetti[m]> * matt is good
16:18:19 <GeKo> and ggus was as well, so i am good too :)
16:18:27 <GeKo> thanks everyone and have a nice week!
16:18:34 <GeKo> #endmeeting