15:58:29 <hiro> #startmeeting network-health 10/30/2023
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15:58:38 <arma2> i am nearby if needed but happy to pretend not to be if that is easier :)
15:58:43 <hiro> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-nethealthteam-2023-keep
15:58:59 <hiro> I know juga isn't around... maybe @gus? @mattrighetti[m] ?
15:59:08 <hiro> I am about to fix the deployment for the api @mattrighetti[m]
15:59:13 <hiro> sorry for being late on this
15:59:17 <hiro> and also looking at your MRs
15:59:59 <arma2> my main contribution for today is: early indications from discussions on #tor-relays are that onion service traffic might be 30% of tor use this week (and thus an even higher percentage of overall tor traffic maybe)
16:01:05 <hiro> ok seems nobody is around this week
16:01:11 <hiro> thanks @arma2 for the update
16:01:16 <hiro> I think I'll just end this
16:01:28 <hiro> #endmeeting