14:58:19 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-11-13
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14:58:30 <richard> le pad per usual: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:59:01 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Hi!
14:59:05 <PieroV> o/
14:59:11 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Been a while hasn't it...?
15:00:38 <PieroV> Yep, almost a month!
15:00:52 <richard> it hasss
15:01:05 <richard> time to ramble on about things everyone already knows
15:01:42 <richard> notable thing for this week
15:01:54 <richard> ESR 115.5 ought to be available tomorrow
15:02:09 <PieroV> maybe even later today
15:02:30 <ma1> sec backports?
15:02:39 <PieroV> Nope, tags
15:02:45 <PieroV> Backports should be end of the week
15:02:53 <richard> if I"m understanding almith's emails we shoul have a finalised match number for YEC 2023 so I'll ping them on the ticket and see if we have that finalised
15:03:34 <richard> I believe henry-x is going to be afk in the meantime, so I'll need someone else to pic up the desktop portion
15:03:39 <donuts> o/
15:03:43 <donuts> wait
15:03:48 <donuts> i already o/'d
15:03:52 <donuts> o\
15:03:59 <richard> do we need to call a bondulance?
15:04:11 <richard> ok anyway
15:04:39 <richard> dan_b: do you think you can take the about:tor update unless henry-x's internet gets back later this week?
15:05:20 <dan_b> richard: sure, just ping me in the ticket and assign it
15:05:28 <richard> ack can do
15:05:30 <dan_b> I have the android side pretty much ready for drop in numbers
15:05:44 <richard> yeah i suspect desktop is as well if I know henry-x
15:05:47 <dan_b> so please do ping the main ticket too to get those confirmed
15:05:50 <dan_b> me too
15:05:58 <richard> ok next up
15:06:07 <dan_b> also when we're asking for a date, we should perhaps ask for a time
15:06:16 <dan_b> so like the matching doesnt apear before the blog post and catch folks off gaurd?
15:06:28 <dan_b> cus i just did utc midnight $date
15:06:32 <richard> dan_b: good shout
15:06:37 <dan_b> and i assume henry-x did, and then folks were surprised
15:06:50 <richard> in othenews re s96, gitlab *should* be mostly organised at the ~Next and partially at the ~Backlog level
15:07:45 <richard> so if there's questions in your mind of priorities tickes in ~Next (especially if hey are also labeled ~Sponsor 96) should be a good place to grab stuff
15:08:34 <PieroV> richard: speaking of S96
15:08:57 <PieroV> I created a MR to move about:torconnect to toolkit, as we talked about in the previous weeks
15:09:04 <richard> yes!
15:09:12 <PieroV> I'd like to get it merged before the rebase if possible
15:09:20 <PieroV> Because it's a lot of commits touching a lot of stuff
15:09:26 <richard> that's in my queue isn't it?
15:09:48 <PieroV> Yep, but I wasn't sure of the reviewer
15:09:55 <PieroV> So, it's in your catch-all queue
15:10:05 <richard> ok i'll get through my MR backlog today
15:12:41 <richard> I'll plan on rebsaing+release prepping 13.0.4 this week as well
15:13:08 <richard> finally, I'll be afk next Monday and Tuesday morning (euro time!)
15:13:55 <PieroV> It's probably too late for getting the view-source:IP-address HTTPS-Only problem in 115.5, but maybe Moz will uplift to 115.6
15:14:28 <richard> I'll now hand over to other discussion points and I'd also love to hear what folks worked on during the hackweek :)
15:16:05 <donuts> o/
15:16:21 <richard> hi donuts :)
15:16:30 <donuts> i have a quick q, whomst will be having the pleasure of building the lox front end?
15:17:10 <donuts> we briefed dan_b and possibly claire in the S96 meeting (i forget)
15:17:38 <dan_b> claire and pierov were there
15:17:39 <donuts> but they seem like they've got a lot going on atm
15:17:42 <richard> most likely henry-x i think
15:17:48 <donuts> oh pierov too, ty
15:17:54 <richard> but they are afk atm and next week
15:17:56 <dan_b> the lox front end, was that the new card stuff right?
15:18:02 <donuts> dan_b: ya exactly
15:18:10 <dan_b> i think that'll prolly be me
15:18:10 <donuts> https://www.figma.com/file/rWgMwiiFTDFp4ujuP3PKbq/Tor-Browser-13.5?type=design&node-id=330%3A9103&mode=design&t=ZKwpWmF6JTV4ZxEo-1
15:18:11 <donuts> for ref
15:18:30 <donuts> but this is another "need to have something ready to ship for january" project
15:18:37 <richard> yes
15:18:37 <donuts> ship -> alpha, that is
15:18:45 <PieroV> Is Lox also S96?
15:18:48 <donuts> yep
15:19:27 <ma1> ah, is that the thing we helped cohosh to figure out wasm breakage?
15:19:30 <donuts> we've managed to contain *most* of it to a new bridge card format
15:19:34 <donuts> design-wise
15:19:50 <donuts> but there are states galore
15:20:45 <dan_b> riiiight
15:20:57 <dan_b> where is that all written up? i assume its not just in figma?
15:21:29 <donuts> like how the backend works?
15:21:51 <donuts> tor-browser#42036 is the design ticket
15:22:13 <donuts> a lot of the logic is illustrated here instead though: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/team/-/issues/116
15:22:44 <donuts> UI annotations are in figma
15:23:36 <donuts> I can create new tickets for implementation pointing to the right places, but I'm not sure I'm the best person to write a "spec" here
15:23:55 <donuts> besides "here's how we'd like it to work on the front-end"
15:24:00 <dan_b> cool thanks will read this week and maybe start asking quesrtions
15:24:25 <donuts> thanks dan_b, will create some new tickets and assign your way 👍
15:24:32 <dan_b> great
15:27:36 <donuts> ah richard I see you said henry in the ticket
15:27:53 <donuts> okay well lmk if that's not the case, or I can just assign to you initially richard to decide
15:29:09 <richard> assign to henry please
15:30:16 <richard> anything else people want to discuss?
15:30:23 <richard> otherwise i'm happy to call it
15:30:26 <donuts> richard: 👍
15:30:32 <PieroV> Nothing from me
15:31:08 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Nothing on my end
15:31:13 <richard> ok folks
15:31:15 <richard> have a good week
15:31:19 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Thanks!
15:31:22 <richard> i'm going to go find a power outlet
15:31:23 <richard> o/
15:31:24 <richard> #endmeeting